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More puzzles and adventures await. Last week many of you tackled Dungeons & Knightmare, but do you have what it takes to brave an epic expedition through the Devil’s Cave? I hope so because that’s just one of the destinations you should definitely not miss from this week’s list of Destination Guide Highlights.

Hot Bay City Nights wraps up this Saturday, so drop in to catch the vintage and retro automobiles available there. Who will be crowned at the Miss Bay City Pageant? Better drop in to find out!

Pop in to Surfside Hideaway and hang ten with some buddies for live music and good times or tiptoe through the tulips on a picturesque butterfly hunt just scroll the spots below for even more music and creative fun.

The official Second Life Flickr page is where we select images to feature on our social media channels as part of the Pic of the Day program. It’s also the perfect place to share your inworld adventures for posterity.

You can also submit your spot for Destination Guide consideration, if it’s not there and you’d like it to be.

Catch you inworld!

Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior

Embark on an epic expedition, solve puzzles and dodge deadly traps as you navigate your way through the Devil's Cave and crack the vault where precious treasures are waiting to be discovered.

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Explore the timeless coastal island of Arranmore, with its haunted manor house and photogenic scenery. Enjoy the creepy landscape shrouded in mist. Remember, it is not what you can see that is scary - it is what you can't see. Don't forget to take the flashlight from the station platform when you arrive.

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Hot Bay City Nights!

It's time for some Hot Bay City Nights! It's its fifth year now, the event is your one-stop for vintage and retro automobiles. Come by and check 'em out, you'll might even want to take one home! Also features the Miss Bay City pageant and charity car washes! Event held Aug. 20-27.

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The Pillars by Oberon Onmura

"The Pillars: Four Moments of Contemplation" by Oberon Onmura is a forest of mountain pillars inhabited by four bots, each in his own soundscape. And then, something flickers...Oberon is known for his minimalist yet evocative style, sometimes highly scripted, and other times (such as this) more metaphoric. Open now through October at the Split Screen Installation Space.

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Ephemeral. Such a beautiful word. I find the definition matches the word itself. Its meaning is lasting a very short time...short-lived, transitory. It does give a whole new purpose to the art being created. Windlight settings and audio stream are an integral part of this installation. Please press the "play" button in your viewer. The audio stream is from Ambient Art Sound Radio. A project by Danial Kolba.

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Botanica's Butterfly Hunt

The Botanica Butterfly Hunt is back in mesh! Botanica recently moved and in a terrible terraforming accident the bulldozer knocked over and broke the butterfly transportation cage. The staff could only watch helplessly as our rare and endangered butterfly collection escaped into the wild. Volunteers are needed to round up those that are flight impaired and at risk.

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Singularity Tribe Bon Odori

Singularity Tribe’s Bon Odori is a cultural, music, and dance festival held during Obon. Obon is a tradition originated from Japan to honor and remember one’s ancestors. Family and friends would reunite and light lanterns to symbolize the return of their loves ones. Joyous celebration of communal dancing and thunderous drumming will take place on August 27 from 5-11 p.m. (Pacific).

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Established on the right side of a river, the city of Duplicity is home to the homeless youth of Second Life. This city wasn't built by a river by accident. Here you'll find hidden stores and homes, which are of great importance to the youth of Duplicity and its success. The city itself looks ghastly. With its gray rooftops, rusted walls and rotten fields, Duplicity has a macabre atmosphere.

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Club Metronome

Club Metronome features live deejays playing a variety of styles including EDM, trance, hardstyle, house, hardcore, DNB, electro and more.

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Foxxies Ballroom and Jazz Club offers a fine line-up of music in an elegant environment. Explore the many romantic areas and attractions, including a hot air balloon ride, horse-drawn carriage and more.

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World is Colorful

Can you imagine how colorful your virtual world could be -- especially during Indian summer and autumn? Be inspired by landscapes filled with colors, flowers, grass, animals and more.

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Surfside Hideaway

Surfside Hideaway is a live music venue and hangout space where you can catch a few waves and meet new friends. Enjoy your stay, surf, relax and shop under the northern light.

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Ecnad Nation

Experience Ecnad Nation, a venue that is committed to bringing live music and arts to the grid. SL has a rich history of live music and Ecnad delivers a superior audio and visual experience for performers and patrons alike!

