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wont let me teleport

I cant teleport because it keeps saying it cant open because it doesnt have anything for something

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Welcome to Second Life, and to the Second Life Answers section, catsrok2.

What exactly does the message say, because I am not familiar with a message like the one you've put into your enquiry.

As a guess, I would think maybe you are trying to teleport from a link on another web page, maybe from the Destination Guide? But I am guessing.  Maybe you haven't yet downloaded the Second Life Viewer.  If this is the case, then please do so now. This is the link to the page where the download can be obtained from. Click this and follow the instructions/read the screen carefully as it loads.

If this is not your problem at all, and my guess is wrong, then please just add more to your original post by clicking on "options" at the top right hand side of your original post and "edit".

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I think Marigold has guessed it correctly.  You seem to be trying to enter SL from a web page.  That's possible, but not until after you have already downloaded and installed a Second Life viewer, as others have explained.  People normally enter SL by launching a viewer from its icon on their desktop, and then clicking "Login" from its login page.  Depending on how they have configured the viewer, that process will land them at either (1) their self-defined "Home" location, (2) the place where they logged out last time, or (3) a newly-identified destination.  Once you have a vewer set up, though, you do have a fourth option.  If you have a SLURL -- a specially-created URL that identifies a target destination in SL -- you can train your web browser to recognize it, launch your viewer, and let you log in at the SLURL's destination.  If you're really interested, you can learn how to do that later.  For now, just enter SL the "normal" way.  Smiley Wink

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Hello catsrok2 and welcome to SL Forums. If you have already downloaded and installed the viewer and you have problems with teleporting generally you can follow the suggestions here.

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Have you downloaded anything for something?

Sorry, only a joke.

Using my crystal ball, have you downloaded and installed the viewer? ->