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Do I hear sleigh bells already? I’m still picking the faux cobwebs off my hedges from Halloween, but the world seems ready to dive head on into snow angels and holiday music! I guess, with all those increased prim limits on Mainland regions and Linden Homes, it’s hard to not get excited about about decking the halls. That’s a lot more decor to stake out your own personal holiday paradise.

The Destination Guide is already abuzz with wonderlands from Residents the world over -- while some relax in the golden leaves of what’s left of the fall season.

We can’t forget that today is Veteran’s Day here in the U.S. For Residents who want to honor the sacrifices made by veterans, there are memorials and tributes inworld that you may visit.

Find some especially incredible looking spots on your adventures? Don’t forget to share pics to the official Second Life Flickr .

We’re always actively seeking new events and spots to add to the guide, but If your spot isn’t there yet, please submit it for us to consider.

Second Life Veterans Tribute

Welcome to the 10th Annual SL Veteran’s Tribute for 2016, available through November 13. The Tribute itself is non-political and serves to honor all the men and women that have given willing of their time to protect the lives we enjoy today.

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National Diabetes Month in Second Life

November is National Diabetes Month and Team Diabetes of Second Life has several events planned to honor this special month! Events include fundraisers, a special hunt, and a free informational packet about diabetes awareness, prevention and treatment mechanisms. For more info, visit teamdiabetesofsecondlife.org/national-diabetes-month.html.

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The Jerky Turkey Hunt 6

That turkey, he's so jerky! Running around SL throwing feathers around, knocking stuff down, being loud and obnoxious- it's time to hunt him and bring it to a stop! Find the orange feathers at each store and get a gobbling gaggle of gifts! More info at evilbunnyhunt.blogspot.com. Event ends Nov. 30th.

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Fall Festival and Hunt for Team Fox

Explore the magical fall foliage in one of SL's most beautiful autumn sims. Find free high quality hunt gifts in each designer shop and dance in the unique venues. Ride horses on the country trails and discover romantic hideaways. Donations go to Team Fox to Find a Cure for Parkinson's. Event ends Nov. 30.

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October Bifrost

Explore the different seasons at October Bitfrost, where you can hangout, participate in tai chi, chat and chill. There are also art expositions and naughty spots, too!

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Fantasy Cream Hunt

The 5th Fantasy Cream Hunt is a grid-wide L$1 hunt that originates at the Fantasy Cream Market in Dandelion. A limited number of merchants are sponsors and have their very best deleeeecious creations on offer at the Fantasy Cream Market including one exclusive new for and during the event. Event held Nov. 18-Dec. 18.

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You.Gatcha Event

You.Gatcha © is an innovative monthly shopping event with fashions, poses, home and garden items and more. Learn more at yougatchaevent.wixsite.com/yougatchaevent.

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Telrunya Winter

Welcome to a new chapter of the Telrunya sims, a truly magical Winter Wonderland in its captivating and unique beauty. A gorgeous landscape where time stands still, specially made for you...to just be.

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Christmas at The North Pole

In a secret valley in the North Pole, Santa Claus and his elves are working hard. In the hidden village, letters are piling up at the post office. Santa takes his time reading, checking each list twice, making sure he writes down who's naughty or nice. Come visit this magical wintry spot in time for the magic of Christmas.

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That Spirit Of Christmas

Explore this winter wonderland in Second Life! Visit Santa Claus and take a ride on the Santa Train. There are many holiday activities including ice skating, dancing and more!

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Christmas Fair

Welcome to the Christmas Fair! As we approach the Christmas rush, this icy spot is filled with snowy dreams and plenty of good deeds!

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Christmas @ Winter Holiday Village

Come explore this country winter wonderland. Activities include skiing, sledding, skating and more. There are polar bears and penguins, too! Don't forget to visit Santa & Mrs. Claus, who are in residence live!

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Paris METRO Couture

For years Paris METRO Couture has been at the top of runway fashion and style in Second Life. Rose pays special attention to perfection with her art in appliers and completely unique lovely attire. While wearing Paris Metro Couture, heads turn and you will be seen. Paris 1900 with the Eiffel Tower and surrounding Paris sims wait for you.

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Briggs County

Briggs County is a multi-city urban role-play community consisting of 10 sims and growing. It offers a sheriff's office, fire, medical and multiple other city departments. Briggs County also provides many tourism spots and beaches with plenty of room to sail the seas. There are many commercial opportunities to start your business and residential properties to call home.

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Last week we rolled out some exciting changes to Mainland Regions and Linden Homes -- major increases to Land Impact - and that means more prims to play with! There were some questions about what exactly that means.

One of the questions that came up frequently was how these changes would impact mainland use fees. The answer is: they do not! With these Mainland Region and Linden Home Land Impact increases, the only thing we are adjusting is Land Impact (the number of prims) available to those regions and homes.

Another question was if and when Private Estate Regions would see increases as well. The answer is YES -  and soon! We are currently keeping a close eye on performance on the Mainland Regions, and plan to roll out Land Impact increases to Private Estate Regions in the next few months.  Our intent is to increase all private regions to 20,000 for the full islands, 5,000 for homesteads and 1,000 for Openspace Regions at no additional charge to region owners. There will also be an option to upgrade to a total of 30,000 Land Impact for a nominal conversion fee and a monthly maintenance fee.  This should happen within the next couple of months.

This chart shows the details of the changes that have been made to Mainland Regions and Linden Homes, and changes that are coming to Private Estate Regions in the near future.


Patch Linden spoke to Designing Worlds about the changes, which you can catch on our Official YouTube Channel here.

You might be wondering, “ Fantastic! But, what will I do with all this leftover Land Impact allowance?” We have some suggestions. This increase is one of the ways that we're hoping to give content creators more room to create optimized, performant content.  You’ve probably seen content that’s taking one Level of Detail and applying it to the other layers, which results in a higher level of detail than is really available to lower level machines.  Maybe you saw it go from a blob to its intended shape - that's usually caused by not having all the different levels of detail, (or possibly having your Level Of Detail in your viewer on a lower setting).  We know that multiple levels of detail on an object costs additional Land Impact and we’re hoping to offset some of that with this increase. Of course, you’re free to do what you chose with these new limits!

We’re excited and pleased to be bringing you these changes.  Happy decorating!