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Cafe Musique

Cafe Musique features a mix of live performers and DJs, as well as friendly hosts. From seasoned performers to those who are new to the grid, Cafe Musique offers music for music lovers by music lovers.

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If you missed out on the nifty, interactive adventure of Dungeons & Nightmares during the Second Life 13th Birthday celebrations the good news is    it’s back! You don’t want to miss out on the fun. Torley Linden and I tackled it together    as you need a friend to take on some of the puzzles. Find a good friend to help you make it through to the end!

It’s no secret that I love to shop in Second Life. I really enjoy going to stores and browsing designs from creators both familiar and new (to me!), but I also really enjoy when events go all out to create a certain theme and mood. From the build to the items offered Enchantment is just one of many shopping events that do it really well!

My house in the physical world is a mashup homage to classic horror movies and the 1950s    so any kind of 50s build in Second Life is worth checking out as far as I am concerned! Drop by the 50s Diner    which blends that Sock Hop nostalgia of yester-years with full on biker badass-ery. It’s simply ginchy!

There’s plenty more brewing in Second Life and the Destination Guide editorial team has surfaced some of the best new places all you have to do is scroll below.

Don’t forget the official Second Life Flickr page is where we select images to feature on our social media channels as part of the Pic of the Day program. It’s also the perfect place to share your inworld adventures for posterity.

You can also submit your spot for Destination Guide consideration, if it’s not there and you’d like it to be.

Now   ready, set, login!

Dungeons & Nightmares

Grab the helmet of justice and head into the dungeon in this little game of riddles and careful footsteps. Can you become master of the dungeon? There is a small fee for the game pass.

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LibertಠJourneys, sponsored by BRM Radio and Bell Estates, invites music lovers from across the globe to celebrate the freedom created through live music. Held through August 21, 2016, this is an amazing interactive experience that you'll want to go through again and again!

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Nouvelles Aventures

Welcome to Nouvelles Aventures, a photogenic spot for exploring and discovery. Take beautiful pictures and blog what you find amidst this rural and rustic vintage landscape.

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Invictus is an art installation based on the poem "Invictus" by English poet William Ernest Henley. Brought to life by Storm Septimus, this exhibit is only open through December in Second Life.

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Who Stole the Sky?

Visit this unique art exhibit, "Who Stole the Sky?" by Brazilian digital artist Theda Tammas More info at lindenarts.blogspot.com.

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Peter Vos Museum

Explore the artwork and creations of Dutch artist Peter Vos in this loving exhibit curated by his son Sander. More info at: nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2016/08/peter-vos-museum-second-life-1.html

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Enchantment brings fairytales to life every three months and this round is particularly exciting as it's the anniversary! The theme is The Wizard Of Oz! Come out and shop from over 100 of Second Life's most fabulous designers, watch live performances by the Lady Garden Cabaret, and visit the build by Divine Paine!

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LICK - Byrd Island

Welcome to Byrd Island. Take a step back in time to explore this once inhabited island. The lighthouse keeper and his family abruptly left the island never to return. Could it have been the birds, or something else? Byrd Island is now open for tours. Check the schedule for the next ferry from the mainland.

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Clash of the Sovereign

In a land full of chaos and corruption, who will be able to climb to the top and sit on the throne? Submerge yourself in a story with many unexpected twists and turns. Join other amazing roleplayers and see who will be able to sit upon the throne, and who will perish attempting to win it all.

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Lutra City Mysteries

Lutra City Mysteries is an ongoing series of full-length point and click adventure games that tell the stories of Lutra City and its people. Become a private detective and solve the puzzles to progress through these fully realized and complex interactive stories. To get started, enter the detective agency, and choose a game on the cases board.

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Herston Butterfly Conservatory

Come visit this amazing Butterfly Conservatory. Located in a tranquil park setting, here you will see many different species of butterflies, birds, insects and plants. Great for field trips, family outings or just to relax. A great educational adventure!

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That Place Amusement Park

Come one, come all and witness the majestic, mesmerizing and magically memorable experience that is That Place! This curated collection of coasters and curiosities is sure to delight and amaze you! They have all the big coasters, Linden Sea access, Linden River access, Offroad Park and public "rez" spots!

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50s Diner

Step back in time and visit this classic 50s diner. Here you'll find rock'n'roll dance balls, a wicked Cadillac-inspired sofa and more!

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The Sticky Fingers Pub

Another pub in the wrong part of the city. Live music; stickyness and people who are mostly drunk. Nothing beats Sticky Fingers.

