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moderate sims and strip clubs what words cannot be used

Does anyone have a list of keywords that cannot be used in moderate sims in a strip club?

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If such a list exists, only LL would have it. According to the KB, any explicit Adult content is not allowed on a moderate sim. I doubt a strip club is even appropriate on such a sim, but I don't doubt your common sense will tell you what words should be avoided. Smiley Wink


Second Life's Moderate designation accommodates most of the non-adult activities common in Second Life. Dance clubs, bars, stores and malls, galleries, music venues, beaches, parks, and other spaces for socializing, creating, and learning all support a Moderate designation so long as they do not host publicly promoted adult activities or content and do not use adult search tags. Groups, events and classifieds that relate to this broad range of activities and themes generally should also be designated as Moderate.

Residents in these spaces should therefore expect to see a variety of themes and content. Stores that sell a range of content that includes some "sexy" clothing or objects can generally reside in Moderate rather than Adult regions. Dance clubs that feature "burlesque" acts can also generally reside in Moderate regions as long as they don't promote sexual conduct, for instance through pose balls (whether in "backrooms" or more visible spaces). However if any of these businesses uses adult-oriented search tags, the region may be categorized as Adult and blocked from appearing in non-Adult search.

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nothing to add to valeries perfect answer, just

if we name the words here i bet your post would vanish faster than a rocket


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Strip clubs are allowed on moderate land, just don't use any words that may be interpreted as a hint for sexual activities (those have to stay on adult land, when speaking about open places).

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