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how do i get back lost items
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How were they lost?

If you put them in your Trash folder, then emptied the trash, you can't get them back.

If they were in world, and you Deleted them, you can't get them back.

If they were in your inventory and have gone missing, clear your cache and re-log to an empty region.  Wait for your inventory to load.

If you took a bunch of items from in world, all at once, or you or your landlord used the Return feature of the land settings, your things aren't lost, they are in your Lost and Found folder as a single "coalesced object".  This has the symbol of a stack of cubes, and it may have any name...the name of one of your things, or simply "object".  Rez that, and all your things will reappear.  Try to do it somewhere that objects on the edge of the bundle won't go over a parcel boundary or under the ground.

If you tried to rez something and it didn't, and went out of your inventory, try looking for it at region coordinates 0,0,0.

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Hi Honey!  Sorry you are having problems!  If you have lost something, first thing to do is look in you lost and found folder!  Hope this helps!



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