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I can buy lindens with a visa gift card?
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Linden Lab will not accept most gift cards or prepaid cards.

You can use your card to buy $L on a reputable third party site, such as VirWox.

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Most are not accepted, i have the problem i use a visa card, one account work the other with the same card doesnt work so there is no clear answer for that sadly

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Hello Danniexblood and welcome to SL Forums. You can see analytically the list with the acceptable payment methods for SL here:

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I am trying to use a prepaid visa card to buy lindens. I've used these same pp cc in the past and haven't had any problems using them. tonight when i went to buy lindens it won't accept it for some reason. Not sure what the problem is because it doesn't say why... can anyone tell me if they have had this same problem.

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I've had alot of problems with the visa gift cards not working,but I find the vanilla mastercard ones work well