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What would be your perfect roleplay sim?

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To create a discussion, I asked roleplayers what their favorite type of roleplay is and why -- now, I am asking a different question.


If your perfect / dream sim existed, what would it be like? What would its theme be? Would it be metered? What would the roleplayers be like - single-liners, paragraphers, novelists?  What else would you want in it? Do you think the quality of the roleplay in it would be most important, or the graphics -- or both?

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Re: What would be your perfect roleplay sim?

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Theme can either be fantasy or (more realistic) urban. It would not be metered because I find that distracts from storytelling and that sucks. Also it's just another script I have to wear in an already laggy world.

I think all lengths of posts are acceptable as long as they are appropriate to the scene being played out. No use typing for five minutes to have your character say one thing and thing eighteen other things that nobody else can use without 'cheating'.

I like places that look very detailed (minus the lag so perhaps mesh and very little scripts?) and places that immediately get me immersed in the world. I like places that have a mood that I can actually see - not just one that is implied. If you say your city is run down and dilapidated, I will turn around if I see clean streets and pristine buildings. It also would need a good overarching plot or 'drive'. That might be something as simple as 'don't get yourself killed'.

In a rp build, I like a lot of places to go into and explore. For fantasy - caves, big trees, underwater passageways, hillsides, ruins, etc. For urban - a bunch of buildings that I can actually walk in that are not just solid boxes (even if they are empty, they serve as another location), general places like stores, gas stations, bars, cafes/restaurants, adult locations, bookstores, etc.


tl;dr - Detailed build but low lag, lots of places/locations to explore and rp in, a good overall theme/story, no meter, and any length of posts as the scene calls for.

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Re: What would be your perfect roleplay sim?

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Yeah, I definitely have to agree with a lot of this. Lots of places to explore, little hideouts, caves and abandoned buildings and such. I also like being able to climb most of the buildings, so having stairs, ladders, little awnings and stuff is a plus. And making sure the build gives the right atmosphere is extremely important.

For the actual RP, I definitely don't want any meters, and if they exist, they should be completely optional. Length of posts isn't terribly important, as long as some thought and effort is put into it and everyone knows to stay in character.

I wanna be able to play a character I have fun with and feel comfortable RPing as, so that means no human-only sims. I've been dying to play a proper wereleopard lately, now that I've finally been able to put a good avatar together for it...

But most of it depends on the other players really. It's nice with sims where people are quick to approach newcomers, and each other, be willing to start up random RPs or just stay and have an IC chat for a moment. Having conflict between characters and groups is very important too, to keep a good story going. There needs to be people who are not afraid to play villains, and other people who are not afraid to play with the villains.

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Re: What would be your perfect roleplay sim?

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Strong genre theme. Fantasy or Science Fiction.

- But in a recognizable genre.

- Allows humans and furries and some nonhumans (even if science fiction).

- Allows public nudity, but NOT requiring them to be subs or slaves or sexual.

- Allows the public sexual content, but does not enable it (bring your own emotes/huds, no poseballs around) - this to prevent 'tourists looking for a free-xxx spot.

- Uses a mainstream 'combat meter' that is supported by a wide variety of weapon makers. So likely DCS, CCS, or Spellfire. But -NOT- Gorean as that has built in gender imbalance (despite low gravity worlds actually making women the stronger sex). But do -NOT REQUIRE- the meter. People would only need to wear it when going for combat and wanting to use it. The problem I have with un-metered sims is that I really like buying all those weapons and they look really nice. Gets annoying when told never to 'wield' your guns or bow. But I also don't like being told I have to have it on all the time. And I can't stand the places that have meters that level you over time.

- Has an integrated merchants area. But this I could shrug on if it was too hard to get merchants to be in theme in their builds. I actually think instead of renting stalls, a RP merchant area could rent out cheaper LM/NC/MP-loader boards. A board you rent that when clicked gives the clicker your LM, a NC, and asks to open the browser to your MP store.

- Has a theme that allows a good selection of different human ethnic groups. So for fantasy, set it in a place modeled off of the mediterranian or the silk road. Somewhere "everyone" could be in.

 - No voice. If voice is around you end up with a split community. Those that type and those that voice. Just disable voice, to get the widest selection of players.


