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I have a linden house more prims?

I have a linden house and i know it has 117 prims. But my new nerghbour  seems to have more.

Can i get more prims????   If so how????

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Premium membership gets you 512sqm of land tier-free

512s have 117 prims

The linden house has the advantage over other 512s that you could buy, because they are set up in such a way that the house prims are not deducted from your 117 prims.

The only way to get more prims is to abandon your Linden home and go and buy Mainland somewhere else, the bigger the land, the more prims you have, the higher the monthly tier-fee.

You will always have 512sqm of your total holdings tier free - You don`t HAVE to give up your linden home, but its better to get all your land together to get as many prims as possible in one place.


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As has already been said, the only way to go beyond 117 prims is to go elsewhere, but that doesn't have to be buying mainland.  There are many mainland and private estate rentals available as well, with something to suit every need, more or less.  You can buy a larger mainland parcel, but should explore all of the options when growing beyond the Linden Homes.

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All Linden homes have 117 prim.  You cannot get one with more.  Probably your neighbor is buying lower prim furniture so it seems that they have more stuff than you do, but their prim allotment will be the same as yours.