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Seeking social groups or friends

I'm disabled and largely unable to leave my home.  I'd like to make friends on Second Life, but generally speaking I don't see the same person twice.  I'm not really looking for a romantic contact, I'd like to talk to people about things but I rarely get the chance.

I am learning to build and know a bit about scripting already.  I'm slowly working on getting into mesh.  I am interested in politics (progressive) and in art.  I do digital images in Corel and collect art.  If there are any groups out there that meet regularly and talk, I might be interested in hanging out or helping with whatever is going on.  Wandering around at random, I never really find anyone.

I am interested in roleplaying but in general, but less into combat sims.  If anyone would ever like to talk feel free to look me up.



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Re: Seeking social groups or friends

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I suggest you check out Virtual Ability. It's a disability support & community group. The people there have wide-ranging interests, so someone might be able to point you to good non-combat roleplaying areas.

New Citizens Incorporated (NCI) has people around almost always, including many who are there regularly. Their group chat is active too. I'm sure they'd love to have help.