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Smithsonian's Latino Virtual Museum in Second Life

by Honored Resident George Linden on ‎03-19-2009 10:28 AM

lvm main_001.jpgArt and culture are no strangers to Second Life--this we all know! The opportunity to visualize artistic content in a 3d space allows for innovation that can expand and expose art collections from the real world. Use of audio, video, and interaction in a virtual space to explore cultural education is a method that educators and academics are utilizing to reach and engage their classrooms and audiences.  Today, we're excited to announce another innovative use of Second Life in the arts and culture space. We're proud to announce the Smithsonian's Latino Virtual Museum!lvm events_003.jpg

The Latino Virtual Museum (LVM) is launched with developmental support from the Ohio University and Disney and shares the institution’s art and exhibits surveying content from their Latino collections. The launch also celebrates Smithsonian’s very first multicultural museum to focus on Latino heritage. Melissa Carrillo, Smithsonian’s Web Programs & Virtual World Director, has led the effort with a goal of increasing the visibility of and improving access to the collection through Latino art and music exhibits at the LVM. What's especially cool about this is that much of the content that will be shown in Second Life has never seen the light of day - a real treat if you have an interest in arts and culture!

lvm events_002.jpgCheck out the Arts and Entertainment Showcase entry for the Smithsonian Latino Museum (slurl), which focuses on bringing you audio, slides, and video to provide a basic understanding of navigation in Second Life. If you’re more interested in beginning at an exhibit, tour the Music Showcase entry for Smithsonian Latino Music (slurl), which spotlights the Son Clave Lounge and the Amphitheatre, upcoming home to live performances, oral history, and dance. For a sneak peek, you'll really want to see the LVM machinima or the LVM press release.lvm events_001.jpg

While the museum provides something for anyone interested in museums and cultural history, Smithsonian is excited that developing in Second Life has helped their creative endeavors, too. The use and flexibility of virtual space in Second Life has helped them to demonstrate what a Latino Museum might look like in the real world. The virtual museum ultimately lays the foundation and provides inspiration for the possibility to someday expand on this museum in real life! This is a must-see example of creativity in Second Life converging with arts, humanities, and sciences in the real world.

We hope you have the opportunity to explore the art, music, and events at the Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum, and that you enjoy its celebratory launch! Has the exposure of museums and culture in Second Life helped to enhance your learning and teaching needs?  Let's hear your thoughts!

by Honored Resident Digital Digital
on ‎03-19-2009 12:12 PM

This place is amazing!

by Honored Resident George Linden
on ‎03-20-2009 08:01 AM

Glad you enjoyed!

by Member Nany Kayo
on ‎03-21-2009 10:29 AM

I would like to contact the organizers of the Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum project.   I would like to see a similar virtual museum featuring Smithsonian collections for Native Americans in Second Life.  I would also like to collaborate with the Latino Virtual Museum on projects of importance to indigenous people in Latin America.  Is there someone I can contact inworld?   Thanks!     Nany Kayo, Director, Virtual Native Lands