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Club Havoc

Club Havoc plays all genres of music (except country). The Havoc Staff is among the friendliest around and the atmosphere will draw you in while the music fills your senses with delight!

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A Scission Of Souls

Visit this cozy and relaxing lounge for those interested in the D/s lifestyle. This is the place for socializing for those who are looking for a partner or want to share these experiences.

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Today we’re happy to announce that the new Marketplace search is live!  In addition to helping you find what you are looking for faster, we’re excited to swap out the ageing infrastructure that was supporting the old search.  Part of the new search is a learning algorithm that will further improve search results with time - the more it’s used, the better it performs.  Also, keep in mind that you can use boolean operators in search (AND, OR, NOT) for more specific searches.  We look forward to a more relevant and robust experience for shoppers and merchants alike.

We thank the merchants and everyone who pitched in and tried out search during the Beta phase for your input. As always, if you’ve found a bug, please let us know in Jira under the BUG project.


Greetings intrepid travelers and explorers! This week’s digest of Destination Guide is chock full of spots both new and familiar that are sure to quench your thirst for something to do. One of Second Life’s oldest vampire and Goth communities is celebrating a major milestone of 12 years! Drop by Transylvania - Vampire Empire and experience the dark and delightful danse macabre with live music, DJs, and even a ball.

When those Transylvanian spooky kids get their fill of flowing velvet and lace, and the Vampire Empire celebration creeps back into the shadows, you must drop into LoveFest a Lovecraft-inspired adventure that kicks off on August 13th.

There’s so much more happening inworld a live stream video webcast with songwriters, musicians and artists, beautifully built regions for photography, and even free dance lessons!

And, if you don’t already know the details the official Second Life Flickr page is where we select images to feature on our social media channels as part of the Pic of the Day program. Share your inworld adventures with other Second Life Residents, and you may also get featured.

You can also submit your spot for Destination Guide consideration, if it’s not there and you’d like it to be.

Let’s get inworld eras, ideas, inspiration, and so much more await!

Transylvania - Vampire Empire Turns 12

Give in to your dark side and enjoy a week of Gothic-themed events as part of Transylvania's 12th birthday celebration. Transylvania is now one of the oldest communities in SL and features a thriving social scene where everyone is welcome. With live music, DJ's, stage performances, a Gothic formal ball and red carpet parties, there is plenty to see. Event held through August 13th.

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LoveFest 2016

Welcome to LoveFest 2016! Shop in a New England coastal town area and enjoy entertainment aboard a 1920's era cruise ship. Join Lovecraft-inspired adventures beginning Aug. 13 through 21. More info at lovefest.wordpress.com.

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London City Carnival

August is a busy time in London City, with real life tie-in events including the London Carnival, Beer Fest, Reggae street bands, concerts and beach scene. Get the most out of summer! More details at mainlandlondon.blogspot.co.uk

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West of the Rain

West of the Rain was conceived to be a tribute to the beautiful San Juan Islands as envisioned by the builders Nodnol Jameson and Oobleck Allagash. It showcases the nature and beauty of the Pacific NW.

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My Father's Place Presents!

My Father’s Place (MFP) presents a live video webcast series from Long Island, NY. Featuring original musicians and songwriters, as well as famous recording artists. At the Virtual MFP venue, you can experience live mixed-reality shows, explore interactive photos from the book, listen to archived shows, watch the WLIR documentary, play rock trivia, dance, and mingle at the bar. Open through October.

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ASTRALIA features an astral surreal landscape for photographers and art lovers. In the middle of my journey, I found myself at a stroke within a beautiful landscape, surreal, Astral. Nothing was in place according to logic and common sense, everything was in order according to the soul. There is no a landscape more surreal than an astral one.

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New Beginnings Farmstead

From time to time we all want to make a fresh start in life, to close the door on the past and open ourselves up to a new beginning. Welcome to my new beginning. Feel free to walk around and explore. Photographers welcome.

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CADERU 2016 Summer

Wha unique items t will you discover at this Japanese hunt and shopping event, held through Sept. 10? More info at asuma46kuma.wixsite.com/caderu

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Free Dance Lessons Exhibit at LEA1

Visit Swing City and learn to dance! In this 1940's-era city and CP Swing dance hall, you'll learn about dancing while you meet and dance with class members. There are live instructor classes weekly with costume changes and live tips and techniques. Self-guided classes run 24x7. Join in at any time. Dance lessons brought to you FREE by 2LDance.org now through September at LEA1.

