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It’s time to see what’s new over at the Second Life Destination Guide. This week’s selection of experiences includes jungle airports, zombie holocausts, friendly neighborhoods, intricate installations, and even a little breakneck speed-racing. But don’t take our word for it, check them out below!

Nestled in an ever-encroaching jungle, Prata Airport is an enjoyable destination for pilots and adventurers of all types. Embrace land and sky with weekly flying lessons, river kayaking, mini golf, even horseback riding. This gorgeously-realized region is well worth your time.

Prata Airport

Prata Airport is a destination airport for the pilot who wants a challenge. Deep into the rain forest, you'll find a dirt runway nearly overtaken by cliffs and trees. You will be able to enjoy beautiful scenery, mini golf, horseback riding, even river kayaking. Flying lessons offered every Saturday to anyone interested in learning how to fly and about the aviation community!

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Everyone thinks they’d be one of the lucky survivors when the zombies take over, but what would you be willing to do to survive? Outbreak is a combat roleplay zone set in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. Band together or go it alone, Outbreak is the story-based, zombie roleplay you’ve been craving.


What would you do after the Outbreak? Discover how far your character will go to survive as you loot the dead, fight infected, scavenge for supplies, or work together to survive in this story-based role-play community. Learn more at http://outbreak.sl or visit inworld.

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Lobby Cam is the newest artistic offering from Second Life artist Bryn Oh. Lobby Cam tells a story of isolation in the setting of an abandoned railway and through the pages of a torn-up diary. Check out the trailer, and be sure to experience Bryn Oh’s Lobby Cam. 

Bryn Oh's Lobby Cam

Welcome to Bryn Oh's latest immersive narrative: Lobby Cam. A wheat field, an abandoned railway and a torn up diary... Wander an unexpected path for an isolated man living alone in a sea of wheat. Visit http://bit.ly/1BY9CdN for more information. Special thanks to the Ontario Arts Council.

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Vineyard Isles is a gorgeously-realized slice of virtual living. This wonderfully inclusive region offers parks, shops, events, a variety of homes, churches and all of the things you’d want in your virtual neighborhood. Join for the amenities, but stay for the community at Vineyard Isles. 

Vineyard Isles

Vineyard Isles is a friendly community based on island valley with rolling vineyard hills. Discover the beautiful and tranquil living the island provides. Vineyard Isles offers many amenities while still expanding the population to create and a vast and thriving community. Join them today!

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Second Life has always been a hot spot for racing, and WB Motorsports is the place for all speed demons. Unshackle yourself from socially-enforced speed limits with daily hosted races, multiple tracks to take a spin on, and a ton of fast and furious vehicles - just make sure to wear a helmet.

WB Motorsports

WB Motorsports was founded to offer the best road racing possible in Second Life. They continue to provide drivers with many different and unique race tracks tuned to premium road-racing vehicles, as well as the comfort of a friendly and welcoming racing community. WB Motorsports is free for anyone seeking a real challenge.

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The virtual world rewards creativity, so join the fun and create something new! Or snap a few photos for the official Second Life Flickr Page. Until next time, see you inworld!

This week, everything’s ice, fire, wolves, and dragons at the Second Life Destination Guide. If you crave high fantasy role-playing in medieval worlds, Second Life is the place to be. Shining sword, oaken staff, smooth bow, or blackened dagger, gird yourself and prepare for adventure!

King’s Landing takes its cue from high, grim fantasy. In the world of King’s Landing, rival houses scheme and claw their way to absolute power. Were you born a mean peasant, scrabbling in the mud as you dream of a better life? Or are you the haughty scion of a noble bloodline, whiling your days away in pampered luxury? Take the throne in King’s Landing.

King's Landing

King's Landing is a detailed medieval fantasy role-play sim where the land is torn in strife by back alley politics and greed.

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Another in the grand fantasy roleplay zones, Dynasty of Dragons features a detailed kingdom divided between warring factions. A fallen dynasty clutches for power in a land rent by war, but are they prepared for threats looming on the horizon? Make your story, take what’s yours, and topple the Dynasty of Dragons.

Dynasty of Dragons

Dynasty of Dragons is a role-play sim with a full and rich backstory. Are you committed to excellent role-play, deep and ongoing stories, twists and turns that could lead anywhere? Dynasty of Dragons is the place for you!

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Delve into a rich fantasy world in Mulmaster. Mulmaster is a small village located in northern Faerun, rife with crime and ruled by a merciless mercenary company. This sword and sorcery land of elves, dwarves, orcs, and men beckons all looking for the thrill of adventure.


