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How do you find your recieved items on firestorm?

I am currently using the "vintage" skin, therefore it is not like the rest of the firestorm skins and i dont have all of the gadgets that other skins do. it looks like the original viewer 1 skin; i looked all through my inventory and cannot find the "Recieved Items" please help.

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Buy any Direct Delivery item from the marketplace and your "received items" section should appear.  The free Linden Bear at the top of the Marketplace page is an easy one.

(However:  I have the Received Items section active, and when I bought items from the Marketplace the other day, they showed up just like they used to, in my main inventory as new folders or as boxes in  my Objects folder.  It could be that LL has disabled Received Items until some of the problems are fixed.)

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If a merchant has converted to direct delivery your order will appear in the received items folder which is located at the bottom of your inventory window in Firestorm,  There is a bar there with a white arrow to press to open it if you don't see it.  But as Lindal said, you have to buy something first to see it.

If a merchant has not converted to the DD system y et, you will still receive the item like you always have, in a box in your objects folder.