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I'll See Your Million... and Raise You a Million

by Honored Resident Jeff Linden on ‎12-15-2006 02:56 AM

Second Life now has more than Two Million Residents, as evidenced by the “Total Residents” statistic on the front page. You know what they say, “the first million is the hardest.” We hit 1 million somewhere in Oct, and just two months later, here we are looking at 2. The pace sure is picking up!

Congratulations to the Second Life community and also the rest of the Lab too! :)

Previously, we’ve been updating that number once a day, but in the interest of 2 million, I took a look at the way the statistic was being generated, and found a couple optimizations. As a result, starting tomorrow that number should start updating more frequently- I’m initially aiming for an hour, but we’ll see if something unexpected comes up.

I’ve also noticed that some of you have been curious about how we measure that number, so I’m going to endeavor to clear some questions up:

The number is measured by querying against our database for the number of accounts in “normal” status.

This does not include:

  • Folks who start the signup process but never complete it.
  • Folks who are currently being suspended/held for CSR purposes.
  • Folks who cancel or have been cancelled for various reasons.

This does include Linden and testing accounts made by the Lab, but the number is statistically insignificant- .05 of a percent and shrinking rapidly, as we do not regularly create accounts.

Anyone want to take a guess at when we’ll hit 3? :)

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

Congrats on hitting 2 million. I'd wager 3 million by Valentines Day or St. Patrick's Day.

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

We recognize that counting the number of registrations is only one number, and not a particularly meaningful one with respect to the actual population of Second Life. Other measures, including peak concurrency, unique log-ins, premium accounts and economic activity do a much better job of portraying the growth and health of Second Life. We recently added several of these statistics to the stats page ( and we have plans to continue to provide data so we can all both understand and contribute to the world's vitality.

Perhaps too much has been made of the 2 million number, but it is one benchmark and a rather exciting milestone. But we hear what you're saying so I'm going to close off the comments at this point.

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

Who really cares about 2 million people, why dont you work on making a stable platform that can handle 15,000 people at once....i know for a fact i have 3 AVs and i know a lot of other people with 3 or more AVs........hmm......if everyone had that many AVs.......which i know most people have 2 or more.........yup, back under a million, but lets work on that 15,000 number first

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

What sad and depressing news this is. With a grid that couldnt sustain a million residents and no obvious improvements that have made things better, it looks like this game will soon be on the decline. So maybe you will plateau out soon unless you do something drastic Lindens.

So stop patting yourselves on the back and think about stopping new sign ups until you put some stability back into the software/networks/ and servers.

No to mention giving me my inventory back which appeared to have been dessimated before i was forceably logged off earlier today. oh joy

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

I'm guessing January 8th. Due to the current population growth and the "hype" within the technology and news articles... I am sure, everyone that is no longer ashamed of being a part of an online community, are coming out of the closet and are standing proud to have been a part of the Secondlife Community, and are probably showing their families and friends around Christmas time. Thus, more and more people will get a twinkle in their eye and feel the urge to at least try the "New & Hip" 3D online community. My guess is a relatively short time span. Yesssss..... I am guessing....uhhhh....... January 8th, 2006. Luv ya all!! Frend

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

For Case Young:

"my banking card has only a symbol that named MAESTRO no matter what that means"

It means that should be affiliated to the MasterCard baning circuit, try with that. Should work like a MasterCard credit card.

For Argent Stonecutter:

Before opening the source to the public, as LL declared to be planning to in the future, i think they want to make the client solid and working. Sure, opensourcing the project could quicken the perfectioning process, but the recent CopyBot episode gives me some concerns about it...

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

Well, I don't have access to your servers, so I'm just going to take your word on the number of accounts, and wish you a congrats on your numbers.

However, I have to wonder... Are you going to upgrade your servers? or get more servers to handle the traffic now, that seems to cause so much lag? Are you going to fix the bugs that need to be fixed like the search and the missing image, and the friends list, and the tp, sims crashing and booting everyone there off line? Stop fixing things that don't need to be fixed, and focus on the issues that people point out every single day?

