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Ebbe Linden, Let Me Tell You A Story

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Well, since we have a newb in the house, and this newb is running things, I thought about just how complex SL is, and how the heck is this newb going to understand it. I think everyone likes how he doesn't think SL is a game, although it has games. So, he might kind of get it. If I actually get what SL is, I think it is only because of all the experiences I've had inside of it. So maybe that is the best way to show Ebbe what SL really is, for us to give some of our best experiences in SL.

Me, oh gosh, I have many, many stories. Some are crazy. Some are exciting. Some are inspiring. Some, I can't even tell anyone, without shedding a bunch of tears. I won't tell those, but I will tell about 1 that, I think, really taught me why I love SL so much.

I'm a merchant. I make things. Mostly animation things. It's fun. Better than working in a Detroit factory. If it was not for SL, I would probably not be making a living sitting in my PJs making 3D stuff, but rather sweating my butt off in a factory. Oh, I sell quite a bit now outside of SL, but this is where I started and I still love it more than creating for any other platform. My creations have a life here. They influence people. They spark memories. They bring people together.

One day in SL, this woman, let's call her Nancy, contacts me and she just bought 1 of my bicycles. She wants to know if she can pay for another bicycle and I send it to her sister. She told me it was her real life sister. Nancy said that when they were kids they used to ride their bikes everywhere. They would ride their bikes downtown and fill their baskets with goodies. She told me that my bikes reminded her of their bikes. See, Nancy lives in California now, and her sister lives in New York. They rarely ever have the money to fly to see each other. So, they come into SL to hangout with each other and actually do things together. A few weeks later, Nancy messaged me again. She went on and on about how much fun riding the bikes were together, and how it really took them back to those days when they were kids. They could even do tricks like letting go of the handle bars, just like they did when they were kids.

Those are just a few reasons I love SL.

To the community: I'm sure we all have many stories and experiences. Please do tell!





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Re: Ebbe Linden, Let Me Tell You A Story

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Nice advertorial

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Re: Ebbe Linden, Let Me Tell You A Story

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Thank you Medhue for passing the ball for stories to be told!

I Got my self lots of Stories to say ..

I Will mention one that really shows out the feelings people are having while into a 3d world!

I am a merchant and among others I was selling vehicles.

One day, 3 "kids" shadowed my door..

One of them steps front after I said good morning and said:

-Hi, we will like to sell some cars and we was wondering if you could give us an offer.


He Rezes 3 cars and like I knew it, those wasn't full perm cars.. It was some free copies that couldn't be transferred copy, mod, but no transfer)

I wish it wasn't morning and I had more clear brains to stretch this story a lot... But I wasn't in a mood and so with my ugly just wake up face, I just said: 

-These aren't for sale.

And then comes the part I will never forget in my life...

Kid turns 180 degrees and says to the other 2 ones who was standing speechless 6 Ft behind..

LETS GO! .. He figure it!

And then the 3 of them started running away ..Fast! And with no stop.. They didn't even turn the head back to see if I was after them!

-Im sure they are still running to escape from the old man who uncover them crook action! ....


-Im sure also that  this story will be told from them, and from myself to them grand children and mine and so it goes on and on through centuries.. And the future generations will remember the pioneers of the virtual worlds and laugh with them!

Smiley Very Happy


Long Live Virtual Worlds!

Long Live Second  Life!


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Re: Ebbe Linden, Let Me Tell You A Story

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Unsure totally how much of a newbie Ebbe is; he could have been a resident of Second Life and know more about it than any one of us - and it would be good to hear a (some) story (or two or three) from the man himself.

I'm not an interesting storyteller, but I am sure when I am old and grey and living out my final years in a nursing home, the staff will never believe me when I tell them that I danced on The Titanic with my beau.


And when I was a giant snail, I raced with my other giant snail friends, and the sheer weight of us caused the land to fall into the sea.


I sailed the seas all one night in my rubber ducky


Had breakfast one Sunday with forum friends from around the world.


Suffered moments of insanity

(undoubtedly in real life too)

Was brought back to life again by communing with nature.


Discovered I do like latex after all Smiley Wink

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Re: Ebbe Linden, Let Me Tell You A Story

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What a cool thread.  I Feel this way, every time I see someone that has shared just how disabled (in RL) they really are, walking, running, flying, with a freedom they'll never know in RL, being bed or chair bound.  SL is a lifeline to 'fun' for those who have no fun in RL, due to physical disability/immobility issues, vision loss, and even deaf, (like me); there's a whole community of like-minded folks out there to share commonalities with.   I love SL, it's important to me, and I hope it never goes away.  I hope new CEO Ebbe learns to love it, too. 

Gentle Heron, the founder and prez of Virtual Ability, has in her profile, proudly states that 'Gentle can walk without crutches'.  A statement of fact and joy, for something she can do in SL and not in RL.


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Re: Ebbe Linden, Let Me Tell You A Story

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Re: Ebbe Linden, Let Me Tell You A Story

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The 300-Meter Spike of Edlantis

Almost seven years ago, a group of friends collected up their pocket change and bought a private region (Edloe).
(I drew the short straw and ended up as the estate owner.)
There were a few issues with the payment system and credit card validation.
Folks sat around on the would-be neighboring sim (Nowhereville), waiting for the billing issues to get fixed and the region to appear.
A little music, a little partying... it's SL, so any opportunity for a party, right?
When the region finally arrived on the grid, we hit the place like gangbusters and got to setting up the parcels, terraforming, and building.
However, after a while, something went kinda weird with the terraforming, and a huge 300 meter spike appeared in the land.
Nothing we did could lower this thing.
So, we downloaded the file, handed it to our local PhotoShop expert, and then smoothed out the spike.
When we uploaded the file, all the land dropped to 0 meters. The sim went totally Waterworld.
Instead of everyone freaking out and pointing fingers and getting angry, we laughed at the mistake and called in for a rollback.
While we waited for the rollback, we rezzed boats and floating beachballs and other watercraft and had fun with it.
Yes, there's stuff that's broken. But if it's not a showstopper, the show will go on.
Just in a different direction, that's all.
It's about having fun together, and opportunities when you see it.

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Re: Ebbe Linden, Let Me Tell You A Story

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Hi im Uirá from Brazil im very happy to play in a global virtual storie its about how mistery never ends, so on truth are lots of best moment was when DJ Cluewall played my request See Emily Play by Pink Floyd a song with almost mid century age...that afternoon was unforgetablle...

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Re: Ebbe Linden, Let Me Tell You A Story

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Im very happy to play it on Linux

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Re: Ebbe Linden, Let Me Tell You A Story

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Once, long ago, Lindens held in-world office hours where Residents could come and talk about the things which were part of that specific LL employees task. Often these turned into relaxed talks; it was not only a great way to communicate for the lab, but also a great way to meet people.

I remember Blue Linden, whose office was an enormous office chair on an island somewhere north of Waterhead and east of Help Island Public. One night (for us Europeans, office hours were nightly) there was just me, and Blue, and a Russian man. How it came about I don't remember, but we ended up singing Katyusha together, the Russian somewhere in Russia and me in my home in the Netherlands, in voice (mind you: that must've been strange, my male voice coming out of my female avatar). I don't actually speak Russian but I know the words to that famous song: Rastsvitaly yabloni y grushy... something like that.

That was such a strange and fantastic experience somehow... I have never forgotten it.