Mulmaster is a small town at the southeastern coast of the Moonsea in northern Faerun. It's a rustic medieval town, rife with crime and ruled by the Zhentarim. Enjoy this beautifully crafted sim for all your role-play experiences!

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Dragonlolth is a sprawling and intricate multi-region zone built on the bones of dragons. Set in the land of Taurëmorna, choose from three unique races as you carve your way from blade-fodder to legend. Simply put, Dragonlolth is one of the largest, most detailed fantasy builds to date.  


Dragonlolth is a fantasy realm for those seeking to lose themselves and explore this most magic of realms. Perfect for dragons, fae, elves and more, all are welcome in this intricate sim and dazzling sim.

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It’s time to leave the sun-lit lands behind. Take to the caverns and shadows of the underdark in the Drow Realm of Luth. This lightless land crawls with scheming dark elves, beautiful and terrible in service to their evil goddess. How long will you survive?

The Drow Realm of Luth

The Drow Realm of Luth is a great city built deep underground. If you're a fan of dark roleplay, visit Luth and feast your eyes on a great underdark city. They've got a streea area, the Raging Gargoyl, and a variety of public training areas. The city also within features temples, a library on fantasy roleplay, a mage tower and.

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There’s no excuse for drab adventurers, so show off that new cuirass in the official Second Life Flickr Page.  Or create and share your very own medieval fantasy land. Log in and forge your destiny today!

Being a Premium Second Life subscriber carries many benefits - from weekly L$ stipends, to your own Linden Home, expanded live customer support options, exclusive gifts, and more. Just last week, we added a new perk for Premium subscribers, and we’ll be adding even more benefits and features for Premium members throughout the year.

If you’ve been waiting to upgrade to a Premium account, now is a great time, because today we’re kicking off a great new sale: from today until April 13, 2015, you can upgrade to Premium subscription for less than $5 for your first month! That’s a 50% discount off the regular rate, and this offer won’t last long. Upgrade today and start enjoying Premium benefits at our lowest-ever monthly rate.

To learn more about all the benefits of going Premium and to upgrade your account, visit this page: https://secondlife.com/premium/

TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR 50% DISCOUNT This limited-time discount offer is available only for purchases of memberships on the Monthly billing plan. Discount will be applied to the first monthly billing cycle only, and all future charges will be at the regular Premium price ($9.95 USD, excluding VAT where applicable).  Sign-up bonus will be paid upon 45 consecutive days of membership.  To qualify, Second Life members must have an active Basic account or create a new Second Life account. Discount offer begins on Friday the 3rd of April at 8:00 am Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) and expires on Monday the 13th of April 2015 at 8:00 am Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Introducing 2DSS Mode for Second Life

by Community Manager on ‎04-01-2015 09:44 AM

There’s been a lot of excitement recently around our integration of the Oculus Rift with Second Life. The addition of HMD (head-mounted display) mode offers a new level of immersion for 3D experiences, but what about people who want less immersion?

Today, we’re happy to announce a new way to explore the wide variety of community-created experiences in Second Life, without the complexity of the third dimension: 2D side-scrolling (2DSS) mode. Without the third dimension, you can enjoy Second Life just like your favorite 8-bit games from the past!


Note: while this new mode is compatible with HMD mode, we do not recommend trying both simultaneously. If you were to  turn your head 90 degrees while doing so, the world may simply disappear from view - causing a rather jarring experience that might make you feel a bit foolish.

The new 2DSS mode is available as of April 1, 2015, and you can now download the Project Viewer to start enjoying some retro-future fun in Second Life!


A New Perk for Premium Subscribers

by Community Manager on ‎03-30-2015 11:57 AM

Being a Premium Second Life subscriber carries many benefits - from weekly L$ stipends, to your own Linden Home, expanded live customer support options, exclusive gifts, and more. Today, we’re happy to announce a new perk for Premium subscribers: access to more missed instant messages!

Previously, if IMs were sent to your account while you were offline, you could access up to 25 messages when you next log in. That remains the case for free account holders, but starting today, Premium Members can access up to 50 missed IMs. That means fewer notecards filling up your inventory and fewer missed messages from friends, colleagues, and customers.

There are many reasons to upgrade to Premium, and we’ll be adding even more benefits and features for subscribers throughout the year. Learn more about Premium benefits and upgrade your account here: https://secondlife.com/premium/

You can pick the subscription plan that best fits your budget - pay monthly, quarterly, or annually. Pro tip: do the math on the annual plan - in addition to a total savings of more than $47 compared to a monthly subscription, the value of the weekly L$ stipend alone means it nearly pays for itself!

