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No media

Hello all.

I did an update on Snow Leopard recently and now I cannot play media on any viewer. Quicktime works generally on my computer.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Is anyone else having the issue?


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Re: No media

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Hi Serendipity,

I have that issue too, now that you mentioned, I remember I started having it when I did an update on Leopard, I have been like this since several weeks and no one hasn't been able to help me.  If you fix this problem please let me know

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Re: No media

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HI Sorry I did not see your post earlier i have been unable to get online as I have been away.

Can you let me know the setup of your Mac which version of SNOW L and which  SL Viewer you are using.

Their are some settings in the Prefs of the Viewer that may need changing but i am running a MacPro on SLeopar and it appears to run fine with both Emerald and Viewer 2.

I did have some audio issues but they were due to the fact that the System is part of a pretty bug Audio Studio.

One thing i would check immediately is the streaming set up in QT under System Prefs, that can radically effect your streaming media.

Do you use any kind of OS backup like Superduper where you can roll back the OS after an update, especially if the update causes problems.

Time Capsule or time machine will let you roll back to the previous version if you have used it and set it up.

Also make sure you Network setting and the Sharing settings are setup to allow file sharing for Macs and Windows. SL uses a lot of different ports to get communications working between you Mac and between SL.

I can't recall her name offhand but there is a Linden Mac Pro who if I cna trace here down should hear of this problem.

When I locate here name I will pass it on.

In the meantime let me know that info up above would you.

Another thing you can do is to setup a new account on your Mac and try access SL from that account. If that works and the other one doesn't we will know the issue is in the Home Folder of your Old account. Could be a big help, OK?