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In latest version of Firestorm I have lost my inventry button, have reinstalled and still missing. H

I downloaded latest Firestorm and was ok for a week. Then said Bridge could not be done to create my own. No idea how to as not a geek. Then clothes went wild, and would not detach or leave avitar and was left with multi outfits. I had to change to another viwer. When i went back, I now have no inventry button on the bottom of screen and nowwhere can I find how to get it back! I have reinstalled it with same result so have to switch viewers when I need to access inventry which is a pain. Can you help please?

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Go to the Avatar menu at the top left of the screen. Click on "inventory" to show/hide. This should restore the icon both in the bottom and the right side bars.

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Perhaps (I'm not sure) you should try right click the botton bar and see if the Inventory button is unchecked.