Don't get me wrong, I love SL and all it has to offer, however sometimes I have to wonder and question the motives behind LL. When the real issues are addressed and fixed, that's when I'll jump up and down and dance (as will the other 1,999,999 residents).

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

Damn it people! Will you cut LL labs some slack. They just doubled the number of accounts in 2 months! This is well over 16,000 new accounts each day! In just the past two months!! Can you fathom how immense that truly is? What business, company gotten 16,000 new accounts for the past 2 months and managed to handle it as well as LL labs did.

You people got to stop complaining and let them catch up. They have only so many people, and can work only so many hours. They can only order so much equipment at once. Just give them time to get things back in order.

I'm sure they are working on hiring new people, getting new equipment, etc. To better help deal with the masses.

I like see one of you idiots complaining so much run your own business and do better

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

Thanks for the hard work Linden Lab. Congrats on the 2 million membership mark. I wish us all a stable grid, a good frame rate, lower lag, less social unrest, and happy new year with less drama.

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

BIG FAT DEAL! Millions of freeloaders bringing on cyber-Armageddon. Fix the Search function then maybe we'll be ready for a bit of your incessant self-praise.

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

"All i see here (for the most part) are people complaining about a online game which: 1)they continue to play/use none the less; 2)they have no intention of helping develop (by all means, if i’m wrong, bring out your C# manuals, Cisco routers, and immense collection of servers and prove me wrong)"

1) If we didn't care, would that be better?

2) How do you expect people to help develop without access to the source? Which, by the way, is one thing the people standing by with their compilers have been asking for...

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

@Argent Stonecutter: If your so good and want some source code then write it. SL source needs to be kept secret and never be opened up for the anarchists to hack. Make them work at hacking I say.

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

G'day Jeff

3 million by January 23 2007.

My mum's birthday.

Very optimistic, but then I joined a year ago and it was only 70,000 - I feel so old. Does any one have a walking stick they can pass this 35yr old in real and 1yr old in Secondlife?

and a quote from the deep ..... "And still.... they come .... " cue very dramatic war of the worlds music....

I love that record... lol

hahahah - do any of you remember records.... please IM me in world!!!

woudl love to hear a stream in real

would suit Sl to a T


Alex Warrior

aka Janine Au

PS. Why is this blog here? It has no significance...

PSS. It's Friday night here and my last night of work for 30 days wooo hooo - forgive me for my exurberance!

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

Why worry about 3 mill? when will we hit 10 million residents? Somewhere along this timeline most of the whiners will finally leave since their numbers will have droppped to total insignificance and will go off to find some other game to complain about.

hopefully next year we will see some people buying large islands. these tiny islands are so small compared to a region in EQ2, etc. We need more space to wander and build in that is full of fantastic and creative/fantasy content. And more concerts and mass broadcast opportunities.

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

@ janeforyou

i use a 2 year old 3GHz P4 with HT enabled that is reported as not supported use 2GB Corsair Memory @ dual channel mode and a GeForce 6800GT and SL lags horribly. I dont have the money for a Core2 duo with all the gadgeds and the GF 8800 (Maybe LL would spend me a new PCSmiley Wink)

@ Broccoli

my banking card has only a symbol that named MAESTRO no matter what that means

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

As Disreali famously said, there's lies, damned lies and statistics.

LL are past masters at presenting statistics with a very heavy PR slant.

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

Congrats on the account mark!

Half the people in my friends list dont log in no more. I play a kid avi an even my parents are gettin tired of all the problems. I hardly ever see them.

But I love t build in SL. I love makin things other people enjoy.

I feel sorry for people wit no inventory now.

SL is the only place I can build so freely and get paid for this hobby.

I dont expect to be able to play at all on update day. When i can it feels like a treat.

