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Bright Canopy Brings Second Life to Your Web Browser

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This weekend, an exciting new service is launching: Bright Canopy.  With Bright Canopy, you can use either the official Second Life Viewer or the Firestorm Viewer to access Second Life in your web browser, and you can enjoy great performance and graphics, without a high-spec PC.

Created and run by long-time Second Life users, Bright Canopy is now ready for everyone. The service has been in invitation-only testing since April, and as of this weekend, will be available for $17/month with no contract or long-term commitment and 24/7 customer support.

To learn more about Bright Canopy and get started with a 14-day free trial, visit BrightCanopy.com.

The Second Life Destination Guide returns with another installment of cool places for you to visit when you next login to the grid.

From inworld performances, to art and medieval combat training there’s bound to be a spot or two of interest for you to spend a little time exploring. Drop on in!


Anarchy Combat is a fully immersive combat sim with three different levels. Home to grimly zombies, all weapons are permitted, and player vs player combat is welcome. The levels include a cave system, winter forest, and an open, post-apocalyptic ground level. Anarchy also sells a variety of combat huds and weapons. No rules, just combat.

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Double Dragon Academy

Located on a pastoral island off the coast of 1400s Scotland, the Double Dragon Academy (DDA) is a step back in time to attend or participate in a medieval tournament or train as Knight, Ranger, Jouster or Warrior. Offering comprehensive programs of self-advancement in combat, mentorship and service using Skill Quest scenarios. Cadets are given free uniforms and weapons. Facility open 24/7/365.

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This German-language sim features a summer thunderstorm and endless photographic opportunities.

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Ironwood Hills

Welcome to Ironwood Hills, where you can breathe easy but just not deeply. In this abandoned town, the bomb survived but the people did not. Gas mask suggested and photography encouraged.

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...A Bit Of Red...

Don't miss this creative tribute to "The Phamtom Of the Opera," held at MetaLES through Oct. 21. "A heart and a rose.... the perfect elements, through which it begin a journey that leads to the vision of some fragments in a story of passion and pain..."

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Strings by Cica Ghost

In the courtyard of an ancient villa, set amidst a surreal landscape, a band of musicians performs for onlookers and visitors.

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Dead Realm

A science experiment in the middle of the desert, abandoned by its owners. Who knows what it was used for and why it was abandoned all of sudden? Explore the area or just take a seat under the shade sail, enjoy the music playing on the radio and wait for the spectacular nightfall.

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Walking On a Dream

Search your dreams along this land. Swim in the secret oceans of coral blue and red ,embraced by beautiful sea, rivers and blossom evenings under the silence tree. You can sit in the French café or wander deeper into hidden caves. Fill your mind with music and love in the beautiful dance balloon kissed by colorful trees surrounded by magic and calm. This is a place for love, a place for art, a place for wonder.

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Being Premium comes with many perks, including a weekly L$ stipend, more privacy with a Linden Home, exclusive gifts and experiences, and now, live chat with the Concierge Support team at Linden Lab.

If you missed your chance to take advantage of our recent 50% off monthly Premium Membership offer - there’s no reason to worry! Now, we’re reducing the standard cost of a monthly Premium subscription to just $9.50 a month. Enjoy all the benefits of Premium Membership for less!

We will also no longer charge VAT for Premium subscriptions. If you live in a region where VAT applies, this means an effective savings in some countries of more than 20% below what you would have previously paid!

Find out more about the benefits of going Premium and upgrade your account here.

Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 08/21/2015

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What’s on your dance card this weekend? Hope you left some room to visit these regions-of-interest that the folks at the Second Life Destination Guide have hand selected from the wealth of awesome spots as hotspot highlights.

This week turned up a lucky 13 spots there is sure to be plenty of places that pique your interest. Log in and start having fun!

The Collection

The Collection is an interactive and immersive adventure game that will transport you to a bygone age of mystery and curses. You will become the main character in a quest that will lead you to hidden treasures that are not what they seem and the music of the night is just the beginning of the horror that awaits you.

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Fort Ruina

Travel back to medieval times at Fort Ruina, a roleplay sims for jousters, Druids, Knights and more.

