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The Second Life Destination Guide editors have been as busy as springtime bees scribing a fresh list of places for you to explore in Second Life.

While it can be any time of year in Second Life - it’s nice to see the snow melt and the green of Spring to push its way up through the ground. While there is no shortage of picnic-perfect places to visit, there is also an abundance of other events and activities. MadPea’s latest immersive and interactive game has hit the grid, along with some new gacha and shopping events to enjoy.

Wherever you go be sure to take lots of great pics and share them on our Official Second Life Flickr page!

Now login and get started with the fun - don’t forget to drop by Town Hall Island for a special message to our Residents!


Town Hall Island

Drop in on Friday, April 1st after 10 am SLT for an exclusive message for Second Life Residents.

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The Interview

The race for the job that everyone wants is underway.Take part in the ultimate assessment day. Find clues, solve mysterious and puzzles…can you pass The Interview? This immersive and interactive game from MadPea leads the players through a number of trials and challenges to get to the final goal. Opens April 3.

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Burnal Equinox - Picnic on the Playa

Don't miss the BURN2 Burnal Equinox event "Picnic On The Playa," held April 2-3. Come enjoy the first community celebration of the year, featuring live performers and music on stage both days. See many individual, cooperative, interactive and creative builds capturing the varied ideas of picnics in Second Life. Lamplighter processions to open 10 a.m. Saturday and close 8:00 p.m. Sunday (Pacific).

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London City Springtime

Celebrate all the promise of the Summer to come, with London City Springtime. Concerts are held each weekend in the Amphitheatre. There are also fairground rides and stalls with prizes to collect throughout the month of April. For details see mainlandlondon.blogspot.co.uk

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The Gathering

The Gathering presents to you a fantastical gacha experience, featuring a selection of Second Life's most original and imaginative 3d content artists. Discover uniquely handcrafted items for an extraordinary gacha experience. Ends April 10.

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Noelia Island

Explore Noelia, a beautiful Mediterranean island. Explore the many romantic spots, take a fun boat ride, relax on the beach, take photos, meditate or simply wander through the enchanting gardens. Don't miss the the villa and mystic cliff caves. You will find the Magic Stone of Wisdom near the Buddha. Click the rotating diamond for a personal quote to reflect on...

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Alethia Island

Alethia Island is a tropical sandbox resort offering a peaceful and scenic experience for everybody. Discover the overgrown pathways, secluded chillout spots and many fun photo opportunities that gives the island unique charm and character.

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PAL Park

PAL Park is a picturesque park created with Zooby families in mind, but it caters to families of all kinds. Come visit this beautifully landscaped, serene and fun environment.

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Spring Is Here Gacha Fair & Event

Shop from 19 merchants in this valentine/love-themed setting. Browse gachas, shopping and gifts as you discover exclusives and discounts. Event held April 1-19.

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Helping Haven Gateway

New Second Life Residents can find a helpful hand at Helping Haven, a spot filled with experts who can share tips and tricks to getting started in SL. Visit this newcomer-friendly community for freebies, landmarks and other useful items. More at http://helpinghaven.weebly.com.

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You may have heard that in addition to continued work to improve Second Life, Linden Lab is developing a new platform for user-created virtual experiences, code-named Project Sansar. (If you’d like to learn more about it, check out some of the recent press in our media archive.)

Project Sansar is not a sequel to nor a replacement for Second Life, and that the two will run in parallel. Although different from Second Life in a number of respects, Project Sansar has understandably aroused the interest and curiosity of many Second Life Residents. We’re very grateful for that enthusiasm! While it’s still very early for Project Sansar, today we have a special message to share inworld -  exclusively with Second Life Residents.

Since this message is just for Second Life Residents - you’ll need to head inworld to view it. Simply teleport to Town Hall Island and click on the screen to start the video. Make sure your media settings in the Viewer are set to on, and that your volume is up in order to hear and view the message. Lindens will be in and out of the region throughout the day to answer questions as well.

Because of the exclusive nature of this message, it will only be available today - April 1, 2016, so log in as soon as possible and don’t miss out!

Town Hall Island

Drop in on Friday, April 1st after 10 am SLT for an exclusive message for Second Life Residents.

