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Re: Mesh and sculpt - comparison of LOD

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I found another issue with Mesh LOD. While making my video i tried to compare a Sculpty and a mesh with exactly the same internal mesh (i exported a sculpty as mesh). I also made the LOD's of the mesh according to how it is calculated for Sculpted prims. My expectation was that now both objects behave exactly identical. But they don't do that, meshes go to the next lower LOD much quicker.

I have created a Jira for this ( ) , because it looks wrong to me. if on the other hand mesh is supposed to change its LOD shape earlier than Sculpted prims, then we now have got another parameter where mesh is worse than sculpties. Here is an image comparison:

Sculpty on the left, mesh on the right (For the handle i made a mistake on the LOD, hence the upper right and the lower left handle look a bit different. If i had done it correct, then they would look exactly the same). Nevertheless you can see on both images, that the Mesh objects turn to lower LOD much earlier than their Sculpty equivalents

The upper image was made from about 40 meters away. there you see that both pots look very similar.
The lower image was made from about 60 meters from the kettles. there you see that the mesh has already transited to LOD0. The Sculpty does that when i am about 70 meters away from the kettles.:

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Re: Mesh and sculpt - comparison of LOD

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Gaia. Do they have the same size bounding boxes? The switches are supposed to be when the camera distance is 1/0.24, then 1/0.06 and then 1/0.03 times radius (half diagonal of bounding box).  At least that is for meshes. I can't remember for certain if it's the same for sculpties, but I would expect so.

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