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Firestorm problem

So basically this problem happend some time ago, so I just downloaded phoenix. But.. now I want to use firestorm again. The reason why is because firestorm will not log my avatar in. I can log into firestorm with any username expect my own. I try my alt and gets through perfectly. The main account I use.. not so much. It loads up all the way and goes to " not responding " mode for a couple of mins and says " YOU'VE BEEN LOGGED OUT / CHECK IM AND CHAT / QUIT " 

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Re: Firestorm problem

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If your main account is wearing a tag with Unicode characters, this may be the source of the problem.  If that is the case you need to get someone from the group to eject you.  You should then be able to log in. You can rejoin the group again as long as you take the tag off before logging out or you get them to remove the Unicode.  This is a known issue with V3 based viewers.

If this isn't helpful then you probably need to contact the Firestorm folks for help.  You can file a support ticket on their web site.