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Spring is doing it’s thing all over the grid flowers are blossoming and the snow is melting away. Nature is waking up and painting a pretty picture across Second Life.

The Second Life Destination Guide has a hit list of Spring and Winter themed events you should check out. From the last official snowball fight of the season to a palooza of Easter themed hunts, you’re bound to have baskets full of fun.

You may have noticed a short video crop up highlighting some bars and pubs in Second Life. We hope to bring more of this in the future as another way to see what’s going on in the Destination Guide. They are not staged so you never know when we might stop by to do a little filming!

 Wherever you go be sure to take lots of great pics and share them on our Official Second Life Flickr page!
Now login the snowball fight is starting and there’s lots of spots to visit!.


One Final Snow Fight

Take advantage of the snowball fight arena at the Winter Wonderlands region before the snow fully melts! Have ice-hurling fun with the Lindens on Friday, March 25th from 10 a.m.- noon and 2 - 4 p.m. (Pacific).

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2016 Easter Town

Join the fun at the 7th annual Easter Town event. You can do everything from race marshmallow peeps, drive carrot cars, dance the bunny hop, ride egg boats, hunt for Easter eggs, enjoy hot air balloon tour and even take pictures with the Easter Bunny. There is also an egg decorating contest where 4,000 L$ will be given in prize money. Lots of fun activities and shopping await you at Easter Town 2016.

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Bite Me Easter 2016

Bite Me Easter 2016 is a shopping event and hunt filled with over 20 stores and gifts. Celebrate Easter and spring as you browse gacha machines filled with great items and prices.

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EggaPalooza Spring Hunt

Hike, bike, ride, or drive to seek out hundredss of gift eggs hidden in plain sight! The 10th Annual EggaPalooza Spring Hunt at Aero Pines Park spans three regions. Great fun for groups, families, explorers, and avid hunters. Event held through May 31st.

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Easter Takeover

Rebel Yell Concerts presents Easter Takeover, a holiday event filled with activities including horseback riding, romantic spots, an Easter egg hunt, a Sky Rail, tribute concerts and more. Spend some quality time in this immersive nature and park experience.

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Light and Shadow Pleasure Faire

The Light and Shadow Pleasure Faire, held March 20-26, is partly a craft fair, partly historical reenactment and partly performance art. People working at Faire dress in costumes (garb) typical of our period. Booths sell crafts and food. Parades wind their way through the crowds. Jugglers, musicians, magicians, and other entertainers perform through the weekend. Tournaments to test your skills. Your day is spent wandering about, competing with the realms best for prizes, examining wares, sampling foods, watching plays and performers, and of course drinking fine exotic brews.

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Tarot Card History

Learn about the origins and history of Tarot Cards in this special limited-time exhibition, located at Rocca Sorrentina.

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Mysts of Eyr

The Isle of Eyr welcomes imaginative people and inventive storylines. Come play in this immersive RP community on an untamed rainforest island shrouded in mysts and magic.

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Strawberryland by Cica Ghost

Q: Why were the little strawberries upset? A: Because their parents were in a jam!

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Rocca Sorrentina & Bay of Naples, 1785

Operated as an immersive education experiment by Brown University, this fictional but historically-inspired 18th-century Italian island is located in the Bay of Naples. Visitors are welcome for optional roleplay set in the year 1785. Public programs and exhibits are offered on the history and ideas of the Enlightenment, the era of the Grand Tour, and the baroque, rococo and neo-classical styles in art and music.

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Gacha Get It

Gachas within Gachas. A whole new concept in Gacha addiction! Put all your spare Gacha into the Gacha machines and let others play Gacha! Got it? Events held every first and third Friday of the month -- each round lasts only seven days.

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John Conway's Game of Life

Often what we see on the surface goes so much deeper than we imagine. Although the images and patterns produced by John Conway's game of life may be familiar to many of us, most people are unaware of the richness hidden within. Come, interact, explore, and possibly even learn about The Game of Life.

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Valaskala is a limited-time sound installation by Instincta & Stem van Helsinki. Only a few jumps and the symphony begins...

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Sea Horse Pub - Letters of Elizabeth I

Step inside the past and read the letters of Good Queen Bess. Watch her transform from a convicted Princess to a Powerful Queen. Heed the advice of the Virgin Queen as you tap on the plates and decor.

