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Second Life’s 12th birthday is fast approaching and we’re kicking things off with a special treat for Premium members. There will be more fun for all members to enjoy throughout the month - so stay tuned to this blog for the details as we all celebrate a dozen years of Second Life.

Splish Splash - it’s a Tiki Beach Bash!
Premium members - this one is just for you, so be sure to save the date! We’ve lit the tiki torches and brushed up on our fruity drink-mixing skills to host a casual gathering with the added bonus of early access to our Official Second Life 12th Birthday commemorative avatar.

That’s right - come to the SL12B Premium Meetup on Thursday June 11th from 10:30 to 11:30 AM SLT, hang out with us, and be one of the first to glimpse and grab the celebratory 12th anniversary avatar. The nature of this particular avatar required us to select a remote island for our gathering as well as implement a strict quarantine on the subject, so you’re going to have to drop by our tropical jungle destination to find out what it is.

While we hope you can make it to the meetup, we understand that schedules, timezones, and such make it impossible for everyone to make every meetup. With this in mind, the avatar kiosk will be available until midnight SLT on June 12th for you to stop by and pick up your prerelease avatar. That means, even if you can’t come to the Tiki party, you can still get early access to the avatar.

So, get ready to slip into your flip flops and gigantic floppy hat and join us for some fun in the sun at this Premium exclusive inworld meetup - honest to goodness, it should be the ginchiest!

SL12B Premium Meetup

Join the party! You're invited to a Tiki Beach Bash, just for Premium members! Join us inworld from 10:30-11:30 a.m. (SLT) on Thursday, June 11. You'll get early access to a free SL12B avatar, too! Be sure to claim it before 11:59 p.m. on the 12th or you’ll have to wait until it’s available for everyone.

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The Second Life Destination Guide can help you find a place to spend those Linden Dollars burning a hole in your virtual pocket, or simply discover some new places to explore, visit and potentially meet new people. We like to surface some of the great things happening in Second Life, so you get a chance to participate and appreciate what’s going on right now. Here’s a few you don’t want to miss. From Second Life artists’ collaboration with renowned film director Peter Greenaway to hunts specializing in stuff for manvatars — there’s no shortage of variety and interest in this week’s Destination Guide Highlights.


The Arcade Gacha Events

The Arcade Gacha Events presents the ultimate GACHA experience! Guaranteed to delight shoppers, The Arcade offers unique gacha prizes from 100 of the grid's top designers!

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MENstuff Fashion Hunt

The MENstuff Fashion Hunt consists of 100 great MENstuff designers, some of which have generously designed exclusives that will only be found in this limited-time hunt.

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Second Life's Bryn Oh, Jo Ellsmore and Rose Borchovski team with acclaimed film director Peter Greenaway for the special exhibition "Obedience," held in both Second Life and the Jewish Museum Berlin. Interact with the museum attendees at the physical installation in this exhibit, held through September 13.

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WARzone is a melee combat sim filled with many raids and events,as well as rewarded tournaments. Join the fantasy fun in this active combat community.

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Entropy II

Explore five different and unique areas in Entropy II, an artistic build by NaTaS Janus and friends.

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RAYNE Isles is a classic landscape with simple beauty to while away the hours. The perfect location for dreamers to unwind, relax and take photographs. Release the stress of yesterday at RAYNE, and find your inner peace.

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The Silk Road Hunt VI

The Silk Road Hunt VI is a grid-wide hunt brought to you by HHL Hunts & Events. Held through June 30, in this hunt you'll find themed treasures hidden all over the grid in 75 participating shops. The exciting theme this year is the Roman Empire!

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If you somehow missed it —  our Official Second Life Flickr page is a great spot to share the pictorial memoirs of your adventures— so please share them!

If your creation needs to be in the Destination Guide, but isn’t, drop us a line at the Second Life Destination Guide suggestion form.

Now, get your gacha juju in check,  your artist’s eyes focused, and your combat HUD ready —  because the whole grid is at your fingertips!

The Second Life Destination Guide is there for you 24/7 — offering a wealth of places to embark upon your inworldly adventures. Once a week, do shine the spotlight on a handful of hot spots for you to add to your list of must-visit regions. Here’s a fistful of spots for you to check out.

