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Looking for some land

I'm looking for some land to rez a skybox on. I recently lost my home, and am looking for somewhere to set up so I'm not a hobo.

If you have anything, please send me an IM and let me know.

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Re: Looking for some land

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Oh my, not that I have any land but avaiable for you but with such few info given you can't expect anybody to help you.

Are you premium? What do you want? Rent or buy? How many prims/sqm?

You know that land right now is cheap, cheaper, the cheapest ever. You can find lots of abandoned parcels which the guvnor sells off for 1l/sqm. Often renting in estates is even cheaper.

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Re: Looking for some land

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Try to Mainland Parcels For Sale forum, plenty of spots there, including some I am selling.