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Warm Springs

Take the ferry to Warm Springs, a lovely town with hills overlooking the sea and beaches. Walk the dirt roads under the intertwined ancient trees and see the picturesque charming houses. Take the bridge to the hills where you can see the lighthouse and the cliffs overlooking the sea. Or, simply go to the town's Bakery and Cafe for some delectable delights. Come, relax, and enjoy the town's beauty.

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Calypso Cove

Calypso Cove is a natural garden and romantic place for lovers to stroll, meditate, take photos and more.

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Lavender Moon

There are two Lavender Moon sims that offer spectacular surfing and romantic beaches. Enjoy a quiet stroll through the orange orchards, surf the magnificent Jaws wave or dance the night away. Surfboards provided or use your own. It's all under a breathtaking lavender sky.

Visit in Second Life



Arcanum is a leading brand of magical merchandise in Second Life. Here you'll find powerful systems that grant your avatar an arsenal of powers and abilities that Second Life does not provide by default. You'll be able to cast astounding spells via items that bestow you with different veins of magic, such as witchcraft, wizardry and necromancy.

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The Town of Nightingale

Come and live in this family roleplay community, where you can join as a deputy sheriff, firefighter or even work at the hospital. There are six sims to play on, including a large water sim for enthusiasts.

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FishBone Resort

Visit this quaint seaside village in the middle of the Blake Sea, where you can rent a place for your boat including individual houses furnished. This is a small community for lovers of the sea with a calm, happy atmosphere.

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GLIMPSES – Techno/Poetry Album Launch

Join the launch party for "Glimpses - Chapter 1," an extraordinary audio/poetry collaboration between SL artist Thoth Jantzen and real life Techno music Producer Cari Lekebusch. Event held August 21 from 2-5 p.m. (Pacific).

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Singularity Tribe Bon Odori

Singularity Tribe’s Bon Odori is a cultural, music, and dance festival held during Obon. Obon is a tradition originated from Japan to honor and remember one’s ancestors. Family and friends would reunite and light lanterns to symbolize the return of their loves ones. Joyous celebration of communal dancing and thunderous drumming will take place on August 22, 2015 from 5-10p SLT.

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Libertà BMF

Libertà, a live music festival presented by the BullRing Family sponsored by Something Estates and Lick Sim Design, focuses on the freedoms explored through music. "Libertà" stems from the Latin word "Libertatem" meaning Freedom. August 21st through August 23rd will feature Second Life’s best live mix DJs guiding attendees on a journey with no restraints and endless possibilities.

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MadPea Art Gacha Festival

The MadPea Art Gacha Festival 2015 is an opportunity for artists within Second Life to showcase their art and creativity through the craze of Gacha Machines. Some of SL's most prolific artists including ByrneDarkly Cazalet, Sabbian Paine and Garvie Garzo are among the artists taking part with exclusive, new artworks. Enjoy the atmosphere and art of this photogenic spot while taking your chance on some rare exclusive items. Event ends August 30.

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Lovecraft Festival 2015

The 4th Annual Lovecraft Festival of Second Life features entertainment, events and shopping. Come check out the Festival Faire sim and the "Heart of Llhao" multi-sim story quest! The Lovecraft Festival is pleased to continue to encourage support of the efforts of Autism Awareness each year via AutCom (Autism National Committee).

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That’s it for this edition of Destination Guide Highlights. If you think your spot should be added to the Destination Guide, drop us a note using the Destination Guide suggestion form.

Share Second Life pics to the Official Second Life Flickr page. 

Get 50% Off Premium Membership - Now with Even Better Support

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For a limited time only, you can save big on a Premium Membership. Upgrade before August 23 and enjoy 50% off the normal monthly membership cost!*

New Perk: Live Chat with the Linden Lab Concierge Support Team

Premium Members are entitled to many benefits, including a weekly stipend of L$300, a private Linden Home, the ability to join more groups and view more missed IMs, exclusive free gifts and experiences, and more.

Starting today, Premium Members can now receive support by live chatting directly with the Linden Lab Concierge Support team. This is the same team of Lindens that Estate owners speak to when they need help, and now all Premium Members have access to this level of support.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of going Premium and upgrade your account today to take advantage of this great deal.

*TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR 50% DISCOUNT This limited-time discount offer is available only for purchases of memberships on the Monthly billing plan. Discount will be applied to the first monthly billing cycle only, and all future charges will be at the regular Premium price ($9.95 USD, excluding VAT where applicable). Sign-up bonus will be paid upon 45 consecutive days of membership. To qualify, Second Life members must have an active Basic account or create a new Second Life account. Discount offer begins on Monday the 17th of August at 8:00 am Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) and expires on Monday the 24th of August 2015 at 8:00 am Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

The Second Life community mourns the passing of friend, colleague, and mentor - Lumiere Noir.

For information about his contributions and legacy in Second Life, take a moment to read these insightful reflections from other members of the Second Life community who have been impacted by Lumiere's work, as well as the comments and memories being shared on his profile.

Ciaran Laval

Inara Pey

New World Notes

Daniel Voyager

Visit the The Ivory Tower Libeary of Primitives - Lumiere's long standing Creator resource where Residents are paying their respects.



Ivory Tower Library of Primitives

This self-guided, self-paced, comprehensive building tutorial also includes a weapons testing area and safe sandboxes where you can try out your newly-acquired skills.

Visit in Second Life

The Drax Files: World Makers -Episode 31:Tom Boellstorff

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How well do you get to know the people that you meet in Second Life? If you’re Tom Boellstorff - probably a great deal more than most! As a Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of California: Irvine and digital ethnographer inworld, Tom has spent much of his 12 years in Second Life getting to know the people he’s encountered.

In this episode of the Drax Files, Tom discusses avatar identity, the use of virtual worlds for gameplay and self exploration, and why referring to offline life as ‘real life’ poses a problem when studying technology like Second Life. Watch now to hear more of his personal take on the future of virtual worlds and some of his observations on the communities he’s encountered inworld.

Want to see more personal Second Life stories? Find all the previous episodes of The Drax Files: World Makers at Draxtor’s Website, at the links below, or subscribe to our YouTube channel:


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Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 08/07/2015

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Honoring the people and the places in Second Life is one of the things the Second Life Destination Guide strives to do. You may discover someone or some place that you’d otherwise not find. So do yourself a favor and be sure to log in and find a new place and make new friends.

Love, Henry

Inspired by a new real life discovery, what if Henry VIII had canceled Anne Boleyn's execution? In this "new" love story from LEA artist Tahiti Rae, you can take the path almost taken.

Visit in Second Life


New Tokyo - Japanese Cyber City

New Tokyo is set in a near future Japanese Cyber City. Here you'll find fabulous neo lights signs as far up as the eye can see and numerous skyscrapers offering many apartments. There is plenty to do here as you explore arcades, cinemas, a run down junk yard, bowling alley and more. There's also a night club hosting regular events and ample shops to spend your hard earned L$'s on.

Visit in Second Life


Transylvania - Vampire Empire Turns 11

Give in to your dark side and enjoy a week of Gothic-themed events as part of Transylvania’s eleventh birthday celebration. Transylvania is now one of the oldest communities in SL and features a thriving social scene where everyone is welcome. With live music, DJ’s, stage performances, a gothic formal ball and red carpet parties, there is plenty to see. Runs August 7th to August 13th.

Visit in Second Life


1700's Pirates and Navy

Pirates Destiny is a nine-sim sailing estate, all connected by water. Pirates, Navy, natives, aristocrats and mermaids are part of this world and roleplay is unlimited. A forest level connects all nine sims, making it perfect for riding horses.

Visit in Second Life

Art Auction in Memory of Kylie Jaxxon

Participate in an auction in honor of late Second Life resident Kylie Jaxxon (The Trace). Bid on great art to help raise funds for the American Cancer Society through August 10.

Visit in Second Life


The Lexi Project Fundraiser Party

Join the fun as The Lexi Project fundraiser event continues with a two-day live music event, held Aug. 7-8. This event features several top SL deejays and a live performance from Bad Ampitude. More info at thelexiproject.wordpress.com.

Visit in Second Life


Edgar Allan Poe's House of Usher

The Edgar Allan Poe House of Usher is the newest literary simulation by Literature Alive! Set your sky to midnight, and enter the creepy house to learn about 7 of Poe's famous tales! Search for 10 treasure chests, answer trivia, and win prizes...if you dare.

