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[UPDATED] Experiencing inventory loss? Read on...

by Community Manager on ‎04-14-2007 08:33 PM

Earlier this week, we were able to successfully restore a number of Residents’ missing inventory. More inventory fixes are being put in place to substantially reduce the likelihood of this sort of thing happening again.

Results of our investigation: on Friday (2007-04-13), several hundred thousand Residents’ data was moved to different inventory servers to alleviate load.

Unfortunately, this resulted in problems, because a “transform” sequence erroneously ran multiple times, overwriting data and resulting in some Residents with missing inventories.

Currently, we’ve examined the logs and identified 9 Residents with entire inventories missing, and 42 with partially “messed-up” inventory. We’re sorry if you’re among the affected; we’re working quickly to restore each of these inventories from backups, and hoping all goes well.

Please note the above applies to this specific issue. There are a number of earlier inventory loss issues that’ve affected more Residents, which appear to have similar or the same root causes. We’re also working on these. For more general inventory loss info, read on.
We’ve received a recent rise in reports of inventory loss, including inventory resulting back to default, including your avatar. We’re actively investigating this and having already helped a number of Residents, we’re continuing to work on individual cases.

In order to help you better, as with bugs and issues in general, it’s important that if you think you’re affected, that you rule out other causes first.

Before reporting inventory loss to us, please check all of the following:

  • Are you using a wireless/satellite dish connection? (If yes, this results in huge packet loss which is why we don’t officially support these types of connectivity.)
  • Did you recently place your objects out inworld and the region crashed soon afterwards? (If yes, the items were lost to a region rollback and there’s sadly no way to recover the items.)
  • Does anyone else have modify rights to your objects or have the right to return items on your parcels? (If so, ask those Residents to see if they took/deleted items. Go to Edit menu > Friends, look for “Can modify my objects”. )
  • Are you dragging the item itself or a folder of items from your inventory to the ground? (If dragging a folder of items, you may accidentally insert the folder’s contents into the another object’s contents, such as your house’s floors or furniture.)
  • Are you sure you didn’t accidentally drag your items onto someone else’s avatar instead of the ground? (If others were near, you can accidentally give another Resident the items by accident, especially if they’re wearing huge attachments with transparent textures like wings, or some other attachment that may not be visually obvious.)
  • Have you cleared your cache? This is a very important step to try because in many cases, inventory’s not lost, just hidden, but shows up after the cache is cleared.
  • Have you checked Lost & Found folder for coalesced objects? Also very important to determine where your items may have went.
  • Searched the Knowledge Base for other applicable info?

If you’ve gone through all the above and your objects still can’t be found, to the best of your knowledge, please:

  • As there are multiple possible causes of inventory loss, provide relevant details. For example, if your inventory appears to have reverted to default, or if you notice your Library’s Textures folder is missing, include this.
  • Cite the exact time and location of your avatar when the loss occurred, or when your viewer/region crashed.
  • If the loss occurred just recently (within an hour or so), go to Help menu > Second Life and note what # it says in “ Remember, the faster we get this info, the better — it helps us narrow down the possible causes.

Then, email Support with the header of “” and a concise summary as a subject. We can’t guarantee you’ll get your inventory back, but we’re going through the reports we receive, and hopefully we can help.