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Can't proceed in Linden Realm....

I can't proceed, when It tells me to share my findings, nothing happens at all, I can't get to the next mission Smiley Sad

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Re: Can't proceed in Linden Realm....

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It is a known bug.

"Editor's commentary ahead** Give up on the quests. Really, they aren't that interesting and you can earn more L$ (if that's what you're after) by collecting crystals and taking them to crystal collectors. really, you're not missing anything. You can try entering the workshop again occasionally to see if you complete the quest and can move on. Otherwise, just don't worry about it. After all this time, it's not likely that Linden Lab is going to fix it. Just try entering the workshop when you get on SL until it randomly works. ...or don't. Smiley Wink"

There are only a few more quests after that if you are interested in them.

I haven't been able to get past that one either, but if you explore, you can get crystals and find cool/cute stuff, have you seen the mole camp on one of the shores (made by Garden Mole)? There is even a Mer Mole, lol.

Oh, and jumping over the fireballs makes you nearly invincible Smiley Happy

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Re: Can't proceed in Linden Realm....

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It is no longer "a bug". It has been broken for MANY MANY months with no one being able to move forward. So you can get some crystals if you want and earn some money, but getting finished with the quest is no longer an option.

MUCH is broken in the realms and it changes daily so be watchful so you don't waste your time picking up crystals that never go into your count. That's the biggest problem of late.

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