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Galaxy Raceway

Race on a 1000 meter-high track that includes multiple jumps, a "loop d' loop," Wall of Death, Galaxy Track, Shooting Range and more. Speed track results are cleared weekly!

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City Of Jupiter

The City of Jupiter is a urban roleplay sim set in Florida. The City of Jupiter houses multiple city-initiated departments, including police, fire, medical, residential and tourism spots.

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British Car Boot Sales

Visit SL's only Car Boot! Car Booting is a British tradition that is a bit like a flea market. Sell your unwanted clutter and gachas here in an authentic car boot setting.

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Cafe Wellstone

Cafe Wellstone is one of the oldest gathering place for progressives in SL. Deejays play great music almost every night and there is plenty of dancing and great chat.

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Summer Art Show

Don't miss the Summer 2016 Art Show, which features a combined 50 2D and 3D artists in Second Life! This week-long celebration of the arts will feature live performers, deejays, parties, shopping, a hunt and more! Event held Aug. 12-20. For more information, visit kultivatemagazine.com/summer-art-show.

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When I explore Second Life, I find the Second Life Destination Guide to be an invaluable resource to discover new places. Our editorial team spends a great amount of time looking through submissions, actively hunting for spots to feature, and categorizing them all into an organized and easy guide for everyone to use. In one of my former jobs, I spent a great deal of time doing a similar ‘taxonomy’ work thinking about how people would discover the things that they were looking for even when sometimes they may not know what they are looking for. It’s a tough and fun challenge that takes creativity and acumen. Show your Destination Guide editors some love by poking around the guide and finding something really cool!


The Official Second Life Flickr page is here we select images to feature on our social media channels as part of the Pic of the Day program so why not share your inworld adventures with others there? Tell us a little bit about the spots you find and your experiences!

If your spot isn’t yet in the Guide, why don’t you submit it?

Ironwood Hills

Ironwood Hills is a post-apocalypse sim ravaged by time and nature. As sirens wail in the distance, derelict buildings give up ghosts of their past. You'll find an abandoned amusement park under a plume of stale popcorn. The threat of dangers and other darker things lurking around every bend in the path toward the corpse-filled caves. An eerily beautiful landscape that tries hard to hide its secrets.

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Them by Cica Ghost

There is no U in UFO...

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Cool Rush

Cool Rush is all about space and adventure! Will you find aliens, space ships or strange plant life that no one has ever seen before? Will you be abducted by passing UFOs for stepping foot on forbidden grounds? Explore the glowing stars surrounding this otherworldly sim or seek out the spaceships hidden on the moon.

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Make your way through Mystica, a magical floating archipelago, rich with forest, mystery, folklore and fantasy. The Mystics castle and eclectic artifacts adds to the magical charm. Lovers cuddle spots are found high and low so make sure you explore!

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Create your own story at this special event with 87 participating designers, held Aug.6-17. What do you dream of? What is your fairytale or horror story? Fairies, elves, fantasy, horror...the choice is yours. You'll find L$10 gifts at every store, as well as two gacha gardens! Learn more at evilbunnysl.com.

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Baitoushan Aviation Museum

This museum traces the history of aviation from lighter-than-air flight through modern jet aviation. Please come and enjoy this tribute to the men and women who made modern aviation possible.

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Avra Orbital Habitat

Avra Orbital Habitat is a massive sci-fi roleplay area that is set in a dystopian future where Earth's ecosystem is all but destroyed. Explore the labs, hydroponic gardens and much, much more.

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[ arts & letters ] literary salon

[ arts & letters ] literary salon hosts readings, open mics, discussions, and workshops in both voice and text. Please enjoy the cozy property while mingling with bright and curious minds. All residents are welcome!

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Aphrodite Summer Market

The Aphrodite Summer Market has everything you need for your home in just one shopping stop! Shop for summer floats, furniture, bbq and picnic supplies, beach products and more!

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Visions of Beauty Art Gallery

Visions of Beauty Art Gallery is a complex of four art filled buildings, located in Whinlatter region. The displays are the works of at least 14 artists chosen for the quality and uniqueness of their art. Art takes many forms, and you will see multiple styles as you walk through the individual galleries.

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The Majestic

The Majestic is a palace located in a beautiful zen park setting filled with great contemporary music and places to dance.