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One Last Friendly Battle Before the Snow Melts

by Community Manager ‎03-23-2016 01:30 PM - edited ‎03-24-2016 09:30 AM

Spring has technically sprung, and while there is evidence of it in the cherry blossoms and greening of leaves, there are still some hints of winter lingering around - even in Second Life.

We have to take advantage of the snowball fight arena at the Winter Wonderlands region before the snow fully melts - and we want you to come have ice-hurling fun with us on Friday, March 25th, from 10 am - Noon SLT and 2 - 4 PM SLT.  If you missed the last snowball fight now is your chance to come pelt some friends and Lindens with soft, fluffy balls of frozen fun. Grab your snow-launching weapons from the kiosks, get some practice in, and be sure to make the trek to the top of the ice castle to take in the amazing view.

Mark the time and date in your calendars and don’t miss this last chance to enjoy the Snowball Fight Arena before the Winter Wonderland regions come down at the end of this month.

One Final Snow Fight

Take advantage of the snowball fight arena at the Winter Wonderlands region before the snow fully melts! Have ice-hurling fun with the Lindens on Friday, March 25th from 10 a.m.- noon and 2 - 4 p.m. (Pacific).

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As we head into the middle of March,  and the green of St. Patrick’s Day fades the folks over at the Second Life Destination Guide have made sure that the good times roll on! They’ve spent all week finding some of the best events and places on the grid for you to visit so that you don’t have to! Of course, the guide is chock full of many wonderful places, so you may want to put together your own list of Destination Guide Highlights and share it with us @SecondLife on twitter!

If you’ve got politics on your mind and are looking for like-minded people to chat with, be sure to check out the politics category of the Destination Guide.

Wherever you go be sure to take lots of great pics and share them on our Official Second Life Flickr page!

Now on to the festivities.

SL Science Fiction Convention

Don't miss the Second Life Science Fiction Convention, held March 18th thru 27th! Supporting the Relay For Life of Second Life, this event is held across six sims of imagination and ten days of adventure! Light a Star for Hope or attend the Milky Way Cabaret. Celebrate science fiction with over one hundred exhibitors and help fight cancer!

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Cosmetic Fair

The Cosmetic Fair is a place for all your cosmetic needs. You can find skins, hair, eyeshadow, lipstick, tattoos, accessories, nails, and so much more! Event ends March 31.

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Pose Fair 2016

It’s spring time and it's back! The biggest pose event of the year, the original Pose Fair! Come check it out through March 26th for a really incredible new batch of poses, props, and animations to make your SL come to life!

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Fair Play Emerald City Charity & Gacha

Check out Emerald City and the Jewel Gacha Hunt by Fair Play. Twenty-eight fantasy and gothic creators have come together for this special charity event.

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Fantasy Cream III

Select medieval fantasy creators show off their most juicy, tasty, creamy, deeeeelicious and exclusive creations at Fantasy Cream, held March 16 - April 16. More info at fantasycream.wordpress.com.

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Big Fun Exciting Easter Thing!

It's big, it's fun and it's exciting! This event features Easter and spring shopping, games, hunts, a tour, April Fool's prizes and The Strawberry Festival. Even held through April 8.

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Dystopia - Episode 1: Black Wall

“Black Wall” is a conceptual photography and audio performance created by visual artist Noke Yuitza and music composer Alexi Ayres. “Black Wall” aims to immerse the audience in an environment of utter abyss in hopes to spark insightful inspiration. Alexi Ayres will be performing a live soundtrack concert on March 19 at 2 p.m. (Pacific).

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St. Patrick's Day Treasure Hunt

Come get lucky at Aphrodisia Adult Resort with a St. Patrick's Day Celebration! All week long come join the themed events and games. Find the "Wee Pots O' Gold" hidden sim wide and WIN $1L, $2L or $5L! Visit on St. Patrick's Day on March 17th for a special dance party playing an Irish salute of bands from Ireland! Runs Events held through March 18th.

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Welcome to nowhere.

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Gravity is a Mistake

Explore Eupalinos Ugajin's latest art exhibition "Gravity is a Mistake" in Second Life.

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Ascension to the 10th Dimension

To begin your Ascension, walk directly through one of the five portals in the Seed Pod of Creation.

