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where do the snapshots that I took go to on my computer? I cant find them anywhere

where do the snapshots that I took go to on my computer? I cant find them anywhere

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If you are saving the pictures to your computer instead of saving to your viewer (if you get a dialog saying something about a $L10 charge when you save then you  are saving to your viewer and not your computer), the pictures are normally saved to something like C:\[USER]]\Documents\MyPictures (that's for a Windows 7 system)......"USER" being what your personal account name is for your computer setup.  You can also choose where the picture is saved by using Love's tip and choosing "Save As" instead of "Save".


If you are saving to your viewer then the pictures are not on your computer but in the "Picture" or "Album" folder in your inventory.  You should be aware of that since you will be charged $L10 for each saved picture.

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Hello nightmare and welcome to SL Forums. They go where you save them of course. To choose where you want your snapshots to be saved, hit the down arrow beside it says "Save" --> Save As... Desktop for example. After all your snapshots will be saved there. Btw, you can search your hard disk for .png files. It is possible to find them this way.

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If you press Ctrl-Shift-S or click the Camea/Snapshot button in newer viewers the camera controls will open. You can set your preferences for what it is to do with you photos. You can post images to your SL Feed (free), put them in an email (free), save them your inventory (L$10), or save them to your computer (free).

In any one secession once you select a location and provide a name, additional images taken in that secession will go the the same location and use the same name with a number added to the name (e.g., mysnap_001.jpg).

If you click on the chevrons you will get advanced options.

When saving to inventory the images are placed in a top level folder named Photo Album (Viewer 3).