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Fun and free things to do in Second Life?

What types of things can you do in Second Life without having to pay any real money?  Is there anything fun, like games and such?

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Re: Fun and free things to do in Second Life?

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Everything is basically free in SL (if you leave shopping and casino-like games out).

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Re: Fun and free things to do in Second Life?

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Depends on what your definition of "fun" is. You can get free vehicles of just about every basic type if you look around. Hunts let you get free clothing and other items. Most dance clubs are free to go to. You can generally get free equipment for a lot of "outdoor activities" like skiing, sledding and surfing. None of the equipment will be the absolute best you can get, mind you, but you can still have fun. It also helps if you make a few friends first so you have people to do things with.

Oh, and I almost forgot. This is Second Life's tenth anniversary week so there are all SORTS of related events going on, including a big ol' cluster of exhibition sims to check out and a variety of swag.

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Re: Fun and free things to do in Second Life?

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Hobo Amusement Park is fun and free. There are tons of rides and other wierd and crazy things to do. The owner is always building new things too. There are donation objects scattered about if you feel so inclined to donate, but it isn't required. I always try to donate though as the entertainment is so worth it. It is always more fun to go with friends. Be sure and check out the scuba diving and the spaceport while you are there. Have fun!

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Re: Fun and free things to do in Second Life?

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Bring your RL hobby to SL! I guess it's fun for you, else you wouldn't do it in RL. Smiley Happy

You like driving/biking? Many bikes and cars free on marketplace.

You like boating? Many free sailboats available at TYC in Dex.

You like exploring? Heck, there's a whole big grid out there waiting to be explored by you.

You like the arts? Many many galleries in SL.

Also discussion groups about just anything you can imagine.

You like sex? Oh my gaawd, I won't even start to count all the pick-up places. Smiley Indifferent

So, I guess the best way to start is the search function in your viewer, then go to groups and look for the right ones that meet your interests ... join and start chatting. Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Fun and free things to do in Second Life?

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While there are lots of free things to do in SL, lets not forget the cost of those that supply those "free" things for you to do.

There's almost no need left for "traffic" any longer in SL, with the use of the Market Place negating most needs for shopping malls any longer. So about the only way anyone can make a few $L to offset their cost is through the unfortunate choice from the very beginning of SL, and that is TIPPING or DONATIONS.

We do tribute band shows, and to produce a quality show, purchasing the audio so that it is not pirated, the stage, the lighting, creation of the avatars I can safely say it takes us no less than $2K to get a new show in the box. That would not include many of our huge shows, where on a few we have even paid for custom scripts.

We do get paid by the person that hires us, but it is nominal to be sure everyone one in our band gets paid something for being in and part of the show. The main way we have to make the money we need to stay in production is by tipping, or donations. Sadly I can say the same 10% of our audience does all the tipping, while the others will scoot out as close to the end of the show as they can, not to have to tip.

This brings up another situation, the people that hire us. They are bringing these concerts to their clientele at an out of pocket expense, for usually their club. Lord knows why anyone would want to open and try to be a success at a nice and entertaining in club in SL, it is really nothing more than a money pit for them, and for the most part it is thankless.

So realistically, throw 5 bucks a week into your account, and show some appreciation to those that pay dearly to bring you that entertainment. It may be just this effort that will keep your favorite place open.

I think as adults we all know entertainment isn't free, most all of us are paying for cable TV and still have to watch commercials. So next time you're having a great time, throw a $100 L into the donation jar, that's only like 40 cents, and if you can't afford that occasionally, lol get out and cut off the internet.


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Re: Fun and free things to do in Second Life?

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Let's put it this way: There's tons of stuff YOU can do for free, but it's at the cost of someone else. You can slap Midnight Madness boards or go to Lucky chairs, but someone had to pay the bucks for the L$ to put that store there, You can sight see (if you don't crash 20 times trying to teleport or spend 30 minutes rezzing cause the place is crowded), and again, someone had to pay the big bucks to have that land to build on, not to meantion they spent L$10 for every texture uploaded for every building, clothing item, skin, etc. That is, unless they BOUGHT items to put on their little spot of land and that would be more than $L10 most of the time. The average price for renting a parcel of virtual turf is around L$1800 a week for like a quarter sim. Just so you know, Premium Members who actually bought land spent $1000 (real money) to get it and pay an additional $215 (again, real money) a month to keep it.

So go out and enjoy what you can, but be aware that everything has a price in Second Life. That "fun and awesome club" you visited and liked dancing at might not be there tomorrow because the owners couldn't afford to shell out the L$ themselves and no one donated to them to keep the place running and no one tipped the DJs so they all quit.

All the haters can scream and flame me all they want, but it's the truth.  There are fun and free things to do in Second Life, but they cost someone a pretty penny and unless they get some of those pennies back, the free fun stuff will go bankrupt and close down.

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Re: Fun and free things to do in Second Life?

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Kinda, thank you for bringing this awareness.  I am absolutely brand new in SL and will practice donating or tipping.and have yet to set up my account as i wanted to explore first.  I do like SL and love some of the free places i have been to.  I have yet to experience a concert or show but saw a donation bowl in the Temple of Isis.  Also many people may not know about how shows are a money pit and how important it is for us who go to them to contribute with donation or tip. I didn't know that.  Lindon dollars are still a mystery for me but nice to know that $100 of them are about 40cents in RL money.

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Re: Fun and free things to do in Second Life?

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Its true what they said but it was so filled with negativity. Don't listen to her. There are free and fun things you can do and yes it is at the cost of someone else however if they didn't want it to cost them anything they wouldn't have it for others to enjoy. Also as for those midnight things she was talking about. Yes it costs them money but that is because they are enticing you to buy more stuff . It would be nice but if you can't afford it then don't feel too bad. There are lots of Sims with great activities. You can look them up on the destination guide.

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Re: Fun and free things to do in Second Life?

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I'm not sure that I would support the notion that if someone didn't want it to cost, they wouldn't do it.

That's the all too common reality, due to the reluctance of many to understand how SL works or to contribute even when they do but there's nothing wrong with trying to make something that might be enjoyed and popular as an entity that receives income.

Unfortunately, forms of income continue to be eroded, not just in SL and all we're likely to be left with is more and more ad revenue supported models. Let's not forget that SL has the ability to sell "tickets" for access to a parcel of land but good luck to anyone trying to implement this while surrounded by all the "free" to access land (which isn't free at all!)