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Cyberia Openstage

Cyberia Openstage is a sci-fi themed place with an open stage for all aspiring and established deejays. Get on the stage and show us your talent!

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The Coral Gardens

The Coral Gardens of Templeton Cove is an underwater exploration and discovery region dedicated to adventure! Visitors enjoy swimming with whales and dolphins, exploring our region by submarine, or finding the hidden entrance to our observation deck. Find the entrance to the underwater maze and marine life museum, and win a prize when you find the treasure!

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Golfing Plus

Come visit the Whispers Golf Club (WGC) and explore the wonderful world of golf on one of SL's best courses. This friendly environment welcomes newcomers and is also located close to shopping, dancing, dining,and games.

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Over the last several months, a lot of projects and improvements have been in the works, and we want to take a few minutes to talk about some of the highlights. Some of these have been released into the wild, and some are at exciting stages of development, so read on to get caught up!

Project Bento - extended Avatar Skeleton

Bento is making great progress! Week by week, the collaborative efforts between the Lab and Bento content creators and Resident testers continue to improve this project. We couldn’t be more excited about working with creators in making Second Life avatars better than ever! Stay tuned for updates or join us at our weekly user group meetings! We're getting very close to promoting the Bento-capable viewer to Release Candidate status, the next step in making it a part of everyone’s Second Life experience.


Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 10.49.23 AM.png


Visual Outfit Browser

We realize Second Life Residents have dozens and dozens of outfits and looking at a list can be boring and uninspiring, not to mention difficult to remember what is what (imagine that you couldn't look at the clothes in your own closet at home, but instead could only see a list of their names!). With the new Visual Outfit Browser, you’ll be able to see your outfits via an all new gallery-style display, making selecting outfits a snap. You provide the images that are displayed for each outfit or try out VOB’s new snapshot utility. Playing dress-up has never been so easy and fun! You can download this viewer now by visiting VOB’s Viewer download page.



Quicktime Replacement

Apple recently withdrew support for the Quicktime player for Windows, which has in any event been a steady source of security vulnerabilities over the years. This project replaces that plugin for the Windows Viewer with newer and more robust media support (the Mac Viewer will also get this new tech soon). It will play some media that Quicktime would not, but will not play some older Quicktime-only media. Content creators that incorporate media should be testing with this Viewer to see if the media they use is supported. In general, we recommend upgrading any shared media to mp3, mp4, or any HTML5 compatible format for best performance and stability.

Learning and Social Island

The latest Learning and Social Islands launched in March - the first to utilize Experience Tools as part of the new user experience. Early results have shown the new Learning/Social Island setup outperforming all previous (both Linden and Community) introductory setups in some key retention metrics.  We’re continuously making optimizations to that experience based on the data.

Gaming Island

We launched Gaming Island - a new Linden Lab region dedicated to educating Residents about skill games in Second Life.  On this region, anyone can learn how to play all available games of skill in a free-to-play setting. If you want to then go play the games for Linden dollars, the Portal Park makes it easy to find them.

gaming island.jpg


Server Robustness

Over the last several months we've been working to make Second Life servers more robust with new limits and checks to manage bandwidth usage and CPU resources between Residents. This is to make sure that a shared experience will not turn into a shared crasher, and in addition to improving stability for everyone, these changes make things more difficult for would-be griefers.  

Group Chat & Bans

We found a way to finally fix a long-standing issue with group chat and bans. Group moderators have the ability to remove troublemakers from a group; with the new change, this causes them to be immediately removed from the group chat and prevents them from returning or causing further disruption in the group.

Quick Graphics & JellyDolls

In order to give Residents more control of their graphics/performance balance and improve their performance, we released the JellyDoll Viewer which allows Residents to set limits on the amount of avatar complexity they render in their viewer. The Quick Graphics feature lets you save optimal presets for all different occasions.



TLS Update

We implemented TLS 1.2 for state of the art security to protect SL users’ financial transactions.

Verified Emails

As part of our continued efforts to improve security and reliability of our services, we've set a goal of only sending emails from Second Life to verified email addresses. One step on the road to achieving this goal has just shipped - we now request all new accounts to verify the provided email address. Keep an eye out for the next steps!


For improved performance and stability, we replaced the old HTTP infrastructure of the viewer - no small feat, but one that we know was much needed. This has resulted in fewer problems with high volume operations like loading inventory, and has significantly reduced certain kinds of load on the simulator hosts (leaving more time for actually simulating). It's also made the viewer code easier to maintain and extend.

