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Deed Land to Group Help

I own a piece of land bought on Linden Auction.  I deeded the land to a group and today I agreed to give the a triple ownership with the guy that will be running a live venue there. Me and My alt and Him belonged to a group, but he wanted his own, so I came and dissolved the existing group as far as I thought by kicking the few poeple he put in there and leaving the group. We created an new one and I wanted to deed the land to the new group but the old group still shows up and I can not access anything in the about land panel and neither can the other two owners.

The old group has no members in it

The new one has 3 owners me , My alt and the other guy.

The land was owned by me but I contributed 2048 which is all of it to the new group.

I can not deed to the new group its not an option.

I can not rejoin the old group

Can someone help with this.

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Re: Deed Land to Group Help

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I think you basically abandoned the land since it was group owned and you dissolved the group.  You need to file a support ticket and explain to them in detail what you have done.  You should have sold the land to the new group or back to yourself first and then deed it to the new group.

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Re: Deed Land to Group Help

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The land is not yet abandoned until LL actually dissolves the group which takes normally about 48 hours.

If you are the only member in the group then you would recieve a warning that the group is to be dissolved but as there are no members it will just get dissolved.

Note: Only LL can dissolve a group and this only happens when there are less than 2 members or no members.

Because you group is not set to open enrollment no-one can join the group, you would need to be in the group to donate tier.

I would suggest calling LL as a support ticket may not get answered in time.

Good Luck

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Re: Deed Land to Group Help

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Hi Juliet,

You have some good answers here and I hope LL sort out you land issue for you. Using groups to control land is tricky to master and it's easy to mess up (believe me I know).

When I read your post I couldn't help wondering about the manger you talk about. Your post reads as though you don't know him all that well. In order to manage land and venue on that land a person doesn't need to be an owner, you can assign all the required privileges without going that far. I just wanted to make sure you were aware that a group owner can do anything with group land including sell it without the other owners consent.

If this a close friend and you have already thought about this please accept my apologies.

Other things to watch out for with land and groups are:

If you need to move land from one group to another you have to sell it to yourself ad re deed it. Always remember to set the buyer specifically to yourself (or a land bot may buy it before you).

Check your group liabilities or you may end up charging group memeber's fees and giving them the proceeds of land sales.

Oh; and I have made both those mistakes ! (but then i'm a bit simple).