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Suggestions for Adult Bed/Sex Engine


Can anyone recommend a good bed sex engine that has copy and mod perms?

I want to use them in rentals, so I'd also like for anyone to be able to adjust the poses, and not just the owner (the most common complaint with my current beds).



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Re: Suggestions for Adult Bed/Sex Engine

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You might look at the Akaesha ReACT line.  The beds are copy-mod.  They give whoever clicks on the a hud that has a lot of functions, one of which is to adjust positions.  

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Re: Suggestions for Adult Bed/Sex Engine

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If you mean you want your tenants to have access to the Options menu in the widely used MLPV2 system, so they can adjust the offsets and positions themselves, I'm pretty sure that's a simple change to the MENUITEMS card.   If that's what you want to do, you shouldn't have to buy anything else.

I'll try to remember to take a look when I get in-world tomorrow, and post further details here, but please feel free to remind me with an IM if I forget.


ETA  I was right.   Look in the .MENUITEMS card (you may find it easier to copy all the contents of that card into an external text editor that has line numbering.. e.g. Notepad++).  

Find the entry MENU OPTIONS | OWNER at line 38 and change it to MENU OPTIONS | ALL or MENU OPTIONS | GROUP (depending on whether anyone or just group members should be able to adjust the positions).

Find the entry MENU Height | OWNER (line 59) and make similar changes.   

Save your notecard in the Sex Bed's inventory, and restart the bed (to force it to re-read the card).   Then your tenants should be able to adjust positions -- though I think you may find you get spammed by llOwnerSay messages if they do it while you're on the same sim.   They won't be able to get it to chat stuff out to them to save the positions permanently to card, either -- that's llOwnerSay too.

It wouldn't be too difficult, though, for a scripter who's familiar with the MLPV scripts to change the appropriate instances of llOwnerSay to llRegionSayTo(id, 0....), which would solve that problem.

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Re: Suggestions for Adult Bed/Sex Engine

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I'm not quite sure what the OP expects of a "bed sex engine" besides the scripts. If it's to include the animations, too, then permissions do matter, but if it's just the scripts, then I see no reason to use anything that's not full perm because both nPose and MLPV2 are quite good these days, and have the distinct advantage of being familiar to many users. (Of course, that advantage still applies to "engines" that include animations; if they're using MLP or nPose scripts, more people will know how to make them work.)

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Re: Suggestions for Adult Bed/Sex Engine

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Well are you looking for straight sex or lesbian/gay? Honestly the best sex bed engine I've used, that isn't crippling expensive is the Alina's Animations bed. If you're looking for copy-mod she does charge a bit more, but she makes all/most of the animations herself and it's pretty straightforward to use. I run a lesbian sex club/hangout and we've got her bed engine built into so much stuff LOL. Especially in our holodeck scenes, currently working on a lesbian drive in movie theater scene, using the sex bed engine on the cars.

MLP is pretty easy to learn and use, you just have to find all the animations you want to use and not all animations are created equal. Some are very minimal movement some have a lot of movement and look damn realistic.

And Alina Graf does stand behind her stuff so if you need it a particular way, she'll do it for you. (She's also a really nice lady and is a personal friend of the club my wife and I run - the Sapphic City Keyhole Club)

Just do a search for AlinasAnimations and you should be able to find it easily enough and she is in the Marketplace too, but I'd suggest just going to her shop in world to try things out. (Best to bring a friend!)