Marketplace Search

In November we introduced BetaSearch for the Marketplace with a new search engine and infrastructure.  Though it performed much better in some regards, Merchants also let us know about some issues, so we’ve proceeded carefully.  We’ve utilized Merchant feedback to refine and optimize the experience, and now we’re close to promoting the new Search.  Additionally, we’re looking forward to getting off the ageing infrastructure that’s been causing nightly service lockups.  We’re excited about providing better search results and a more reliable service.

Bug Fixes

We’ve been putting in a lot of effort to be more responsive to bug reports and improve turnaround time on fixes.  We triage bug reports daily and you can often see a fix in a public code repository within days of filing a bug.  We carefully consider feature requests and are always thrilled to accept and follow through when we can.  In addition to the focused projects above, just on the Viewer side we’ve had 3 Maintenance Viewer releases this year, with a 4th one in RC, fixing more than 200 bugs in total. And of course, we do try to introduce fewer than we fix! Smiley Happy

We know that much of the work we’ve been doing is ‘under the hood’. It’s an important priority to us to continue making improvements on performance and stability, while balancing feature development and Resident feedback. If you haven’t already, take the latest Viewer for a spin or experiment with one of the Alternate Viewers for a closer look at what’s been developing - and stay tuned to our blogs to keep up to date!


Summer can be a season of colors a beautiful painting of nature in her brightest glory. I wander out to my yard and see bold bursts of red tomatoes, sunny yellow lemons, tiger-striped green cucumbers, all against a blue sky full of fluffy clouds, and I can’t help but smile! The vibrancy and diversity reminds me of the Second Life community, and like that garden, our Destination Guide is full of amazingly colorful stuff!

Where else in any world can you jump from a Japanese summer festival to a Japanese Horror event with just a click? Or shop  summer fashions then drop into a little cafe for some live music? Not too many places, I bet which is one of the many reasons I friggin’ love Second Life.

The Official Second Life Flickr page is here we select images to feature on our social media channels as part of the Pic of the Day program so why not share your inworld adventures with others there?

If your spot isn’t yet in the Guide,, why don’t you submit it?

Okinawa Summer Festival 2016

Okinawa Summer Festival, held through Aug. 21, is a Japanese festival that features 50 creators and a market, photo contest, deejay events, fireworks and more!

Visit in Second Life


Ubume Japanese Horror Event

Ubume is a Japanese horror event, held through Aug. 31. Presented in collaboration with ORIGAMI, a Japanese culture and clothing event that is also available here. More info at http://ubume2016.wix.com/home.

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Bury Your Fears - Bury Your Dreams

This multimedia work by artist Selavy Oh features a full-sim installation at the sim MetaLES, as well as a real-life exhibit and book. More info at metalesmetaverse.wordpress.com

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A Watercolour Wander

Wander around this world made out of paintings, read the story and immerse into the dreamy world of watercolours!

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Uber is a monthly shopping event featuring unique creations from talented designers in Second Life. Learn more at ubersl.com.

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Womenstuff Hunt

One of the most popular female fashion hunts returns to SL with 150 top participating designers and numerous exclusive items. Running Aug. 1-31, the Womenstuff Hunt has everything a woman needs to look great. More info at http://womenstuff.stuff-sl.com.

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Soul of Colors

Color, light, shadow and music intersect in Giovanna Cerise's art installation inspired by the famous masterpiece by W. A. Mozart's "The Magic Flute."

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Curbed Event

The Curbed Event began with one set of furniture and a group of talented artists. Now you'll find all original mesh furniture including sofas, chairs and footstools. There are custom animations in each item added for both regular and tiny avatars. Event held July 28 through August 5.

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OMGoshigans, held July 29-31 at ShenaniganS Music Cafe, is an annual Second Life community event in aid of Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital London. Join the fun for a good cause and enjoy a mix of live artists and deejays.

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London City Carnival

August is a busy time in London City, with real life tie-in events including the London Carnival, Beer Fest, Reggae street bands, concerts and beach scene. Get the most out of summer! More details at mainlandlondon.blogspot.co.uk

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The Aloha Fair 2016

Enjoy two weeks filled with great designers and summer fashions at the Aloha Fair, held July 27 through Aug. 10. Here you will find amazing exclusive items including sales, discounts and gifts in every store. More than 80 designers are participating -- all of whom are influenced by the summer. More at eventhuntforeverplanners.wordpress.com.

