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Olds AFB Modern Combat Experience

Hello everyone!

I'm Aeon Voom and Co-Owner of Olds AFB, a modern combat estate in SL.

Linden Labs asked me to host the games forums here at the end of the month and of course i accepted!

I look forward to some exciting discussions about combat games in SL and of course all other games as well. LL might not know this but i'm an avid board game player in RL. My favorites are things like Murder!, Settlers of Catan, Risk and of course Monopoly!


Some of you may ask: Whats Olds AFB and why does a combat sim owner host the games forums?

All i got to say to that is: The ways of the Lindens are mysterious and hard to understand!

But let me introduce Olds to you some more so you see why we are on games and not on Roleplay:


Olds AFB is an Estate consisting of 9 Sims which are open to modern combat game utilizing the VICE combat system.

(more infos under )

We created Olds in the spirit of the Cold War with the NATO forces on one side and the SSR forces on the other. To mix all this a little up we got a small rebel force called ULF (Undine Liberation Front) to fight both sides.

Combat at Olds is thrilling and unique in its own right. Most combat sims are very infantry centric. In our Sims you can also use jets, combat helicopters, tanks, ships and artillery, basically anything to fight your enemy. All vehicles used must be real world units, the same counts for rifles used.

Additionally the entire estate is plastered with a sector based flag system and the teams are constantly fighting for control over the sims.

The outfit of the sims is all handmade with minimal prefab usage. Almost two years ago we started with a desert theme and a few months ago switched to a more green mediterran style. The next outfit is allready planned and will most likely be all in snow. But if this happens this year or next remains to be seen. But one thing for sure: we certainly strive to keep our battlefield fresh and exciting.

 Olds is just one modern combat sim in Sl there are alot more to explore among them Gungnir, Oceana and other small places and thats just in VICE. For LLCS there are even a whole lot more like New Jessie, Ordo and Mercz. And the japanese community created a wonderful small urban battlefield called SSOC utilizing ECS.

So you see there is alot to explore and experience and if you got any questions just shoot straight at me. I'm used to it!



Owner of AMOK Dynamics and Co-Owner of Olds AFB
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Re: Olds AFB Modern Combat Experience

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In reply.

I tend to agree with Aeon Voom in his comments regarding Vice combat in second life it  is so many ways different to internet based FPS shooter games, in  the sl environment, participants can make or purchase uniforms and weapons to suit  the  sim theme.

I reference this section (basically anything to fight your enemy. All vehicles used must be real world units, the same counts for rifles used.) ok so one assumes this is  to bring more realism into  the game, well now  we have  to  ask  a question , well , I  do since, when have we seen furry avatars carrying ak 47  rifles and driving  tanks and piloting aircraft (etc) in rl  combat ? emm? and they are allowed to actually use  them in combat ,so what  this  means the  way I  read this  above statement is in brackets  (basically anything to fight your enemy. All vehicles used must be real world units, the same counts for rifles used.) so avatars of  a  furry look should  be  allowed to participate as it  is  a  virtual  world  game also vehicles (etc), so  if  we  want reality to prevail we  should all buy real world units  and  stop playing as  a  furry and  stand  in line  and  be counted ?,interesting  Aeon Voom   what you  are trying  to  say  is buy  my product then  you in  the  clan because it  lines my pocket  with silver  and   I  don’t care if  you use  the weapons  in  my  sim  as  you lined  my pocket even  though I  made  this  statement  (real world units)( real world avatars),

Think on it ??