I find length of posts rules silly. Some of the best roleplay I've seen over the years have been one-liners. Some of the worst have been long speaches. But the opposite also happens. Typing or saying more doesn't change the quality. It just makes bad look even worse - but does little to help good.

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Re: What would be your perfect roleplay sim?

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I'm an oddball it seems in that I like horror. It can be contemporary horror, historical horror, supernatural urban fantasy horror, but its got to have darkness to it. And I don't mean fluffy romantic vampire twilight-rehash crap. I mean 'decent in to madness' kind of darkness. I'm also not talking about psychotic bloodbath killer types. There needs to be interaction, but I'm talking like Project Zero/Silent Hill/Call of Cthulhu/ kind of creepiness. It doesn't have to be adult, I'm not generally looking to knock pixels, but blood, guts, the supernatural & occult as well as mature themes should be on the table. I'm also a story rper. I play for character and story. I want something to dig my chops into as far as story goes, and there should be something to gleen onto to feel 'in the world'. But it shouldn't be too complicated, or require you to meet a specific person or something to get involved.

Once, years ago, my ideal sim did exist. It was called Crimson Falls. It was a cursed modern coastal town with a haunted, hateful ghost filled aslyum (very 'house on haunted hill sort of place') and a town that was subject to all sorts of little maddening plots. There were great players there, a great flexible story, and people who actually wanted to play with new people. The setting was great for a balance of bad guys (the ghosts/town baddies) to the good guys (people trying to save the town/free the ghosts/ etc) The admin staff was very cool, made me feel welcome and the players were smart, friendly, and knew the genre. They kept us updated, generated storylines, got new players involved, and stocked the sim with amazing places to explore that were wholy on genre. Sure, there were always the occasional rabble rousers, but nothing is perfect, and the sim security was pretty good at dealing with them. When we had ideas, it was pretty easy to talk to the admins about them, and if they were good, they listened. Character approval was reasonably quick, and I think towards the end it was meter optional play, previously it was freeform. But as with many RP sims, the finacial drain outweighted the finanacial gain, and some other stuff happened and it never came back. It was sad too because the build was wonderful. It was sad to lose such a great spot and community. I've been searching, for years now, for a place like this. 

I've visited a lot of RP sims, and most of them seem to share many of the same issues, particularly those that are established for a while.

A good build is wonderful. A lot of the sims I visited had nice builds, with all sorts of places I could get lost in (more than often involuntarily), but most seem to serve more to spread people out than bring them together. While its good to have lots of places to go, this can also work against you without a larger player base. I can't tell you how many times I've gone to an RP area only to find four or five people spread out over 1 or more sims, none of which were in remote proximity to each other. And if they were... guess what they were doing. Smiley Tongue  When I did manage to track down someone, I found that they were either afk, lost in PM land, or were 'involved' in a silent scene and kindly asked if I would leave. Which of course I did, but being told to shoo all the time isn't very friendly, but also not being able to listen limits me as a new RPer from getting the 'gist' of expected RP. An ideal community has a build that makes it clear where people should go generally speaking, and while being visually appealing for your genre, also has a community of players that is welcoming and engaging, particularly towards visitors who keep the community growing. My example of this, using my ideal sim, was that Crimson falls had the dock/town square for the living and OOC to gather, and the aslyum for the dead/demons/evil things, although most people hung out in the townsquare for at least a while as it was on the edge of the dock which was an OOC area where people could hang and chat. Coincidently it was also by the teleport point so people who appeared were quickly greeted and welcomed.

One thing that annoys me with a lot of the RP sims, particularly the metered ones that do this, is arriving in a box and not being permitted to see the build until I've bought/installed/downloaded some meter, and tried to sus out how the eff to get out of the box to see the build. I want to get a sense of what the place looks like, and what people are like before I commit to getting a meter, picking a race, reading your lore (and sometimes its extensive reading..). Give me a sense of where I'm going, and please don't lock me in a puzzle box where I have to read through a billion things just to see where I might want to play.