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Steal Deal Summer Fair

Stroll across two charming squares to find sales across 70 booths in the Steal Deal Summer Fair, held through Aug.15. Surrounding the fair are 48 shops and 10 street vendors with a large variety of merchandise. In addition to shopping, visitors can enjoy the scenery, take a horse ride, visit the chapel or ride the Ferris wheel, bumper cars and merry-go-round. Play the carnival games and try to win some prizes.

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Victrix Mortalis

An outlaw village on the coast hosts refuge for the most nefarious types found on Gorean lands. Pirates, outlaws and rouge mercenaries call these lands home. Perhaps you would, too? This Gorean Evolved sim brings a new taste to roleplay...

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Marvelous Events

Fashion is a passion at Marvelous Events, which offers a new and fresh approach to the traditional “discount events” currently on offer in SL, Marvelous Monthly brings to you a full shopping experience with new rounds starting on the first and ending on the 25th each month.

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There’s never a shortage of exciting new spots for us to add to the weekly highlights sometimes it’s hard to keep it under the handful we include here but if your spot isn’t in there yet, why don’t you submit it to the Destination Guide?

Each week, the Destination Guide receives tons of submissions for clubs, celebrations, festivals, art exhibits, and beautifully built spaces created to delight and admire.  That’s just scratching the surface of what is available for us to explore.

Take lots of pics and share them on our Official Second Life Flickr page  where we select images to feature on our social media channels as part of the Pic of the Day program.

See you inworld soon!

Yosemite Valley (Forever Wild)

Yosemite National Park in SL consists of evergreen forest and granitic boulders strewn across undeveloped lands within a spectacular surround of granite cliffs and waterfalls. "People are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity; and that [National Parks] are fountains of life... The mountains are calling, and I must go." ~John Muir

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Hestium I...Where Stories Begin

Perched above a sparkling sea, built from ancient weathered stone, this tiny village lies basking in the soft, warm light of a perpetual 'Indian Summer'. But who lives here? And why? What are the stories of these unseen people who have left fragments of the lives for you to find?

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The Juicy Pineapple Festival

The Juicy Pineapple Festtial is an exciting summer event celebrating love, unity, cultural diversity and fun! Highlights include live entertainment, shopping, food, games, hunts, mermaid lagoon and rides. Get your swimsuits ready! Event begins July 23.

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London Village Mini-Festival

The London Village Mini-Festival, held July 29-31, is a three-day event at Olde London Village in true British festival style! Highlights include deejays on stage, music, freebies, tents and dancing! Let's hope it doesn't rain!

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Route 66 Celebration

Come celebrate the 90th year of the Mother Road! Festivities will include a dance at the Silver King Drive-in with costume and titler contests, bumper cars and other rides, a petting zoo, Cheese Henge, great food, shopping, fireworks, Gachas, music, a mini-hunt, classic cars to "rent" and drive, freebies and much more. Evene held July 23-August 14.

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The Vordun Museum and Gallery

The Vordun Museum and Gallery is a new art and history experience in Second Life. Featuring the use of experience keys, visitors can get a real life feeling of being at a museum. Three new exhibits will be featured at The Vordun, featuring various art by masters and Second Life residents, and a historic Titanic experience.

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Elysium City of Templemore

Beyond the iron wrought gates and stone sculptures that usher you past the brick archway lies Elsyium City of Templemore. True to its name, you'll find yourself immediately immersed in a whimsical world, but Elysium goes beyond that. Here your imagination can be engaged in a place and time that defies the limitations of such concepts.

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U L T R A Events

U L T R A™ Events is a fascinating cluster of shops flanking a modern, one of a kind atrium promenade, rich with Palm Springs charm. A total of 35 elite designers offer a truly unusual array of fashion, furnishings and all things from antique to contemporary. The U L T R A™ Event occurs on a bi-monthly basis. It will showcase the products and services available from the most prestigious brands across the grid, which include men's and women's latest fashion, hair, fine jewelry, home decor, mesh avatars, animations, skins, vehicles, accessories and much more.

