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How to shoot a gun

I just bought a gun. Its notecard tells you how to draw, reload and holster but nothing on how to shoot!

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You probably need to go into mouselook and then left-click.

Mouselook sets the camera to a first-person perspective, allowing you to view the world through your avatar's eyes. You can enter mouselook by pressing the M key or by using your mouse's scroll wheel to zoom all the way in on your avatar.

When in mouselook, your avatar turns to face the direction in which you are looking, which allows you to steer with your mouse while you walk or fly.  Mouselook is also often used in order to aim or activate scripted objects.

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IM the creator and ask him for more instructions if they are available. Maybe this gun is not meant to shoot. Smiley Tongue

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Most guns work in mouselook.

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