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Looking for our 3rd Sister! Sociable and love of networking a must!

My sister and I are looking for a third girl to add to our small but corky family. Everyone has heard that 2 is company and 3 is a party but that is exactly what we are looking for! Good things always come in three's Smiley Wink

My sister and I are very sociable and love to meet new people and network. We spend a lot of our time connecting with new people and making new relationships that could potentially help us advance our goals of the future.

With that said our third sister should be sociable and a people person with a bit of business savvy in regards to the beneficial friendships that we separately and as a trio of sisters will make.

Join the goal of building up a brand while at the same time build long lasting relationships with 2 totally cool and chilled sisters <3 Message me for more details. Our sister will have room and help ready for her. 


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Re: Looking for our 3rd Sister! Sociable and love of networking a must!

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Hello muffins! I would love to join your trio but maybe some more info would be cool Smiley Happy Like you looking for an adult sis RL ? Or SL or both, because I'm RL adult and SL shapeshifter.There are maaaaany things I have to tell you haven/t find.your third sis yet.Also what timezone are you two in ?So we could meet Smiley Very Happy .And don't forget to ask you two about the family, you have parents or are just you two ?