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Rigging Question possibly Blender



I have been making my jacket,  and i have a belt on the jacket.  Its 2 items thats been joined as a single mesh and uploaded in Blender 2.59.  Its been weighted as per the copy bone weight script and for some reason  when i rez the jacket the belt appears,  but when i wear the jacket no belt.  When i try to upload it through the 2.49 collada exporter ..  the belt is there on the worn jacket.

Is there something that im doing wrong,  or something somebody else has experienced with joined meshes.  i.e is the belt rezzing somewhere different to the jacket  or is it just blowing it away?


Please help as ive been up to 6am  swearing at it.



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Re: Rigging Question possibly Blender

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Hi, have you checked that the weighting for the belt is the same than for the jacket ?

I had this problems with buttons and pockets added to a jacket. The automatic weighting from Blender just ignored this (later added and joined) parts during the process. After upload this parts move different than the jacket what makes them appear invisible.


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