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Creating pond

Sorry about the noob question but I want the fish hunt on my land but I have no water LOL how would I go about making a small pond?

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7 Seas Fishing works with or without Linden water.  So if you don't live near sea level you can make a pond...or an aquarium, or a fountain, or a little bucket, and cast your line into that.  I have some nice water textures -- if you need help making a good looking pond, give me a call in world.

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It depends on whether your land is on Second Life mainland or on a private estate and the elevation of your land (the "Z" axis).  Mainland plots you can terraform + or - 4 meters meaning that if your land's Z axis is less than 4 you can "dig" down to the water level.......above 4 meters and you won't be able to reach the water.  If you're on a private estate you can terraform up to + or - 20 meters (that is up to the estate owner to determine how much you can vary the land).  Both methods require that you have terraform rights.  If you are premium and own your mainland parcel you will have that right.  If you're on a private estate it would be up to the estate owner for that right.


Another way that is probably not as good is to dig a hole with the terraforming tools and put a prim with a water texture in the hole, make the prim phantom and get a script that will make the "water" look like it's got ripples on it or flows (such as a stream).

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If you land is "low" in elevation, you can use the bulldozer tool in build (assuming you have the right to do that -- you would on the mainland but not necessarily on estate land).  If you are up in the mountains the best you could do would be a fake pond made from a roundish flat prim tinted as water with some animation. It could be made phantom. I don't know if that would work with the fishing game (assuming you mean 7 Seas).



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