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how do you hug, kiss or have sex?

can u explain all the steps!! plz imma brand new! nd jw wat is the whole point about this game? also wat age do u have to be to hvae sex?? also do u have to pay to have sex or kiss or hug?

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Gabriella.Eddenbaum wrote:

can u explain all the steps!! plz imma brand new!

All steps? You don't know what you're asking for. For some first steps, try menu Help > Tutorial.

Gabriella.Eddenbaum wrote:

nd jw wat is the whole point about this game?

While Second Life uses similar techniques as online games, a lot of people don't consider it to be a game. One of the reasons is that it doesn't force a fixed game objective onto you. So, what can you do here?

  • Explore the virtual world
  • Meet people
  • Chat and make new friends
  • Create stuff (Almost everything you see in Second Life was created by your fellow Residents, i.e. other users)
    • Clothes and Outfits
    • Body parts and Avatars
    • Build anything from jewelry over diverse vehicles to buildings, plants, machines, you-name-it
    • Make objects "do stuff" by programming them in the LSL scriping language
  • Go dancing, skydiving, racing ... enjoy yourself
  • Listen to live music, poetry slams or watch a movie
  • Learn a new language by attending online lessons
  • ... and much more. See the Showcase for some suggestions

Gabriella.Eddenbaum wrote:

also wat age do u have to be to hvae sex??

Real Life Age: 18

You have to give your correct date of birth when signing up for Second Life. If you're 13-18 you'll automagically will get to Teen SL when logging in. Otherwise you'll get to the regular Second Life. Note that in regular Second Life, there are three Region ratings, PG, Mature and Adult. Content and behavior must conform to that rating, or you risk being banned. To access Adult rated Regions, you have to verify your account and enable Adult conent in your settings.

Virtual Age: Adult

While child-Avatars are allowed in Second Life, even in Adult rated Regions, they must not participate in explicit sexual actions.

Gabriella.Eddenbaum wrote:

also do u have to pay to have sex or kiss or hug?

While paying for sex in SL (i.e. virtual prostitution) isn't unheard of, I'd like to invert Linus Torvalds' famous quote and just claim that it's like software: It's better when it's free. When however others are asking you to pay for just hugging you, you have a real problem and should probably work on your Avatar's appearance. Or watch out for people with this sign.

What might cost something are decent animations to perform any of these actions, and the scripts that start them and align the participating Avatars so that they make any sense in the first place (available as HUDs, pose balls, included in furniture and probably a lot of other variants). Though it's worth to note that rather good ones are available for very low prices and there might even be free ones.

Finally, for no obvious reason, I'd like to point out this article on Second Life Insider.

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Misspelled Linus' name. Oops.

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Social details:

1.  Find a willing partner

2.  Find a private place or a designated public sex area.  DO NOT do sex in public, ESPECIALLY in PG areas.

3.. For the gentleman:  You'll need an attachment.  Search for "penis".  There are a number of freebies available.  DON'T wear it in public!  It will stick through your pants.

Technical details:

There are lots of ways to animate your avatar.  One way to kiss and hug is with an attachment called a "hugger".  There are free huggers available.  Many pieces of furniture (especially beds) are scripted to provide you and your partner with a menu of animations.  Touch the piece of furniture to call up the menu.  A pair of "poseballs", one pink and one blue, will appear above the bed.  Sit on them...girl on the pink, guy on the blue.  Touch the bed again to get the menu and change positions.

Or you may find pairs of poseballs just laying about.  You can use those, too.

To get the most out of cyber-sex, you need to be able to "chat emote", to fill in the details that the animations don't provide.  Next time you're in world, try typing this, without quotes:  "/me leans close to you, brushing your lips with hers".  Most sexual talk is done in private IM, rather than in open chat.  Not everyone around you wants to "hear" you moaning and panting.

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I hug with both arms, and gently squeeze in an endearing embrace. I kiss passionately, and have sex spontaneous, and make sweet love.

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If just have to ask "what age" you are too young.

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