Visit in Second Life

That’s it for this edition of Destination Guide Highlights. If you think your spot should be added to the Destination Guide, drop us a note using the Destination Guide suggestion form. Share Second Life pics to the Official Second Life Flickr page.

Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide 7/31/2015

by Community Manager ‎07-31-2015 02:54 PM - edited ‎07-31-2015 04:24 PM

The Destination Guide returns with more spectacular spots for you to peruse for your pleasure. There’s no shortage of amazing builds and events happening right now in Second Life — and we’re happy to present you with just a sampling of goodies fresh on the Grid. From a mysterious, dino-infested place where the past, present and future collide, to painstakingly detailed historic builds, you’re in for some serious virtual time travel. See you inworld!


Play PaleoQuest, Second Life’s new dinosaur adventure, for fun and prizes! Collect ancient artifacts, rocks, and more as you explore the island - then redeem them for gifts and even Linden Dollars!

Visit in Second Life



1867 The Virtual Pfaffenthal

Travel back to the year 1867 and visit an expansive virtual replica of Pfaffenthal in Luxembourg City. This project is part of an exhibition at the Luxembourg City History Museum, but you can also explore from home in Second Life.

Visit in Second Life



Seasons of Life

Seasons of Life represents a person's life cycle combined with the scientific seasons of the Earth. This exhibition is by Johannes1977 Resident and is located on LEA4.

Visit in Second Life


The Egg

Visit The Egg, a new beautiful LEA installation by Livio Korobase. Of course, since there is an egg – there are also chickens. There’s a lot to see and play with here, but we recommend you ride the paper airplane.

Visit in Second Life


Aphrodite Summer Market

The Aphrodite Summer Market has summer living rooms and furniture, beach wares, new camping and summer BBQ and so much more!

Visit in Second Life


London City's 6th Birthday

London City celebrates its 6th birthday! Throughout August enjoy live events, weekend concerts, fun fair, vintage memorabilia hunt and themed collectibles from six years in Second Life. Details at mainlandlondon.blogspot.co.uk

Visit in Second Life

Brave Dinosaurs & Win Prizes in PaleoQuest!

by Community Manager ‎07-30-2015 03:39 PM - edited ‎07-30-2015 03:43 PM

Magellan Linden put the moles to work building a theme park on the latest hunk of land discovered in Second Life… but something’s gone horribly wrong!

Uncover the mystery of a menacing plan and explore six exciting regions teeming with dinosaurs and valuable collectibles in PaleoQuest. The evil Dr. Talpa has mangled space and time - colliding past, present, and future into a single point in time - which happens to be at the PaleoQuest Theme Park. Are you the dashing hero the world needs to stop Dr. Talpa from taking over? The rewards are great - but so is the risk! Dare the treacherous obstacles that lay in waiting,  and uncover a wealth of hidden tools and items that will aid you in your quest for fame and adventure. Fortune may await those with bravery and determination - you can redeem your findings for prizes and Linden Dollars!*



You’re Really Going to Dig This!

Each zone of the park contains its own challenges and collectibles. Finish one in order to unlock the next.Track your status on your HUD as you complete main quests. It won’t be easy! Each turn could hold unknown threats like quicksand, falling rocks, flesh-eating plants, or dangerous dinosaurs. Oh, did we forget to mention those? Try to avoid any and all of these risks - as an encounter could mean losing your collectibles.

Think you’re ready to take on PaleoQuest? Just take your ticket to the entrance and leave your fear at the gate!



Play PaleoQuest, Second Life’s new dinosaur adventure, for fun and prizes! Collect ancient artifacts, rocks, and more as you explore the island - then redeem them for gifts and even Linden Dollars!

Visit in Second Life

A full tutorial video on how to play PaleoQuest is available here.

*Provided on a commercially reasonable, “as is” and “as available” basis, without warranties or conditions of any kind. Linden Lab does not ensure continuous or error-free access, use or availability of any content, prize, reward, feature, gameplay or server and may change, modify, disable, suspend, or remove any such content, prize, reward, feature, gameplay, or server at its sole discretion.