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Shinzen Japanese Garden at Yosemite

"Shinzen" means goodwill or friendship. A peaceful place for solitude, contemplation, and relaxation. In this gorgeous romantic park, you'll find a meditation pavilion, Buddha temple, teahouse, walking path and free gifts throughout. Visitors have described it as walking around inside a work of art. "Experience the beauties of nature, and in doing so learn about yourself." ~Japanese Saying

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The Conquest of Elysium

Magi and Mystics, Wizards and Diviners – those more than attuned to magic, the followers of stars and the charters of the Great Beyond – they felt it before it happened. The great streak in the sky that lit it with a thousand colors. The Conquest of Elysium is an exciting fantasy inspired sim with a lush immerse landscape filled with all kinds of treasures and large race list.

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Camp Grounds on Lake Templeton

The Camp Grounds on Lake Templeton are situated on the four-sim recreation and residential light sailing and watercraft region, Templeton Cove. Begin your exploration at the campfire, then find the free canoes and explore the beautiful lake. Find fishing, bumper boats, bicycles or ride a hot air balloon ride! Explore the light house and find the free boat dock with kayaks, paddle boats and more.

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The Land of Tarinfell

Come seek adventure in the Land of Tarinfell! This D&D-style role-playing sim and community features a long list of races and classes with custom applications available.

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Hollow's Creek

Hollow's Creek is a whole sim dedicated to photography. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and hang out in social spaces that are open to everyone. Join the Group to allow rezzing of props and poses.

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Deep Space Bowling

Come play Bergson Bowling in this deep space hangar surrounded by the stars. Meet the aliens in our space station or visit the club/open stage for deejays and performers!

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The Forest Garden, Meadow and Woodland

There are many tucked away places to explore in this beautiful garden. It is a place to go fishing or lie in the sun, go dancing, or spend time with your lover. The teleport driftwood seats will take you where you want to go...or. you can just wander.

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Many of the benefits and perks of being a Premium member are especially useful for those looking to start or expand a Second Life business. Second Life Resident Blueberryxx, owner and creator of the incredibly popular fashion store Blueberry - gave us some insight into how Premium membership helps her continue to manage and run her virtual business.


LL: What do you do in Second Life?
BB: I own a fashion brand called Blueberry where I focus on creating mesh casual/chic women's apparel. It's my real life job and my most beloved hobby at the same time. It is an incredible experience to create content with the heavy influence, guidance and feedback directly from the customers.


LL: Why do you like Second Life?
BB: I am very passionate about Second Life, because it is the only platform in the entire world where a community constantly inspires each other to greatness. There is no going back once you have opened the doors to the kind of diversity, compassion and purpose Second Life has to offer.


LL: Why did you become a Premium Member?
BB:  I became a premium member the moment I knew I was going to be working full time as a content creator in Second Life. It is so crucial to me to have instant live-chat feature, not only for quick handle on account security issues if they have ever happened, but for regular billing hurdles that might come up as well.


LL: What do you like that the membership offers you?
BB: Honestly for any immersive resident, premium membership is a must. Group communication is essential part of the community and premium membership allows for a much, much bigger group space. Between events, land groups, friends groups, support/help groups, and store groups, this feature makes our lives so much easier. For a beginner content creator the weekly linden bonuses and premium sandboxes are going to be essential and a lot less costly in the grand scheme of things. The perks of having your land space and mainland building rights are the cherry on top.


LL: What advice would you give others starting out in SL?
BB: Take advantage of the freedom of expression Second Life has to offer and never be afraid to approach people. Second Life gets truly magical when you let yourself be involved and it's an amazing experience there after.



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The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 39: Sergio Delacruz

by Community Manager ‎07-15-2016 09:20 AM - edited ‎07-15-2016 09:25 AM

“When you play a console game, you have to follow the directions of the developer. In Second Life, you are the developer.”

Meet Sergio Delacruz - creator of the inworld multiplayer game “Susan’s Diary” and owner of Delacruz Technologies.

As a creative free spirit, Sergio discovered that Second Life was a wide-open canvas for exploring and learning the fundamentals of building, scripting, and design. After making his very first pair of shoes inworld, Sergio’s passion for creation led him to craft a first-person shooter game in Second Life.

Sergio’s enthusiasm is evident in  this episode of the Drax Files. Watch the video below or follow this link to view it on YouTube. Subtitles are available for this episode, courtesy of Draxtor Despres, and can be turned on by clicking the “CC” icon in the viewer. Don’t forget to login inworld and try your luck at “Susan’s Diary”.

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