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Subdivide then Abandon

If I subdivide my land and the 'abandon' the smaller parcels, will it take down the amount of land I own?

I would like to buy an adjacent property but it would put me over the $40 a month land tier. So I would like to chop off some of my existing land enough so I could buy the adjacent parcel and not go over my current land tier

Is this doable?


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Re: Subdivide then Abandon

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Yes, that's how you do it if you are in a hurry to get rid of the land or think you won't be able to sell it. But before you purchase the new land I suggest you chek the land tier at your dashboard just to be sure that the system has recorded the land you sold. I have seen occasional delays in the sysem in taking notice that a parcel was sold or abandoned.

Also, are you taking advantage of the group bonus? If you don't you may want to take a look at this: How to buy land for your group without bumping tier - MetaLibrary


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Re: Subdivide then Abandon

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There's also (supposed to be) a delay to give you time to reclaim in case you abandoned in error.

 What happens to abandoned land

When a mainland parcel is abandoned, there is a short period (from one hour to 24 hours) during which an owner can reclaim the land if he/she abandoned it in error. After that period, objects on the land are returned to the original owner, the name of the parcel changes to “Abandoned Land - For Sale,” and ownership transfers to Governor Linden.

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Re: Subdivide then Abandon

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The way to do it is:


You can have 4 pieces of pie. You've got 3, and next to you is a half uncut pie. You only want half of it.

Abandon two of your slices, grab up the half pie, cut it in half. Abandon the slice you don't want. Take back your two slices within 24 hours.

ABC ------- ab

Keep A, toss BC, grab ab.

Toss b.

Now have Aa

Take back BC.

Now have ABCa
 - perfect.


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