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How can I make money in real estate in second life?
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Buy low and sell high!  Duh!

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The real estate market in SL is very volatile and is almost unregulated.  As a result, not many people are truly successful land speculators.  It's easy to lose your shirt.  (Personally, it also feels too much like work to me.  IMHO, you can make a lot more money for the same effort in RL, but that's just me talking. Smiley Tongue )  If you'd really like to try making a business out of it, I'd suggest doing a lot of homework first.  Read everything about land in the Knowledge Base and lurk or be an active participant in the Land forum ( for long enough to get a firm feel for the issues that landowners are most concerned about.

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Its a tough market now. A few years ago you could make lots of money buying & selling land, but several key changes made by LL pretty much wiped out the land dealing market and land is so cheap now that you would need to be doing it on a huge scale to see any profits at all.

Buying land and renting it out, has slightly more scope for profit as tier fees are fairly stable, but keeping all your land rented and dealing with tenants is full time job & requires the patience of a saint lol

Both types of buisness are a constant battle getting money in to cover the tier fees you are paying out & require high volume for any significant return.

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Hello wolfesmalls. Storm gave you a great answer. I will add:

Rent low and re-rent higher.

If you want my opinion, it's no the best idea the real estate to make money in SL. Some periods perhaps you will have some incomes, but some others your lands will be totally empty. It's a pain to pay the rent. For me steel in another direction.

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