The 1920s Berlin Project - Sixth Anniversary Celeb

The 1920s Berlin Project celebrates its sixth year in Second Life with several events and parties, held May 29 through June 3. There's even a beauty pageant! Who will be Miss Berlin 1929?

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SaNaRae is a dreamy region where people can relax and meet new friends. Dance your night away in the KPop club or just browse from many exceptional shops. If you are feeling adventurous, SaNaRae harbors glistening heaven as well as horrifying hell.

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Demolition Derby

It's time to bash, smash and crash at the Demolition Derby! Hop into any of the moving vehicles and then compete against your friends or play alone.

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Misprint Thursday has created a curious and mysterious artist build at LEA 25. Visit each of the seven locations on the sim and grab the goodies as you go!

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Vivaldi is a beautiful scenic sim with different areas to explore. There are places to cuddle with your sweetheart, play a game of Greedy in the lighthouse or snap pictures!

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Platform Snow

Discover a new place to ski alone or with a partner. Here you'll also find cabanas to relax in amidst all the fallen snow.

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Our featured Pic of the Day shots are selected from the group pool at our Official Second Life Flickr — so why not upload your pictorial Second Life adventures there?

We know that there are a lot of great spots in Second Life that may not be in the Destination Guide — so if your creation needs to be in there, drop us a line at the Second Life Destination Guide suggestion form.

Now settle in and come join us inworld!

Premium Membership in Second Life Just Got Better!

by Community Manager ‎05-28-2015 11:31 AM - edited ‎05-28-2015 12:45 PM

Today we’re thrilled to be rolling out another perk for Premium members: now you can be a member of 60 groups! Groups have been a consistently popular feature among the Residents of Second Life. It may not be obvious, but group membership can have an impact on the performance of a number of systems. That's why in Second Life's early days, Residents could only join a maximum of 10 groups. Over the years, we've made improvements that enabled us to raise the group limit to a maximum of 42, but we know that for some power users, even that isn't quite enough, and today we're happy to raise the bar for Premium subscribers.  We must make sure that the recent gains in group performance are not jeopardized, so for now the new limit is a pilot program. If there are no problems, we will look forward to raising the limit further (stay tuned!).

Premium members can immediately take advantage of the new limit. Downgrading from Premium membership will not remove you from any of your groups, but it will mean that you cannot join any new groups until you remove yourself from enough groups to get below the Basic account limit, which remains at 42.

There are many reasons to maintain a Premium membership in Second Life, and we hope this increased group membership limit makes Premium subscriptions even more attractive. We’ll be adding even more benefits and features for Premium members throughout the year.

Learn more about Premium membership and upgrade your account today. You can pay for your subscription monthly, quarterly, or annually - and the annual plan in particular is a great value. In addition to a total savings of more than $47 compared to a monthly subscription, the value of the weekly L$ stipend means the membership nearly pays for itself!

We all have our favorite spots to spend our time in Second Life, but it’s good to get out and experience something new - maybe even meet some new friends. The Second Life Destination Guide is a fount of spectacular places designed by Residents, populated with stuff made by Residents, and full of Residents themselves - so get in there and see what’s all around in the Second Life community. Here are just a few new spots you should make some time to visit.

Pandora Box: 003 - The River Dream

Pandora Box of Dreams's third dream (The River Dream) is open to the public. Pandora Box of Dreams is a creative sim setting that opened for the visionaries and creative minds who seek a place where dreams come to life. They also have a flickr group where artists can share their experiences: http://bit.ly/1KPz8Jz.

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The Kingdoms of Giliath

Welcome to Giliath, a world like no other. Will you enter in and discover your liaisons with the light or the darkness? Will you follow the paths that the ancients once walked? Will you learn to cast the magics that were handed down through the generations? Are you worthy to sing the song of the blade? This is your choice. Adventurer, what will it be? Choose wisely.

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The Missing Marbles: A Cajun Comedy Hunt

Boudreaux lost his marbles, and he needs them back in time for the tournament! Wearing your HUD, find all twenty marbles and hear funny stories along the way. When your HUD is completely filled, return to hunt HQ to collect your rewards. The hunt takes place in New Toulouse, an early 1900s-themed Louisiana community celebrating its 7th year in Second Life.

