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Is there a way to earn lindens easier?

And getting a job isn't a good enough answer(I'm sure some people cannot get jobs due to disabiliy reasons, and etc)

I've done fishing so far, and that takes ages to even earn about 100L or so. Is there any legit way to earn or get Linden Dollars? Also, a job isn't enough either IMO as a lot of said

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Earning money is work, whether you are in SL or RL.  Whether it's hard or not depends on how skilled and how patient you are.  Don't expect any job in SL to pay very well, though.  That's just not the way it works.  If I write a fairly complicated script, I might get paid L$5,000 -- about $20 US -- for a couple of days work.  A scripter in RL would be paid five to ten times that.  If I sell a dress in my shop, I get maybe L$200 for it -- another 80 cents.  Even if I were working full time in SL, I'd be earning way less than I could in RL, and having no time to do anything else.  The bottom line is that the easy way to get money in SL is to buy it with RL dollars.  Save your coffee money for a few days and bring the money in world with you. 

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As a DJ, several of my absolutely favorite hostesses have had real life challenges. What do we all have in common? We love Music, making friends and socializing at the various clubs we } ~work~ { at. Working together we make our audience feel the mood and make them happy both with the quality of the music & songs mixed and the fun chats. This results in a wonderful income via tips.

Please don't discount working as an option for obtaining Lindens.

Other options are to have fun playing in the Linden Realms

Help us out a bit - What are your passions in real life? Maybe they will translate to income opportunities here


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 i suggest magic fishing, you can only cash in your earning once a day but it will add up. i strongly suggest magic fishing over anything from golden tokens.


after that gem hunting at linden labs is good, as is earn2life, and dragons and princess all can get you lin you will have to work a bit at it.. but it can work.


i should point out i have yet to get earnings from earn2life so i can not vouch for them..i have from all the others.

use magic fishing and second farm games not golden token
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Well one of the things about fishing is it takes some time to increase your earnings. You gain fishing experience points and that will increase your earnings. I would definitely upgrade your fishing rod and stick with the goldtokens money games!

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I want linden for Free
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I have to respectfully disagree with AlinaFelacio.  All of the "take surveys to get $L" sites I know of are scams at best and at worst will infect your computer with malware.

Creating content...clothes, hair, animations, scripts, jewelry, the best way to earn a lot of $L in world...but it does not happen overnight, and it's not guaranteed.  You must have talent, persistence, business sense, and a lot of luck to succeed.

Services such as escorting or exotic dancing can pay well, but not as well as successful content creation...and most "services" are in the, shall we say, adult entertainment field.

There are NO "easy" ways to earn $L.  Just as in Real Life, making money takes work, and talent.  The only "easy" way, as others have said, is to buy $L using your credit card or PayPal account.

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The are 3 easy jobs.  There are fast  ,you earn   lindens fas,t  and if you are good to  that. You can  gain  1000 L .

The first  is  host in  party  , easy  job  you will just  party , nothing more , nothing else you will welcome   the people in  the club  and  drag them  in your enthusiastic nirvana.

The second  is  model  It is often  if you look  little more carefully agents looking  for  models without experience . You can easily   gain 300  or 400  L  and have the experience  of a  model  event from inside.

The third is only  if you are adult  and you must find  a  club and a pole . I am not continue .. But  I am sure you understand.

 In the 3 options  that  I am offer you, you will party  first. Think again  about  your opinion in jobs

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Look for competitions to enter. 

When I was new in Second Life, there was an SL newspaper (which sadly is no longer in existence) that would pay 500L$ for every photograph they published.  Every week I would have a photo published, until one day they offered me a job as a columnist, which is something I enjoyed for a while. It did not feel like a job for me, because they realised one of my hobbies (which was locating and photographing bots) would make a good campaign at that time.

This was very easy for me. I was very lucky. I cannot guarantee that you will be so lucky, but you maybe can to find a way of making the things you enjoy doing in Second Life financially worth it too. 

You will find that most of the people who have made a lot of Linden dollars inworld have worked for it, or been very good at something, and have been able to sell their services.

Other people just choose to convert a few real life dollars/Euros/pounds into Linden dollars every now and then, or live for free.  The exchange rate is so good, it works out at only pence/cents to do so, depending on what type of lifestyle you wish to have in Second Life. 

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Since getting a job isn't good enough there really isn't an easy way to "earn" lindens.  If "woking" for your lindens isn't an option then you are left with camping, hunts, fishing, or begging.........depends on your definition of "easy" as to whether or not those methods are something you consider easy.  Camping is, in my opinion, the easiest.......but camping is really not widespread (due to the gaming of traffic rules) and some of the restrictions make it not quite so easy anymore.  Hunts and fishing you do have to put some effort into it so it's is "work', in that sense......and most of your "pay" is in items, not lindens.  Begging is not against the ToS but it sure is a frowned upon way to "earn"'re likely to be treated very unwelcome in most places (banned in many).  All those ways are easy in some sense..........and all those ways are extremely low paying (to the point of not even covering the cost to you in real life to run your computer for the lindens "earned").

The absolute easiest way to get lindens without working is to buy them.  $1.00 USD will get you about L$250 in return......and you did nothing but pay for them.  What could be easier?  Of course you do have to work for that $1.00 in real life.  But, as the saying goes, nothing's free.  That goes for SL as well as RL.  So to "earn" lindens easily, that depends entirely on what you call "easy".  To get lindens easily, just buy them (but that's not really "earning"'s purchasing).  To get lindens for free......well that's impossible (at least legally not possible).

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help i need 658900 in money what should i do ??????

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You should set a level for when it is enough money for you.

There are some jobs around which can pay well (not in every location, but in enough to be listed here as an option). Then you have creating, which is not so easy if you haven't any skills yet, but which can pay absolutly good, when you are good at it. Then you can join contests, which is easy, but not the fastest way to make money.

From my experiance I can say its important that you enjoy the things you do. Don't do it 100% just for the money.

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Answered if you think all survey sites are a scam go here and check the linden rewards i have earned but i agree the surveys are a waste of time half the time they ask lots of questions and then dont qualify you i earn the slow way watching vids you do get phantom pts that dont pay now and then but hey 500 lindens every 3 or 4 days aint bad and if your in usa will earn faster  also here you can join the fanclubs and upload pics to them or even start your own fanclubs and the more you upload the more pts you get next day

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