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Land Tiers


If I owned 5 pieces of 512 sq meters my tier would be $ 15.00 cause one of the 512 pieces is free.  If I happen to see a more prestigeous 512 piece of land and do not wish to wait for a low grade piece of 512 to sell, can I abandon the 512 low grade piece of land and then purchase a 512 high grade piece of land and still keep my same $ 15.00 tier.   If I bought a 6th piece of 512, my tier would go up to $ 25.00 correct?  So abandoning a low grade piece of 512 that is almost worthless, can I replace it without increasing the tier provided it is also a 512 sq meter?   Is this correct?   Im just trying to clearify.   Im only thinking of this to keep the same tier.

Any penalites for abandoning a piece of land?

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You can abandon land without penalties. You are charged tier for the highest amount of land you have at anytime in the billing cycle. If you abandon 512 and then purchase a different 512 you do not incur more tier. 

If you were to purchase 512 and then abandon 512 you would incur more tier as you had the larger amount of land, but that was not your question.

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Yes, you are correct in everything you say.

Instead of abandoning the land, which cause mainland to get very messy and takes parcels out of circulation for a while, all you need to do is check the price of the cheapest plot for sale in land search and set yours for sale cheaper or even set it for sale at a REALLY low price and a landbot will come by instantly and buy it.

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