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Galanthus - The Ice Keep of Niphus

Winter came with draught and suffering. Lords of the north had little choice but to retreat. A land so fertile and green but winter came to Galanthus as much as it came to all.

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The Lemonrock Cafe

Experience live music from top Second Life musicians at the Lemon Rock, a place to hang out and chill for fun nightlife and live music entertainment.

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Many of our featured Pic of the Day pics come from great places like these - so share your snaps on the Official Second Life Flickr Page.

If you’re looking to get your spot in the Destination Guide, be sure to hit us up via the Destination Guide suggestion form.

Catch you inworld!

The weekend is just within reach - which must mean it’s time for another edition of Second Life Destination Guide Highlights - a satisfying sampler of some of the newest and coolest places to pop up in Second Life. The teleport button is waiting to happily guide you to your next great adventure.

6th Republic Event

6º Republic is a new decor and landscaping event showcasing a broad selection of designers in one place. Creativity, passion and uniqueness are found in exclusive 100% original mesh creations inspired in the theme selected for each round. The theme for the current round for May is Industrial, with small contemporary and rustic hues.

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Life in a Bowl by Cica Ghost

On a deserted tropical island, captive giant fish languidly survey the landscape in Cica Ghost's latest art experience and installation.

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City Inside Out

Walking into any interior reveals only exteriors. The sense of personal space is absent. How is a city experienced when there are no comforts for the soul, no home?

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Nairb's Skydive Center

What's there to do in Second Life? SKYDIVE! Get started here with a free basic parachute. Jump using the pod from 4000 meters or the two base jump platforms on the tower! Nairb's Skydive Center also features monthly contests and more.

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Nightingale Isle

Nightingale Isle was created as a space to encourage, challenge and support nursing students in their journey to become nurses. NI fosters collaboration, research and education between nursing students, educators and healthcare professionals.

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There is plenty more where that came from - the Destination Guide has a wealth of spots you should venture to - but if you have a region or location you’d love to show off that’s not there,  share it! As you cruise through the sights and sounds of new places, don’t forget to take some snapshots and upload them to the official Second Life Flickr Page.


Second Life is turning 12 this June, and we’re planning a few extra special ways to help commemorate a dozen amazing years with our Residents! You’ll have to stay tuned to this blog and our social media pages for all the exciting things as they roll out, but today we’re announcing auditions for … (drum roll, please) … the Second Life Music Fest - sponsored by Linden Lab - a two day music-extravaganza inworld to celebrate!

Second Life is full of talented musicians, and we’re hoping to draw out all you guitarists, bassists, drummers, singers, tambourine shakers and other music makers to come audition for the festival. All genres are welcome!

The Second Life Music Fest is an opportunity to perform at one of the biggest celebrations in Second Life, and it’s a paid gig!

To sign up for an audition, please complete and submit the submission form no later than 05/20/2015. While we encourage everyone to sign up, it is not a commitment on your part and does not guarantee a spot at the auditions. We will review all submissions and extend audition invitations via email to the designated contact. Each invited act will have a short audition time (5 minutes max) to play and leave an impression on a panel of judges made up of Lindens and Residents. This panel will select acts to be invited to perform at the Second Life Music Fest. Upon completion of a half hour slot at the festival, the designated contact for each act will be eligible for payment (subject to Linden’s terms and conditions).

All Residents are welcome to participate in the auditions as audience members. For those who are interested, the auditions will be held at the Lavender Field on the following dates and times:

May 22nd noon - 2pm (SLT)

May 23rd 6pm - 8pm (SLT)

It should be a few days of great music and good times, and we can’t wait to see and hear some of the best musical talent there is, and spend some time rocking out inworld!


It’s just about inworld meetup time, and since we’re in the habit of sharing some of our favorite spots from the Destination Guide, this weekend, we wanted to flip the script and find out from you what spot you think is one of the best to visit for our next inworld meetup.

Share your recommendations in this forum thread - links to Destination Guide entry or SLURLS are best - and we’ll pick one to have our next inworld meetup.