I hope the problems can get fixed before we hit 3 mill accounts.

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

Well Done!! Cool world, I'm hooked.

Just need to sort out the odd crashes on my PC, P4 3Ghz, 1Gb RAM, GeForce 6600, 2Mb DSL. Is it just me?

Keep the good work up folks, give us a job!!

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

To cut it short: if you don't like it, leave. Come on, go to WoW, they have wonderful server support, it only takes a fixed fee every friggin month if you want to play...

What it's great of SL, aside the social interaction world-wide and the creativity I see expressed in it every day, it's that i'm online from August, i'm having a great time, *and haven't spent a dime so far.* All the L$ i haev i earned inworld, and i'll spend inworld, and i'm not forced to pay just to play, like many other MMOPRGs do. So, why the hell are you complianing? As long as it's free (at least for a great part of you) you can't complain for what you get. Sure, there are problems, and bugs... where's the software that hasn't? SL is a huge thing, growing constantly and constantly developed, so it's no wonder if there are bugs, but at least they are fixed if you wait enough... WoW maybe address them faster, but oh look EVERY user pays *big bucks* for their access. SL is free. Try asking Microsoft for bugfixes as quick as these...

As for Live help... i don't know wha are you talking about. Every time i asked for assistance, the answer was quick and efficient. At its worst, i had to wait FIVE damn minutes! wow! It's a lot of time! Come on...

When something becomes famous, it's obvious many will come just "to see what is it". Many newbie Friends i made Friendship with still have to be seen again... and it's perfectly normal, as people that lose passion after maybe six months or so. But among that million newbies there are the Aimee Weber and Anshe Chung of the future... let's count on them and leave the others (kids, griefers, campers...) to themselves. They're part of mankind and cannot be avoided, like vandals in your hometown.

Try to appreciate the good things that are improving, and wait over what it's not functioning... it will be fixed sooner or later, and the world won't end meanwhile.

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

Bella, Broccoli,

thx for the info. i keep it in mind and think it over, but i normally don't give banking infos to the web as i fear misuse of those data.

but thx again you both make me feel less unwelcome hereSmiley Wink

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

3 mill in end of januar....4 mill in feb....5 mill in Mars...6 mill in April....7 mill in May and so.

It wil never end. Ugrade your comps folks! 3 gig cpu--2 gig ram, get the best Graph card you can...just wat i did 3 days ago and my SL are a lot better!!! at Christmas next yare we are 15 mill,,,and 150.000 online at any given time and with a lot new stuff in SL

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

2 million accounts? I don't want them all logged in at the same time. The lag seems to have grown since the last update even at places that weren't laggy before.

BTW i am a free AND unverified in SL since i reside in europe and have no credit card. And i feel always offended. no matter what post i read, theres always ppl who cry "oh that free and unverifieds cause all the probs here" Remember that these unpaids BUY YOUR STUFF and spend their money IN YOUR CLUBS.

LL should double up the number of servers too to handle existing problems and those coming up with the third million.

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

@ Case Young

Get paypal.

Problem solved.

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

Case, you don't necessarily need a credit card - if you have a cashpoint card (ATM) that debits your bank account - if it's got a 16 digit number on it and the Visa symbol, you should find it works.

Mind does, anyway, and I'm in Europe too.


by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

So how long before land owners have to shoulder more of the cost of all these free accounts flooding in?

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

@Deltango Vale

1. When I joined almost 2 years ago I hardly ever lagged or crashed.

2. I have made alot of friends in SL and I have a partner. I would hate to lose that.

3. I've been building up my business in SL and it's starting to become a success, it's a great hobby of mine.

4. I have put ALOT of money into this game over the 2 years I have been playing.

5. I have put alot of TIME and efford into this game.

I absolutely love SL, I am addicted. Addicted to my friends, to being creative, to see my business grow.

What I don't like is I'm paying for something I'm not getting, but since I'm already THAT much into it, getting up an leaving isn't not just something you do.

