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Best Sex Bed?

I know this question has been asked before and I searched for it for quite some time. I could really only fnd one from 2011. I am wondering if things have changed much.


Sorry if this is not the right place to ask but thought it would be best for every ones opinion. I was just wondering where I could find the best play beds or what ever you may want to call them. I sorta feel shy to say it but id like one that has M/M options as well. 

So far all I have heard is TNT but I am wondering if there is other makers that are just as nice or if shelling out that amount of linden is really my only option for a good quality bed etc.

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Re: Best Sex Bed?

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TNT do have nice anims but I am hesitant to recommend them because they are no copy and I have never had a reply to customer service notecards.

There are lots of good options, Lots of beds have Sylva's animations in them and they are extremely good. I have a  Shoki bed for example that I nearly always go back to for them.

If you think you might be having a couple to entertain then I don't know any product that comes close to being as good as the Dutchie Mff and MMF mattresses. Why settle for a choice of 9 anims in your bed if you are lucky when you can have a full featured menu of poses.

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Re: Best Sex Bed?

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Both Lover's Playground and The Perfumed Rope have some very nice products.

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Re: Best Sex Bed?

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The 'best' depends on what twists your personal lemon, so go out and try all the beds you can to see which one pleases you most. personally, I think Digs includes some great animations, as well as Dutchie, which may be more expensive.

One problem with furniture is that usually its no mod, so if you want to change your decor, you need to buy a different bed, and it usually comes with a totally different set of animations. If you want to avoid that, you can try a wonderful system called Tenderlove, which is a pose ball set, but included 100% original animations, very smooth transitions between animations, and gives both partners a HUD to use, and you just rez it where you want it - on the floor, rug, or furniture. It's slower than most but it comes across as more gentle and loving than most animations included in furniture.

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Re: Best Sex Bed?

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best sexbed is such an individual decision. best style? best animations? best organization of menu? best for a woman? best for a man?  The "best" way to find the perfect bedt for you is to really test drive the beds in the creators store. does it work for both you and your partner? make sure the balance is best, she likes snuggles, you like orals. How does the menu accomodate both. then style becomes important. You want a simple modern box with pillows? or a fanciful victorian canopy bed. there are thousands of different beds in sl, some good, some pretty bad with outdated animations. At Bartlett & Nielsen we have over 300 different bed styles in our showroom, from victorian to modern, adirondack to classic styles. 

Why choose a Bartlett & Nielsen bed?

* Bartlett & Nielsen is a brand name you can trust. We use the finest, most expensive collection of poses - over 500,000 lindens spent in the UltiMate© collection. 

* Our reputation for meticulous positioning of our couple poses is second to none. 
* Our animations were created with more fluid, more realistic movements by real people using motion capture technology. You'll find none of the stiff, jerky freebie animations any experienced partner will find boring. 
* Our custom designed animation menu script uses 33% less script resources than the freebie MLP engines most creators use. 
* Our menus are fine tuned for the kind of romance that will truly involve your partner in a memorable experience.

We invite you to come explore our over 300 bed designs at the BARTLETT & NIELSEN store. Nothing will convince you more about the superior quality of these beds than by spending a few minutes testing the menu with your partner. EnjoySmiley Happy

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Re: Best Sex Bed?

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Personally I find the beds mentioned above to be too full of mediocre animations (who wants to click through pages and pages of boring stuff to get to the real good ones?) even though they claim to have spent so much on animations. Maybe they should have gone for the better quality rather than buying averything and anything they could find! This might be one reason why they are also very expensive compared to other beds.

The beds tend to be very prim heavy (and I do mean prims, you probably won't find mesh in their shop) and frankly, the style leaves a lot to be desired, unless you like to jigga jigga in a bed that perhaps your grandparents did it i 70 years ago.

But he is right when he says it's a very personal choice, so go and check all you can.

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Re: Best Sex Bed?

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Rather than sex beds, another option would be sex mats one sets on furniture and can make invisible. One can then choose furniture based on appearance and how well it fits in with one's decor rather than settling for an ugly bed that has nice animations. In terms of products that have a good variety, you might check out Animated Living and Blue Balls. The former is for M/F couples and the latter is for M/M couples.

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Re: Best Sex Bed?

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One qualification before I'd call any bed "best" is that it must allow you the ability to add animations.

Nothing so frustrating as running into something that you'd love to be able to add to your bed and its perms won't allow you to.

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Re: Best Sex Bed?

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Thats alot of L for a bed >.<

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