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HOw do I raise my daily and monthly linden limits?

HOw do i raise my daily and monthly linden limits?  I know how to get to the section that tells me what they are.. but not how to raise them. 

when i try to purchase more lindens it says i will exceed my monthly limit or my daily limit


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In addition anytime  you can purchase (more lindens) using one of the acceptable Third Party Excanges:


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Your trading limit starts from when you make your first buy & it will go up automatically after that each week until it reaches level 1 US$2500 a month. After that it will depend on your activity if it things you need to go up again, because tbh level one is high enough for most users unless they start a buisness.

If you did suddenly start a business or something and needed to jump from level 1 you can submit a ticket requesting an increase.

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It depends on your age and membership plan:

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