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The Resident Help Network is in beta as of November 23, 2009.  Please post your comments, suggestions in this thread!

Join the Resident Help Network!

by Moderator on ‎11-23-2009 08:25 AM

Do you have a passion for helping others? Do you belong to a volunteer-driven help organization in Second Life? Then this could be the network for you.

The Resident Help Network (RHN) program was designed to promote "the best of the best" volunteer-run help groups inworld through a cohesive network. Linden Lab will review each group through an application process, and each group that passes muster is added to our approved network. The searchable network will be available in high-profile locations, such as the website and other resources that are available to new Residents—enabling Residents to quickly and easily find the high-quality help they need.

Second Life has a long history of active and experienced volunteer-driven, Resident-run help groups, and we think it's time they get the attention they deserve. The RHN not only shines a spotlight on these passionate, hard-working volunteers, it also allows Linden Lab to work closer with group leaders to build best practice and identify ways we can better incorporate their groups into the Second Life experience.

The first phase of this beta will be for established groups that have a primarily new Resident focus. Later, we will be able to add groups that focus on the more seasoned Resident.

What are the benefits of joining the network?

RHN groups will have higher visibility. These groups will be highlighted on the website, receive general network exposure through "Message of the Day," and be promoted on inworld signs at key locations such as Infohubs and Welcome Areas.

RHN groups can have a bigger impact in the community. Meeting the criteria and guidelines for network inclusion means that these groups have met a high standard. This helps strengthen trust and the reputation of the group with Residents. RHN groups enjoy increased awareness within the community at large, attracting more Residents to seek out their services and more Residents to possibly join in and share their expertise. It's great for everyone—more help for you and more help for other Residents! With our continued focus on new Residents, we are hopeful that these groups will have a strong influence in shaping the new Resident experience of the future as well.

Ready to learn more and apply?

There is a short FAQ available here as well as more details, eligibility requirements, and application in the Resident Help Network Guidelines.

We hope you are as excited about this new program as we are! We look forward to highlighting the great efforts and community contributions of Resident volunteers—your amazing work deserves to be in the spotlight!

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