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how do bonus prims on a land work

Howdo Bonus Prims work on a land and how is it divide?

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Region/estate owners have the ability to apply an Object Bonus multiplier to their land parcels.  The base muliplier is 1.  So a 512sqm land parcel has 117 prim as its base.  If the estate owner changes the bonus multiplier to 2, then there would be 234 prim available per 512sqm.

However, the maximum prim count for a sim is always 15000.  So when an owner sets the Bonus muliplier to a higher value, they need to make sure the overall prim count on the sim does not exceed its max value.  This is usually done by setting aside land for roads and parks with minimal prim usage.


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Bonus prims are just a way for a private estate owner to concentrate a sim's total prim allotment in a smaller area.  A sim only gets a maximum of 15,000 prims, and that allotment is normally distributed evenly across the sim.  If the estate owner wants to build, say, a real primmy skyscraper in the middle of the sim, s/he can create a parcel there that has a bonus of 2.0 or more, so that s/he has more prims to work with there.  That just means that there are fewer prims to work with everyplace else on the sim.

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