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Can't get rid of animation(Bliss "Be Happy" smile) that I accidentally rezzed or script error

I'm a newbie, who rezzed a free animation (Bliss Designs "Be Happy" smile) box to the ground. I can see something that looks like a piece of paper and a yellow triangle lying on the ground. But unlike other things I've rezzed, I can't delete the object on the gound or take it back. When I left or right click on it, nothing happens. It is stuck there. Which is extra bothersome because there's a script error repeating about once every second saying : "Script trying to trigger animations but PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION permission not set"

This repeating script error follows me all over this place (INDIGO), but diappears when I TP elsewhere.

Help! I don't want to leave trash behind me!!

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the "piece of paper" with a triangle you are seeing is the script error message, not the object. The animation object itself may not be visible or hard to localize. Press Ctrl+alt+T to highlight invisible objects. You should be able to see the AO and  right-click on it: choose take or delete.

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