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Granting creation rights (Rezzing on land)



I know there are two ways to grant the right to rezz on a parcel....1) giev everyone the right or 2) give the right to group members.  Is there another way? I have a parcel I can't subdivide and I don't want to grant rights to rezz for the whole parcel.  


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Re: Granting creation rights (Rezzing on land)

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Unfortunately if you can't subdivide then there is no other way other than by group to restrict rez rights using the SL land tools. However there are other things that may help you manage rezzing depending on what you are using that area for.

Spell out in the lease, or rules that you give on landing, that rezzing can only be done in the one area and that if things are rezzed anywhere else the person who does it will be evicted, if a rental, or ejected, if a venue, without warning or refund, and banned from returning.  This usually is enough in my experience to motivate people to only rezz where they are supposed to

You can restrict rezzing within a group by creating different roles and giving some the ability to rezz and others no ability. For instance for a venue, staff roles could have rez rights but not general members or managers could have them but not rank and file staff or general members.  For a rental, the tenants could rez but no one else other than yourself and any other role that you give the ability to.

Alternatively, set the options to allow everyone to rez but use autoreturn so that anything that is rezzed by someone other than the owner, or a group member that has been assigned a role that allows rezzing, will be returned.  You will need to set or deed the land to a group if you want more than just the owner to be able to rez.

Still another option is to talk to your estate owner about the issue and ask if they will subdivide the land with the understanding that when you leave it will be rejoined and that you will not sell the secondary parcel separately at any time.  The estate owner does have the ability of setting the island's region option to not allow the sale of land to assure that this happens.  If one of the other land owners wishes to sell their land the estate owner simply allows it again in the region tools long enough for the parcel to be sold.  If your intended use of the secondary parcel is with the covenant it would be a reasonable request.  The worst that could happen is they say no.

Lastly you could move and get another parcel that fits your needs better an that allows you to subdivide.