The next meetup is planned for Thursday, May 14th at 1 PM SLT, so get your recommendations in soon!

As always, if you have a region or location that you would like to show off - be sure to share it, and we always love to see pics of your adventures on the Official Second Life Flickr page.

Fashion, freaks, fairs and fun await all adventurous travellers in this week’s Second Life Destination Guide highlights. As May begins, several high-profile events are already underway across the grid. Are you ready to explore?

MadPea’s long-awaited immersive horror survival game Unia is finally here! Play the game that everyone is buzzing about -- only in Second Life! In Unia, you’ll need your wits to tackle tricky puzzles and find clues as you seek to discover what’s really going on with the many mysterious disappearances in the sleepy town of Molimo. Who or what is behind this horror?


Unia is an immersive horror survival game bursting with twists, turns and fight-for-your-life experiences. Players will need their wits about them to solve puzzles and find clues to what’s really going on with the mysterious disappearances in the sleepy town of Molimo. Who or what is behind this horror?

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Recently featured in the Drax Files - InSilico packs the perfect blend of aesthetics and dystopian moodiness that cyberpunk fans will appreciate. Set in one of the last inhabitable places, lorded over by an evil big corporation, and fully stocked with story-tellers who bring roleplaying in Second Life to a new level. 


The future is leaking backward in the form of InSilico, a high-end cyberpunk role playing sim in Second Life.

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Got a flair for fashion? The On Fleek Gacha Fair features 20 talented designers from across Second Life. Gacha fans won’t want to miss the special gift area where each designer has welcome gifts for shoppers.Go on then, and get your gacha on!

On Fleek Gacha Fair

On Fleek Gacha Fair features 20 talented designers! This is a fun event for all of the gacha-holics out there. Also featured in this event is a lovely gift area where each designer has special gifts just for you.

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Virtual Chelsea celebrates its sixth anniversary in Second Life with a huge event filled with music, poetry and other surprises. Connect with fellow bohemians at this inworld reproduction of NYC’s real Chelsea Hotel and enjoy a little piece of history.

Virtual Chelsea Hotel's 6th Anniversary

On May 3, the Virtual Chelsea Hotel celebrates its 6th anniversary in Second Life! Festivities begin at 3 p.m. with poetry by Grail, Rosedrop Rust, and Luna Branwen. Don't miss the live music by Suzen Juel, Matthew Perreault and Winston Ackland.

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London City is bringing back its annual May Faire, a fairground attraction which includes a month filled with free prizes, rides and weekly contests. Enjoy all the sights and sounds of the fair before it leaves town.

The London City May Faire

London City invites you to the annual May Faire celebrating the start of Summer. Running throughout May this even features a fairground, free prizes, rides and a weekly contest. Visit http://mainlandlondon.blogspot.com

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Do you have a region or location you’d love to show off? Join the fun and share it with Second Life. Pics or it didn’t happen - don’t forget to share a few pictures of your virtual adventures on the official Second Life Flickr Page.

 “Everyone has their own interpretation of the future as something different, but this is our interpretation of it.”

Meet StarRavenSAT, General Manager of InSilico, and Stark Osterham, Manager and Lore Master, in the latest episode of the Drax Files: World Makers. StarRavenSat finds hope even in the throes of a desperate civilization, and Stark shares his creative process with his daughter who serves as a source of inspiration even as she herself learns the importance of creative expression from her father. Populated with a full cast of characters improvised by Stark, InSilico’s history is created in realtime by all participants - from builders, storytellers, scripters, and players. This type of spontaneous collaboration focuses different flavors of creative energy into creative play - leading to an immersive and exciting experience.

TDF 29 Stark and daughter.png

InSilico is a cyberpunk roleplaying region set in a dystopian future where a big bad corporation seemingly calls the shots, and ongoing wars between rival groups of locals require citizens to be experts at self-defense. Rife with both wonder and danger, it’s everything you might expect from a 25th century city floating in the upper atmosphere after the fall of civilization on Earth.

Watch the video below, then login to experience InSilico inworld. Even if you’re not an avid roleplayer, you won’t want to miss out on the unique aesthetic and appeal of InSilico.

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