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are there any money chairs/ camping chairs left in secondlife?
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Hello Raged. If i understood right your question, yes in world we have camping chairs and generally camping objects. Some of them pay you depending the time you use them (1 linden every 10-12 mins) and some other, offer a reward if you use them for a specific time.

There are also lucky chairs which offer gifts if you are lucky. Usually they select automatically a letter or a number and if your name starts with this letter, you sit on them and you get the gift.

Finally we have xploders and sploders arround. Users get informed online where there are the bigger pots and run to earn some lindens.

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if there are i haven't seen any in a very long time if you're looking to earn some extra spending money there are several HUD's and inworld devices that pay you to visit different places from the hud's i've tried you can get up to L$20/13mins for exploring a location