I complain. And the reason I do, is because I want what I'm paying for, and I want the SL back I'm used to. I'm sick and tired of watching SL fall like this. It's sad!

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

Excuse the typoes and such.

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

-"Talk about fiddling while Rome burns!" -

I come inworld very rarely these days. For me the SL "experience" has got so bad I just can't be bothered with it as it is. It really doesn't matter how many millions LL pretend to have if the servers/software can't cope successfully with a few thousand concurrently online. It's not "immersive" when textures never rez, items from inventory dissapear or don't rez, teleport consistently fails, prims move around while you're editing, scripts stop working for no apparent reason, items delivered via scripts fail to arrive at their destinations, movement is jerky or glue like ... etc, etc... As someone who's been around for a couple of years I would expect the SL experience by now to be better than when I started but frankly, it is not. I'm sure if I was just joining now I'd love it, at least for a while, just as I did back when I started, but after a while the bugs and problems start to get in the way of enjoyment. If all you need is to meet your friends and have a chat then SL is great just as it is and I'm sure LL will do fine without those of us who want to use it as a platform for development and experimentation. Seems to me LL is working toward getting more investment money and online numbers are some "magic" key to this end. However it's pointless if the underlying sytems cannot cope. Comparisons to Nero are not that silly imho.

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

well, it's nice to show 2,000,000 accounts...

I quote:

"2 mil is a good number no matter how it is counted. The more ppl, the more chance that LL will have the resources to fix the things others complain about. I, for one, am happy for LL and the community. The more the merrier I say."

Well, why bother counting accounts then, just put up a commercially good figure (3 mil. by xmas sure would attract resources huh...

I guess that every new account logs in (of course, why wouldn't you?), so the 60-days amount of 800K+, uhh.... yeah right, no problem getting there.

As others suggest, break down those numbers, show us better stats and the we will applaud loudly on good results. Just assume that in every time region on the world ppl can enter SL, it would be somewhere around 80K per hour... so with 16K max logged in, not a whole bunch of the potential is on the grid (thank god...).

I would suggest to just have a look at removing dead accounts after a certain period, keep your statistics clean and neat and we all have a better view on how LL/SL is doing.

You know what they say about stats: they cover up more than the reality.

Well, just keep it up and running I'd say and have some ice cream on me

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

I think everyone with the surname "Linden" should be forced to log in as an alt for an hour each day, so they can really see just how bad things can get sometimes. I'm quite convinced that many of them never do actually log in and try to do even a fraction of the things that the average, real, contributory user does (such as build or texture something - yes the new bug bit me this morning half way through retexturing one side and everything changed) without their 'God Mode' tools, high spec PC's and fibreoptic connection to the datacentre.


by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

Why is everyone so NEGATIVE?

If you don't like it, LEAVE. There is no one forcing you to belong to SL.

Personally, I would be interested to see a breakdown of membership numbers based on account type and gender.

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

Talk about fiddling while Rome burns!

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM


here's to LL for a fine job! If you move a decimal point one place to the left, and carry the 3 , times that by your shoe size, remove the floating qoutient, and stick your thumb you know where, you might get the same result...but there's only a fifty percent chance of that..Numbers don't mean squat....this is one fun game. Congratulations LL!

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

Sure Brent. Heres your ic....("Were sorry but due to a server database C++ error your icecream was unfortunately deleted. AmyLabs apologises for any inconvienences and hopes this will not put a damper on your playing experience") 2 Million..Big deal. SL cant support 10k online at once without crappng it's pants.

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

@Dante ,

I help as much as possible and I complain about empty promises ,

*Word of a business * I take to the bank , but seems promises don't mean anything and thats not ethically morally right.

Fair is Fair . Fact is Fact. A Promise is A promise .

Missing Image is fact bug promised to be fixed ages ago not fixed promise not kept yet.

