Second Life Pic of the Day 11/19/2012

by Community Manager on ‎11-19-2012 09:44 AM


Check out the Second Life Pic of the Day, "Snapshot", photo by Argus Collingwood. Don't forget to check out Second Life on TumblrFacebook and Google Plus!

by Helper on ‎11-19-2012 09:49 AM

Yay Argus! Congrats :smileyhappy:)

by Advisor Caitlin Tobias on ‎11-19-2012 09:51 AM

Lovely and awesome pic! :smileyhappy:

by Honored Resident pallina60 Loon on ‎11-19-2012 10:15 AM

\o/ Congratulations Argus :smileyvery-happy:

by Member Argus Collingwood on ‎11-19-2012 10:15 AM

Awwwww thanks!! <3<3

by Advisor DQ Darwin on ‎11-19-2012 10:20 AM

My that is very pretty Argus :smileyhappy:

by Honored Resident Dyana Serenity on ‎11-19-2012 11:03 AM


by Member Tem Haalan on ‎11-19-2012 01:51 PM

Congratulations Argus!!

by Helper on ‎11-19-2012 02:23 PM

Another \o/

by Member Argus Collingwood on ‎11-19-2012 10:55 PM

:-) :-) 

by Recognized Resident AngeMoonBlackCat on ‎11-22-2012 10:07 AM

Wonderful pic :cathappy: