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Where do i go to earn linden dollars by doing surveys?

I was told that you could earn linden dollars by doing surveys i was just wondering how i can do that

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Not anywhere in SL, unless you happen to run across some student doing a school project.  Linden Lab does not sponsor surveys with paid participation.  You may find organizations or individuals outside of SL -- on the Internet -- who will offer to pay you for doing a survey, but please be very careful.  Some of those are known to have been phishing operations in the past, so you can be giving access to your personal information (or your bank account and credit cards) without knowing it.  In any case, Linden Lab is not sanctioning any such surveys, so the risk is entirely yours.

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Whoever told you that was misinformed, as Rolig told you. Adding on to her mention of phishing scams - please, if you go looking for surveys, DO NOT ENTER YOUR PASSWORD. Again , SL doesn't offer surveys, so if you happen across a site offering them and that site asks for your username and password, it is a scam. Anyone willing to pay you for answering a survery will be an individual user - possibly someone promoting their company, but probably a student - and they can simply transfer the $L into your account. They do not need your password, so don't give it to them!

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This was a real thing back in like, 2006-2007. I forget who did them (I think it was a big company, similar to Hippo maybe?), but they were in kiosks and would offer L$ for personal, non-identifying information.

They're no longer around however, the economy crashed out and traffic fell significantly, making this less commercially viable. Also, companies offering L$ for personal information realised that Second Life avatars were not especially useful things to mine for advertising metrics. Also, Facebook exists and is cheaper/easier than asking people directly.

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