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InspirationSL is a unique, luxurious shopping event that opens its doors quarterly. Every round is based on a different, well known celebrity that has a unique style. Our designers take inspiration from this person to offer you themed, exclusive designs that can be found nowhere else on the grid.

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From gachas to historic sites and everything in between - there’s an enjoyment  of all things Irish in every nook and cranny across the grid this week. This Thursday, in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, we’ll be hanging out at some of the best spots inworld to grab a pint, kiss the Blarney Stone, and have a good time!

From the gorgeous Cliffs of Moher and the Blarney Castle’s virtual twin, to some full-tilt festivities and lively pub fun - the party is sure to be in full swing this holiday. Why not get a festive green ensemble and join us inworld from 10 am - Noon SLT and 2 pm - 4 pm SLT for the  sights, sounds, and spirit of Ireland at these destinations.

As luck would have it, we Lindens love some inworld fun too - so don’t be surprised if you run into a few at these St. Paddy’s Day celebrations. We hope to see you inworld!


Blarney Stone Irish Bar

Come visit the lively, always-exciting Blarney Stone Irish Bar in Second Life. Social events and live DJ music occur daily. Live music concerts are also held three times a week.

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Blarney Castle

Visit this 3D replica of the real Blarney Castle main tower in Ireland. There's even a Blarney Stone kissing animation. Outside the castle entryway, you can even pick up your certificate indicating that you've "kissed the Blarney Stone."

Visit in Second Life


Cliffs of Moher

Lovingly replicated from the original in county Clare, Ireland, the Cliffs of Moher are part of a four-sim, 1939 Irish village called O'Hare's Gap. Come unwind and take in the views. You will find much to explore in this very Irish experience.

Visit in Second Life


2016 St. Patrick's Town

The all-out festive atmosphere of St. Patrick's Day Town will blow through your senses like a virtual Irish breeze. Ride on flying gold coins, dance a jig with Leprechauns, slide down the rainbow into a pot of gold and fill your basket with any and everything Irish. The most colorful party is waiting for you so follow the rainbow to St. Patrick's Day Town.

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The Second Life Destination Guide returns once more  with another round of spots you should be sure to visit. There are tons of events for you to explore and discover the unique and wonderful things that Second Life creators make. The Skin Fair is open, along with Fashion for Life and many of the recurring shopping events that you’ve come to know and love.

There’s also plenty of places you can go to take in a little scenery or hunt for gifts from creators all over the grid.

Here’s a list of just a few of the places our editors thought you might be interested in checking out.

Wherever you go be sure to take lots of great pics and share them on our Official Second Life Flickr page!
See you inworld!

Skin Fair 2016

Skin Fair 2016 brings over 150 designers together on two sims. Featuring new releases of skins, mesh bodies, heads, tattoos, makeups, and appliers, Skin Fair 2016 is the perfect place to start your new makeover. Event begins March 11.

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2016 St. Patrick's Town

The all-out festive atmosphere of St. Patrick's Day Town will blow through your senses like a virtual Irish breeze. Ride on flying gold coins, dance a jig with Leprechauns, slide down the rainbow into a pot of gold and fill your basket with any and everything Irish. The most colorful party is waiting for you so follow the rainbow to St. Patrick's Day Town.

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Fashion For Life - Relay For Life

The Fashion For Life event began as a dream 10 years ago with 34 designers participating all with a special reason to fundraise for Relay For Life. Since that date, it has grown to over 100 designers covering 9 sims and has raised close to 20 million Linden Dollars for Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society. Learn more at fashionforlifesl.com.

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World Tour Hunt

Celebrate our world culture and travel across seven continents in the World Tour 2016 Gridwide Hunt, held through March 31. More info at kastlerockhunts.blogspot.com.

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Kikai Spring Market

Can you find all the hidden eggs at this event, held through April 1? Each egg has a free gift. Search for them all and have fun!

Visit in Second Life


Gacha Good March Shopping & Gacha Event

Gacha Good is a shopping and gacha event, held through March 31. There are 28 merchants with over 60 gachas, and each merchant offers an exclusive item that can only be found at the event. Happy shopping!