Obviously aside from the build the community is very important and the players and the culture of an RP. Many RPs i've noticed in SL start as open cultures, welcoming and warm, and as they mature become increasingly cool, distant, and cliquish. My ideal sim has a group of people that are consistantly creative, fun people, who remember that newbies are the lifeblood of a sim and set an example of welcoming and openness, as well as making sure to keep older players engaged with events and storylines they can participate in. They are engaged with their community and help players come together to have a good time. I'd also say when RPing in an area, openly RP as much as possible. Yes, I know there are some things you'd rather not have anyone hear, but RPing is a group game, and there's not much group involved when its only two people RPing 90% of the time. Give others a chance to engage in RP with you, or watch you RP to get an idea of what the game is like and what's expected in terms of posts and tone. I also expect a certain amount of maturity in players. Sadly I'm often disappointed in this.

Generally I lean towards freeform/unmetered play. If there is a meter, I prefer it to be optional, and light use. I generally prefer not having a meter though at all, and play through paragraph posts. I don't write novels, but good, tight writing gets me really fired up and excited about the game. I'm not fond of single line posts, I want people to put some thought into it, but at the same time I don't need to wait half an hour for a novella. I'm not fond of purple prose.

I've had wonderful play-by-post over messageboards, IM/IRC, email, etc. To me the graphics are really just gravy to the meat that is friendly, creative people, good story, and good RPing skills. If the people are awesome, active, and in character, the graphics aren't a deal breaker. But having a gorgeous build that's empty or full of unfriendly/indifferent/clique-ish people will send me away very quickly.

I kinda gave up a while ago trying to find a replacement for my sweet, lost haunted home, and have been attempting to make my own place. Its still in the building process, but maybe, someday I can get together a group of awesome people like there were in Crimson Falls to RP with.

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Re: What would be your perfect roleplay sim?

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Historical themed sims with a realistic and historically accurate setting.

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Re: What would be your perfect roleplay sim?

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Perfect for me changes all the time. Right now what I like is somewhere that's clearly run down, with a good mix of buildings and nature. Somewhere that rp can happen in multiple ways.

I'm not a fan of meters. It seems that when metered combat is happening, people tend to break character more. Also, sl doesn't lag for us all equally, so if you're one of the laggier ones, you lose. That's it. Whereas in paragraph rp, you use whatever computer will get you into the world, and despite the avatars usually just standing there while all the action happens in a chatbox, paragraph rp just seems to give you a better "visual" of what's going on. Much like how a book is much more vivid than a movie.

I actually like OOC landing areas. They're a consolidated place to put all your notecards, web addresses, stores and vendor information without cluttering up the sim. I found that in non-metered paragraph sim, reading through all the story stuff is halfway optional.

Friendly staff is a must on the perfect sim. So are people who are oocly friendly. I specify OOCly friendly because if every character was friendly, there would be no conflict, no story....

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Re: What would be your perfect roleplay sim?

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Set on earth but not another "urban sim".

The time/era preferably "now" or slightly in the future but not so far that earth becomes some other earth that is unfamiliar.

I like cultures and ethnicities, so if it incorporated extreme weather or some  nonwestern dress types mixed with western that would be awesome. Just enough to make it interesting but not so far gone that you have to "dress" to be accepted on sim.

And an interesting backstory for the location; one that maybe creates the spaces for the various factions or subgroups to interact and of course have clashes. It would also have more than just two "sides" for those interactions. Bonus points if one of em is "the rebels". 

No  meters for combat but some sort of game system for trading and/or labor.

An OOC landing area so that whatever you need to sort out/buy can get sorted and arranged and at the point you are in the  sim proper you're in character, no quotation marks or parenthasis necessary.

I like the way the CD has one area where underaged people can be and other areas they cannot. Allows for rp families and yet has an area where the "deep and controversial" event could happen. Thats more like rl to me, rounded out adults as opposed to a world where no body is a parent. Town drunks and mad bombers have kids too . Who knows maybe they're the "motive" for rehabilitation/ the confession/ the assassination...


An easily discernable political system with voting. (and espionage, and corruption....etc)


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Re: What would be your perfect roleplay sim?

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I don't think my reply would be suitable for this section of the fora.

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Re: What would be your perfect roleplay sim?

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The political part piqued my interest.


I play in my "perfect RP sim" at the moment, Dead End, an off shoot of Crack Den (made by the same people). I would love to see a more vibrant Political scene, with such things as elections and stuff.


Do you mind expounding on that?