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Re: This is not a joke - but it should be

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Porky Gorky wrote:

Will we still be able to upload temp textures for free as we can now with some TPV's?

According to what Jessica said at the Phoenix Hour Q & A, this policy won't effect temp textures... but something LL is planning for the future will, at some unknown point.


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Re: This is not a joke - but it should be

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Tillyboy wrote:

Speaking of jokes, I wonder if anybody from LL with any authority or sway in their company has ever read their forums. When I try to imagine a LL business meeting I always picture a bunch of dip-**bleep**s wearing suits, fumbling awkwardly on tech speak they can't understand, brainstorming solutions for problems they're still working to create and musing leisurely on those quirky nerd suckers who pay their bills. :I

If you listen to any live recordings with Linden employees...they can all do with some conference & media training. More often than not, they mumble and stumble to get their messages across.

Oz Linden is no exception if you listen to the sound file in his meeting with the TPV fact he came across rather arrogant, whilst his sidekick colleague was very smarmy in that meeting.

They're not good communicators at all....aside from Philip Rosedale, who was a natural in that department.

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Re: This is not a joke - but it should be

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Dresden Ceriano wrote:

Innula Zenovka wrote:

Which brings us back to my point that, if I were in LL's position, I wouldn't be too happy that the widespread adoption of an important new feature that lots of people want, and that a lot of time and money (both that of LL and of independent developers) has gone into developing, is ultimately contingent on members of the Firestorm/Phoenix team getting round to porting the feature (if they're able to) to a viewer in which many of them have lost interest.

It just seems to me a position that no company would wish to be in, and I'm not sure how sustainable it is.

You say that as if it takes years for them to adopt new features, what's a few months in the scheme of things?

As far as mesh clothing is concerned... if LL had really thought it through, they'd have known that the mesh deformer would be crucial to people wanting to adopt it.  I mean, no one really wants to be restricted to only the shapes that creators provide, no matter how nice they are.  SL is all about being able to express your creativity and a person's chosen avatar shape is a huge part of that... that's what makes the deformer so important.  It's not Phoenix/Firestorm's fault that LL chose to release it in a way that isn't as readily attractive to users as it could have been from the start.


 Do we know if Phoenix intend even to attempt to adopt Qarl's deformer if and when it becomes part of the Official Viewer?    Last I heard was Jessica's blog post of January 21st:

 we want to get another Phoenix release out some time soon as well. When? good question.. no time frame yet but hopefully within the next few months. We're hoping we can address some of the performance, stability and mesh related issues our Phoenix users are experiencing on the 1600 release.

and that's before they try to address any additional problems inherent in porting the deformer over, plus the new tools for pathfinding and so on.

It's not a question of whose fault it is, or how diligent Phoenix devs are or aren't.   My point is that, at present, LL are in a position where the take-up rate of any new feature, whether they develop it or adopt it, is more or less in the hands of some TPV developers who are nothing to do with LL and who work on an increasingly incompatible code-base, as a hobby, in their spare time, as and when they they want to.

People have rightly drawn attention to the way TPV developers may be discouraged at the prospect of being unable to introduce new features because LL aren't interested. That cuts both ways; LL must feel the same about trying to introduce new features and then having to wait on Phoenix, too, and LL have to worry about wasting the shareholders' money as well as their own time.   If I were in Rodvik's shoes, I would feel very uncomfortable indeed that the fate of any project in which I invested significant resources was so completely out of my hands.   That's all I'm saying