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Objects Appear and Disappear need help please

Ok what im trying to accomplish here is a type of moving and appear and dis-appear script like with the train im using on my sim i want it automated but i also want to have it set to where instead of just going back and forth constantly have a script to make it appear and dis-appear at a certain time maybe like every 2-3 or so hours could anyone help

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Re: Objects Appear and Disappear need help please

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For making a train follow a closed path, the best function to use may be llSetKeyframedMotion, depending on how complex your train is.  The alternative is to make the train physical and script it to move between predetermined points with llMoveToTarget . Either way works, and can be a pain to set up initially.  It's just a matter of what your setup looks like.  I'm not sure exactly what you mean about appearing and disappearing.  If you want the train to still be there but invisible, you can just switch the whole thing back and forth with llSetAlpha in a slow timer.  If you want to make the train actually vanish and reappear (which might be kinder to the servers overall), you can just kill the train and then rez a new one two or three hours later. 

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