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Group Land Security Questions

Hi I have land deeded to "Group A" I am the owner of the land and group. I want to be able to have another group administer the land security " Group B".  I deed the security device to Group B in which I am the owner on my land.  I give eject/freeze permissions to group members. They can't eject anyone in fact the security device does not even see other avatars only myself and Group B members. I find that totally strange.


Question: Must the security device  be deeded to the group that owns the land  or just in one of the same groups of the land owner?

I don't want other people to have access to the land owner group. I want a seperate group to admin the security. Is this even possible to do?






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Re: Group Land Security Questions

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Needs to be deeded to the land group, i.e. group A. Giving members of group B access to it depends on the objects capabilities then - stuff like that can be done with "child objects" set to (but not deeded) a different group, e.g. group B.