@ SL

Congrats on the 2 mil.


Lindens that are bought by whoever is being spent in world. thats the bottomline .

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

Is this some kind of joke? I run a website with only 13,000 members, for a tiny community which is the Australian trance scene. I am at least honest with them about the real numbers (using your rules, yes, it's 13000, but using mine, its around 4000!) and certainly don't gloat when my site is experiencing massive problems. I am beginning to wonder if many of you at LL log in at all and actually use Second Life. has to go up! Or it's not an update.

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

Yay! More free accounts so you can justify even further price increases on your paying land owners in the near future.

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

@Dante Solvang:

I don't suppose you pay your cell phone company or internet service provider AND then go and help them with free labour? I thought you live in capitalism in that side of the ocean

Many people WOULD leave, if there was any option where to go.. but SL has no competitor. Yet.

It's like saying 'if you don't like Windows, leave' in the early 90's. Noone could leave, there was no real alternative to Windows.

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM


All i see here (for the most part) are people complaining about a online game which: 1)they continue to play/use none the less; 2)they have no intention of helping develop (by all means, if i'm wrong, bring out your C# manuals, Cisco routers, and immense collection of servers and prove me wrong)

Seriously people, LL has done something to an extent that no one else has. If you dont like it, leave. Thats all there is to it. I guarantee that no one will notice the absence of your avitar because as much as people like you complain about it, people like me praise it ten-fold.

Give credit where credit is due. Long live Linden Labs. Long live Second Life. And long live the online community that we loving residents admire so much.

As for the 2 Mil mark...congrats. I'll do my part to make sure you see 3 Mil soon.

Dead Dark Angel,

Dante Solvang

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

I don't see why some of you like to give LL such a hard time, if you feel that they aren't giving it their all - stop ranting and write a letter. You wonder why comments are disabled on things like search being down... theres your answer. Does LL really need to spend their time reading about how you don't like the current situation and how you're not doing anything about it and how you've not a better idea? Please, they've better things to do. When i read about something like that, i want to read something productive and not have to dig through your garbage posts just to find an intellects post. So, THANK YOU. It's your fault.

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

Please HALT all new registrations until the major problems (like Search being off, stability, majod bugs) are fixed!!!

The system cannot bear the load!

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

A little something to add to Sativa Prototype's first comment:

I suppose it is one type of market strategy. Cell phone companies use it. Inflated accounts in advertisment that is.

But that has always been poorly used IMO.

No offence LL but we are not that stupid.

Common sense tells us whats going on. So why push potential customers away?

And about the closed posts: I think any anger people have from other blocked posts will redirected to open posts. A source of venting and having some say in matters. Rather than be presented with hype.

If people are angry. One solution could be finding out why. Maybe its miscommunication due to the fact we are ignored now. lol

What happened?

Hopefully your not taking advantage of the situation simply becuase there exist no other platform like SL. Yet.

Sure seems like it sometimes. That would be demoralizing to the people who pay you. :\

From an artists standpoint that quals much less effort.

That said, I still LOVE the product.

But getting an uneasy feelings about the future of SL.

And so are a lot of others. So it must be something other than my occasional arrogants. Smiley Tongue

Ah well. Hopefully the new hired hands will help out on that front.

~ Sean

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

Hmm and 95% of them are griefers? XD

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

Alternate accounts would be very hard to measure. Our family all use the same billing information to charge, so a count that merely looked for shared identity stats based on billing data would count us as one, but we are in fact more than one person.

2 mil is a good number no matter how it is counted. The more ppl, the more chance that LL will have the resources to fix the things others complain about. I, for one, am happy for LL and the community. The more the merrier I say.

I must say, I am kind of curious as to how many are paying accounts, but given the increase in land prices, I guess that that number must be increasing solidly as well.

SL is in transition, and the idea that it might eventually become a widely adopted platform (rather than a plot-less game) is, in my humble opinion, exactly the right strategy. I fully support the grab for market share and am willing to ride out the growth pains. The sooner we get to 100million the better as far as I am concerned.

