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Just Started A store

Hey Everyone, I just started a store and uploaded my very first house. I wanted to know what were some good ways to advertise, because being on the very last page of the marketplace wont be very beneficial to me.


So, any way I can spread the word of my new store around easily?


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Re: Just Started A store

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I'd also add that it's important to be innovative and seek a niche, marketing is your friend here.

Good luck.

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Re: Just Started A store

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My advice, give away as many copies of the house for free as possible. I don't mean sell it for free on the MP, I mean individually go around and hand out free copies. Contact the estate owners, consumer review groups, magazine owners and general random people that you meet. Offer them a copy of the build. One of the best ways of establishing your starter customer base in SL is through word of mouth. Look at this first build as advertisement for your work. Anyone who takes a build, stick their name in a 3rd party group. Next go and build a nice extra item that will compliment the house. Use the 3rd party group to send out that free item to everyone you have given the house to. Do this about a week before you release house number 2. When house number 2 is released send out another group notice informing people that it is on the MP, but if they were to contact you directly you would be happy to give them a 50% reduction. Again go around the estate owners and journalists and give the 2nd build away for free. Don't give the 2nd house away for free to random individuals though, only those that have the ability to offer you some exposure.

Hopefully by now you will have a small group of people that are aware of your work and are generating a few sales. When you are ready to release house number 3 then start investing in other forms of advertising.

This is a tried and testing method of starting a prefab brand in SL without investing L$ at the start resulting in an immediate loss. Hopefully by house number 3 you will be able to generate enough income to cover advertising.