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how can i make linden in game without creating and selling items.

I started playing second life because a friend showed me, im getting ored very fast because i dont no how to earn linden without creating and selling things.

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Well, there are different jobs around you can do without being a creator. Most of them are service/social jobs. You will not get as much money as a good creator can earn and most of them are scheduled jobs. I would highly suggest you to find something you have fun doing it, cause other way you will get frustrated after a while.

If money is your only motivation, you should transfer some real money into lindens, thats easier and faster.

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Earning L$ is not important.  Spending L$ is not important.  There is a huge amount of good-quality items available for free.  Hang out and chill, chat, dance, be a tourist.  If you really want L$ the most time-effective way to get them is to buy them with real money.

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Contests, Linden Realms, modeling, work as a host, dancer, escort, whatever. Have a look at the employment section:

See more about jobs in SL:

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Why not take a look at, which lists various places that give (often quite valuable) free gifts to new accounts?   And if you scroll down, you will find links to blogs promoting hunts and the like, which are a fun way to explore SL, pick up some free prizes and meet people.

As others have said, you don't really need money when first you get started.   And if you decide to stick around, it's so easy to buy a few dollars' worth of L$ -- SL jobs pay a pittance if you don't have any marketable skills and a reputation, and even then they're usually hobbies that generate pocket money, not real jobs.


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Great answers from Peter, Valerie, and Syo.

To the OP: bored because you have no money? Your account is 1 day old!!!! Be patient and forgive the money. Search some freebies (free objects, there are a lot) and explore, explore, explore, explore, and explore SL. Use Search gor groups and interests, use the Map for go to randomly places, socialize, read blogs or take classes inworld ... ENJOY SL. Only when you know what's is REALLY Second Life (and we all are always discovering SL) you will know if you need money Smiley Happy

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