The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 28: Whiskey Monday

by Community Manager ‎03-30-2015 09:33 AM - edited ‎03-30-2015 04:38 PM

This episode of the Drax Files almost didn’t happen. When initially asked to participate, Whiskey Monday declined due to personal challenges that she’s since worked through by using Second Life as a medium for artistic expression.

"The anonymity in this virtual world gave me the bravery to be very very real. I was able to overcome a lot of issues by expressing myself creatively in Second Life!" she says.

Whiskey builds 3-dimensional sets inworld, then creates 2-dimensional images from them in her popular Second Life photography. One of the interesting things about her process is that she thrives on the impermanence of her builds and the process of deleting them once she has achieved her vision. While the image remains, the space in which the image was taken is gone.

TDF 28 color couch.png

Watch the video below for more on how Whiskey’s healed through her art and reconciled her relationship with her mother.

Want to see more personal Second Life stories? Find all the previous episodes at Draxtor’s Website or below:

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This weekend, take a break from all the spring showers and blooming flowers with the Second Life Destination Guide. Rescue elephants from evil ferrets, don the ruffles of European nobility, or dodge wart-covered monsters in claustrophobic, dripping caves. Start your springtime adventures below!

Free Wilma is an interactive adventure game on Escapades Island. This whimsical point-and-click journey takes players on an anarchic quest to save Wilma, an elephant held hostage by the dastardly Modsno the ferret.  

Free Wilma

Prepare to embark on an interactive adventure game at Escapades Island, a place of childhood dreams and mayhem. The play scenes of this point-and-click game will immerse you into the world of an anarchic fantasy story. Solve a series of little quests to finally save the elephant Wilma, held hostage by the biggest mouse ever: Modsno the ferret.

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Shadewyck is a region that delights in gloom. Delve through dark tunnels, dank forests, and moonlit mountains under the fiery eye of a jealous dragon. In a land of wart-encrusted goblins, towering ogres, and skulking kobolds, who will claim the deepest shadows?


Ruled by a dragon lord, Shadewyck is a realm of darkness and shadow. Shadewyck is a land where dark fae, goblins, orcs, ogres and other nightmarish creatures lurk through forest and caverns. Come hang out at this freeform fantasy role-play region.

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Eclectica is an enchanting world with a mix of forested wilderness and hidden relaxation spots. This land was lovingly crafted to be perfect for wandering, photography, or just taking in the sights. So come visit this living, beautiful world.   


Wind your way through this enchanting region with an eclectic blend of forestry, fantasy, folklore, whimsy, and magical exploration. Enjoy wonderful photo opportunities amongst the ruins, hidden caves, lovers spots, and romantic meadows of Eclectica.

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A bright land of pastels and cheer, 2015 Easter Town is back again for more springtime goodness. Celebrate the greenest season with egg hunts, dances, gacha fun, races, rabbit ears, and giant candy eggs. Easter Town is only around for a limited time each year, so don’t wait.

2015 Easter Town

Welcome to the 6th annual Easter Town event. You can do everything, from race marshmallow peeps, drive carrot cars, dance the bunny hop, ride egg boats, hunt for Easter eggs, enjoy hot air balloons, and even take pictures with the Easter Bunny. There's also an egg decorating contest with a L$ 7,000 prize. Enjoy of fun activities and shopping at Easter Town 2015.

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Few time periods did decadence like the 18th century, and Corona offers a chance to experience the pampered life of the royalty of yore. Rococo, gold leaf, and cavorting cherubs? Palace-sized gardens and lavish masquerades? All that glitters really is gold in this royal roleplay region.


In Corona, you are royalty and everything else is at your service. Experience the glamorous life of 18th century monarchy. Walk through idyllic gardens, enjoy soothing fountains, watch opera premieres at the royal theater, take in tea at the greenhouse, waltz through the grand ballroom, and more. Become royalty at Corona.

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Contribute to the vibrant Second Life we know and love and show off your new springtime builds! Or show your latest looks on the official Second Life Flickr Page. Until next time, enjoy the fruits of the virtual world!

Last month, we blogged about some of the projects we’re working on to improve Second Life, and today, we’re happy to share that one of those changes has become a part of the default Second Life Viewer: hover height adjustments.

As a reminder, here’s what this change means (quoted from our previous post):


One of the surprisingly difficult things to do in a virtual world is to make things come to rest in a natural-looking way. Keeping feet on the ground when standing and the right body parts on furniture seems obvious, but getting an avatar to "just touch" without either floating above or penetrating into the adjacent surface can be computationally quite expensive. To avoid some of that expense, Second Life has always used approximations, which rely on some simplifying assumptions about the avatar shape and size. Those assumptions are adjusted by a number of factors including several of your shape parameter choices, values included in attachments you are wearing, and active animations.


original (1).png

As we've all seen, sometimes these things combine to leave you floating above or sinking into the surface on which intuitively you should be resting. This is because the adjustments come from many sources and sometime interact in unexpected ways. Because they have not always been applied in exactly the same order, even if you wear the same set of attachments in the same setting you could sometimes get different results.

