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How do you cash in Lindens for RL cash?

I need to sell some Lindens for cash, and need to know the best way of going about that. From what I've gathered from other threads, selling through Xstreet is the quickest way, but costs a little more. Can someone walk me through the steps to selling Lindens on Xstreet, and then getting the money to my PayPal account?

Have any of you used Is it trustworthy? Fast?

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Re: How do you cash in Lindens for RL cash?

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Go to your Dashboard on the website.

Scroll down and on the left side look for the words Linden Exchange

Click the Manage Link

Click the Sell L$ link

To dump your Lindens as quickly as possible as a Limit Sell price them for L$1 more than the current Open Order selling price.

The US$ proceeds from your sale will go into your Account

Process Credit to sweep your US$ into your PayPal account

Whenever you have the opportunity to work a transaction through Linden Lab do it.

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