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how do you get married

howdo you get married


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Send a partnership proposal to your loved one from your dashboard: account > partners:

Second Life couples can make their relationships official. Whether you're married or just connected, you can designate your partner on your profile in-world and make your relationship visible to the rest of the community. Send your proposal to the avatar of your dreams using the form below. Partnering, like real life marriage, costs money. To create a partnership will cost each partner L$10. If you decide to divorce later, the person requesting the divorce will be charged L$25.

Can't be married in real life? Try Second Life!


Send a Partner Proposal from angelchristopher:

Partner's Username:
Enter your first and last Second Life name. Example: "Johnny Awesome".


Click the "send proposal" button. Your "fiancé" will receive the proposal by email, NOT by IM inworld.


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There are two parts to getting married, both of which are optional.

The first is the Partnership offer and acceptance that Valerie told you about.

The second is a wedding.  This can be as elaborate as you like/can afford.  You can rent a venue, hire a wedding planner, get friends to be bridesmaids, buy a dress, say vows, ride to the reception in a horse drawn carriage...whatever you imagine as your "perfect wedding".

Or if all that is too much trouble, just move in together and tell everyone that you are married.

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