This Viewer, and some accompanying server changes, improve things in two ways: the order in which we make adjustments to your vertical position has been made more stable -- combining the same set of attachments and animations should now always produce the same vertical offset: even if it's not perfect, it will at least be predictable. Because it can't always be perfect, we've also introduced a new final adjustment that is directly under your control: a new avatar right-click selection allows you to tweak your vertical position. This final adjustment is shared with everyone around you so that they too will see you correctly, and is saved locally by your viewer so that it persists between sessions. This new feature was inspired by a proposal from the Firestorm viewer team, and they've been helping with testing it.

This new feature is now available to everyone as part of the default Second Life Viewer. Update to the latest version and start enjoying this improvement today!

The Second Life Destination Guide is packed full of events and limited-time experiences. This week’s haul includes tidal flats, charity fashion worlds, hunts, and chat hangouts. Dive in to new experiences below!

Fashion for Life makes a triumphant return to Second Life! Come see nine regions of the hottest designers, gorgeous fashions, the best modeling agencies, and dazzling entertainment in support of American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. Find that new avatar look while donating to a great cause.

Fashion for Life

Fashion for Life is part of the annual Relay for Life, in aid of the American Cancer Society. Come and see nine regions packed with the very best Second Life has to offer, the best designers, the top model agencies, the hottest trends, and the most amazing places you'll see! Fashion for Life runs from March 21st through the 29th.

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The Trace provides a new take on the whole beach scene. Perfect for photography and bloggers, enjoy bright sun, soothing water, and long, sandy tidal flats in this perfectly calming, sun-kissed region. 

The Trace

Come enjoy the quiet solitude of the Trace, no matter the season. The soothing beach provides paths, seaside sights, houses, props, and more. Come see serenity at it's best.

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Welcome to Rocket City, a fun and friendly furry community nestled in a fantastic forest. Flit and flutter through a fabulously famous land of foxes, fur, flowerbeds, friends, weekly events, and possibly even philosophy. This family-friendly region is, quite frankly, fun.

Rocket City

Rocket City is a fun and friendly PG furry community. This beautifully-wooded region offers weekly events, activities, or places to just relax and unwind. So what are you waiting for, come on in!

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Sparkys is an oddly whimsical, monochromatic region. This installation by Romy Nayar follows the story of a person living in a world of shadows and grey. This person has an idea, an idea he’s turned into an invention. A world-changing invention he calls “color.”

Sparkys by Romy Nayar

Welcome to Sparkys by Romy Nayar. The esteemed Doctor Nutty has discovered, thanks to the dear Sparkys, a substance that produces this new thing called "color." Join the residents as they experience the joy of this bright new substance.

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Every spring, Aero Pines throws an Easter-themed hunt to celebrate the holiday. The seventh annual Eggapalooza Spring Hunt covers four regions and offers hundreds of prizes. Start spring with a bang at Eggapalooza!

EggaPalooza Spring Hunt

It's Eggapalooza! The 7th Annual EggaPalooza Spring Hunt at Aero Pines Park spans 4 regions. Hike, bike, ride, or drive to find hundreds of gift eggs hidden in plain sight. Great fun for groups, families, explorers, and avid hunters. The event runs from March 1st through May 31st.

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If you have an event or region you’re particularly proud of, send it in and share it with Second Life. Or check out what your fellow Residents are up to over at the official Second Life Flickr page. See you inworld!

The 8th Annual Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education (VWBPE) Conference focuses on education in immersive virtual environments like Second Life. Driven by educators and for educators, this open conferences looks closely at the ways in which virtual world platforms can be leveraged in classrooms, universities, and other learning applications.

Last year’s event drew a global audience representing 45 different countries and consisted of 80 presentations over a three day period.

This year, Ebbe Altberg - CEO of Linden Lab -  will address Virtual Education in Second Life & in the Future in his opening Keynote at the SL-Main Auditorium starting at 1 PM SLT.

Plan your schedule ahead of time by visiting the VWBPE website. There will be a Pre-Show and staff available starting at 10 AM SLT to help answer your questions prior to the conference. Drop by the VWBPE Gateway Coffee Shop/Patio for information, swag, and details on the event scavenger hunt.

Don’t miss out - register for this conference, sync your calendars, and prepare to learn something new.

If you can't make it inworld, much of the content will be streamed live here.