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Twisted Hunt: Odyssey

The gods have given you a Quest. You must travel the four corners of the world to seek out treasures beyond imagination, defeat mighty beasts, and win your place among the immortals. Odyssey will take you to worlds beyond measure; stories untold; and adventures unseen. Travel with us if you dare! More info at twistedhunt.com.

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Collabor88 is a fashion forward destination, where the most well-loved content creators get together to bring shoppers a superb selection of well-crafted merchandise at affordable prices. Collabor88's merchandise is changed the 8th of every month, come and see!

Visit in Second Life



Bad Hair Day? Hairology is a monthly hair event that opens the 10th of every month and closes on the 30th. Some of the greatest hair designers feature their latest creations in this shopping event that features new styles every month. Come on down and try those cute demos!

Visit in Second Life



HERMOUPOLIS Village is a quiet place to enjoy, relax and dream in the beauty of architecture.

Visit in Second Life


The Realm of Ozryn

Eighty years ago, a cataclysmic incident in the distant future caused timelines to merge; bringing people and things together that normally wouldn't be. Ozryn is now peppered with such artifacts, people, and even structures. Frightening creatures called "Auditors" systematically appear to snatch away any technology or those who try to create it, in this non-metered freeform roleplay.

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Dark Hive

Dark Hive is a relaxing lounge/club for darker electronic music styles such as dark ambient, TBM, EBM, deep house, witch house, noise, electro, tribal, psy, industrial, vaporwave, new wave and more.

Visit in Second Life


A Reminder About Account Security

by Community Manager on ‎03-11-2016 10:57 AM

As with any online service, Second Life Residents may from time to time be targeted with phishing attempts, which try to trick users into providing personal information and account credentials.

These attempts may include messages - including inworld IMs and emails trying to appear as if they were sent from Linden Lab - that prompt you to click on a link and/or provide personal information.

To help keep yourself safe from these tricks, remember: 


  • If you receive a suspicious email, forward it to phishing@secondlife.com and delete it.
  • If you receive a suspicious IM, file an abuse report against the sender even if the sender looks like your friend. After stealing an account, a fraudster often tries to trick the victim's friends.
  • If you feel your account has been compromised, contact Second Life Billing through the Support Portal right away. (Better yet, call us at the number provided on the Support Portal)
  • Keep your antivirus software up-to-date and scan for viruses regularly.
  • You can change your account password; do so frequently to keep your account secure. If you suspect you've already clicked a phishing link, change your password immediately.
  • If you have multiple accounts, use a different password for each account.
  • Never reuse your Second Life password for your email account or any other website.
  • Your password should be easy for you to remember, but hard for others to guess.
  • If you think you entered your credit card information into a fake email or website, contact your bank immediately!

For more info, check out this page on the wiki.

Help your fellow Second Life Residents keep their accounts secure by sharing this post with them. Bookmark it, and the next time you see phishing attempts in group chat, share this post to help educate others. You can help put phishers out of business.

The Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education (or VWBPE) Conference returns this year in the theme of HORIZONS. This free-to-attend inworld conference   kicks off tomorrow - March 9th, 2016 with opening ceremonies and festivities starting at 11 AM SLT, and runs through March 12th, 2016.

Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg has spoken at the VWBPE Conference since joining Linden Lab - with his first keynote for the conference in 2014 only few weeks after starting with the company. He returned in 2015 to continue an ongoing dialogue with the education community in Second Life.

This year, Ebbe will end Wednesday night’s events with a session of GridWatch - discussing Second Life and taking questions from Residents, so mark your calendars and join us in the VWBPE Main Auditorium at 6 PM SLT on Wednesday March 9th, 2016!


For the last thirteen years - long before the recent popularity of head-mounted displays -   Second Life Residents have constructed amazingly immersive experiences that impact people’s lives in ways they perhaps never would have imagined. Whether it’s visiting a national park or bygone era, or creating the perfect place to call home, it has been possible to virtually build and visit many locations - based on the physical world or completely imagined - in Second Life.

Thanks to the artistic eyes and talents of many creators, you don’t have to be a creator or builder to put together your own incredible spaces. Residents like Sominel Edelman support themselves by providing readymade landscapes for role-playing regions, privates spaces, land rentals, and more - making it possible for anyone to customize a beautiful space without having to understand terraforming.


Watch more about the impact of environment on experience and communities in this latest episode of the Drax Files.



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