Think how well positioned everyone using the platform now will be when we get to that many users. Given what has been achieved so far, and the over-abundance of smarts in LL team - I trust that the scaling issues will gradually be addressed.

And before you all jump on me - yes my whole family are paying members, and as we own a lot more land than the 512 that comes with the basic fee, we probably pay more each month than many of those that complain incessantly.

Yes, it is a drag not having things like search places, etc - but it isn't the end of the world, and do any of us really believe it will be gone forever? No, so cool it everyone. Try providing some usefull feedback on symptoms theoccur under load to help the debug team locate and track the issues rather than just whining.

If LL were making squillions in profit we might have a basis to complain, but they aren't, so we don't.

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

I have been very careful about CC usage on the web and its probably because there was an open policy that I am in (for nearly two months now). I do resent the fact that we might be considered second class citizen though (pun not intended). I work hard to be able to earn L$ so I can buy clothes, rent an apartement and in fact help to sustain the economy. If a customer decide to open his wallet because I made myself attractive, we all win.

Now to be on topic, this 2M number is just a PR stunt and might help LL in the media and maybe even economically, therefore again helping us in the process. But I do encourage LL to put customer support, scaling needs and real usage numbers to the fore front. Now the important thing is to make it work.

Some days ago I walked off an in-world business saying it was going down the drain because mgt did not care about customer and staff satisfaction, three hours later that business was no more and the land up for sale. I would hate to see SL and LL going the same way.

So Jeff, convey the message to your bosses, you have the numbers, now its time to work on delivering the goods. In the long run its quality and not quantity that will make it work, otherwise it is just a sophisticated pyramid scheme that will collapse on itself.

Oh, by the way, the ice-cream is on me,


by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

So, LL hit the 1 million target in October, that is around 60 days ago. Now we are at 2 million, and only 800,000 unique accounts have logged on in the last 60 days. That means that at least 200,000 accounts have been created and have never logged on at all, not even once. Obviously, some of the accounts in the first million will have logged on, so the actual number of accounts created and never used must be at the very least 250,000. How can accounts like this actually mean anything? Add to that , the number of accounts that try it once and don't like it. What does 2,000,000 actually mean?

It obviously makes LL happy, so congratulations people, pats on backs all round.

I regard to the comments about free or unverified accounts not contributing, of course they do. They sit in their camp chairs earning their 10$ per hour. They buy stuff with the money they earn, increase demand for goods and land, thus forcing up prices in the free market economy, which means that the paying accounts have to pay more than before, so that is more money coming into SL.

Number of accounts has doubled in 60 days. Has Mainland area doubled over those 60 days?, has SL bandwidth doubled over the last 60 days? What about the mumber of transaction per hour thst the asset server can manage. Has that doubled over the same period?

I do know that LL people work hard, and hitting 2,000,000 is a great achievment, I just can't find the enthusiasm to do my happy dance.

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

I gotta say I love the amount of griping people do at LL.

This is probably going to get me shredded but in a computer based game there are GOING to be issues regardless. Even some of your top game producers have issues.

Your playing it so Shush already and be glad they took the time to put anything out.

The bugs will get fixed in time.

Gratz LL on the 2 million Resident mark!

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

Ya, great, considering you can't even handle HALF the problems you have going on now..

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

And you think this is something to be happy about? I say, celebrate it by not allowing anymore free accounts from now on. Just for a while. Untill you can handle the load.

Give the residents of SL a gift, the gift of being able to play.

LL why does it have to be about quantity and not quality?

by Anonymous on ‎02-23-2009 06:03 PM

Wow. Another million naked avatars with free genetalia semi-attached to their right nipple. Another million causing lag. Another million barging into me while I'm in a conversation.

Look at these comments, Lindens. You have deviated from the path of win. Welcome to fail.